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Okay, so if the acne is hormonal...mostly. Then I should use witch hazel and not touch my skin. That's all I'll be doing. And I bet it'll go away....someday. Maybe...

Anyway, I'm leaving my blog...I'll come back when I finally rid myself of acne. Or at least rid myself of the acne I have now...I might always have it, but it just might not be as severe as it is right now. So long.



Okay, forget the day 1 and day 2 stuff...I'm too lazy to get myself on here every day anyway.

The witch hazel helped control the acne and after about 2 days, my forehead was definetely better. But my chin, is beyond my control it seems


In fact, even though I did that nice little regimen, my chin developed something between a pustule and a nodule :pray:

(<3 smilies!!!)

Okay, so I have this "thing" on my chin, and I'm doing everything correctly. So, I got very mad today, and decided to change the regimen. So...I took a nice bottle of facial scrub for acne, and used it. I felt like scrubbing my skin off, I was so mad.

And then, I thought...maybe with the witch hazel and the washing only with water...maybe that was enough to make my skin feel the urge to produce more sebum and that is what has made the sudden breakout? Because I haven't been touching my chin...(maybe a little bit?)

Then I used moisturizer (something I haven't done in a while) and it was Neutrogena (which works great by the way!). Ah, so anyway, I have also come to a conclusion these past few months, that my acne is caused mostly by internal stuff. So, I can mess with regimens all I want, but I'm sure that the random breakout thing will continue to occur for some time.

But moving on to the new regimen-

1. Do not touch your face and blah blah blah...

2. If using water to wash your face, no moisturizer. If you use a cleanser (yeah but try not to...) use moisturizer, but depending on the moisturizing properties of the cleanser...

3. Use witch hazel everyday.

And these are just my personal steps. Hmm, why use water rather than a cleanser? With me, it seems like using water cleans, and leaves the right amount of natural moisture in my skin, while using cleansers (the ones I've tried so far) takes away a bit more, making my face feel really dry...which produces more sebum...and which might cause acne. And I'm not hip on using moisturizers that sit on your skin, not being natural. But, like today, I told myself "whatever, it's not that bad at all" and put some on...


Day 1

Also my first day on acne.org...

I have been using witch hazel for about a week. The witch hazel I use has some alcohol, but very little. It is not drying on my skin at all.

I've stopped using soaps/cleansers. Instead, I am using water, and then witch hazel. Every night, and every day. I usually apply the witch hazel after I rinse my face or at random times when my skin starts to get oily.

It's been (I'm estimating) about 5 days. And the witch hazel bottle is already about half full :pray: (it was about 10 inches tall or something...maybe 9 or 8...but over 6!)

And the cotton balls that we bought on that same day are gone... :pray:


Okay, moving on. Keeping up with the witch hazel is a good accomplishment for me (I'm even starting to like the smell! It's indescribable, people!).

But now...I must do two more things to try to control the acne...

I must...

1. Stop touching my skin unless I am washing it. Or, to describe this a bit better, keep my fingernails away from my skin. Because that is when I start picking, when fingernails, meet skin.

2. Drink water. I mean, I won't be drinking 8 glasses a day, after all, water just isn't my favorite drink (and ours always tastes like plastic for some reason). But I will be drinking a full glass at least 3 times a day. (I'm doing this since I've done it in the past, and believed it worked. I think it needs more testing...I only did it in the past for about...4-6 days or so)

So this is what I will be doing for a while. I don't know for how long, but this is going to stay my regimen for while.

The only problem with drinking so much water, especially if you're going for 8 glasses, is that you have to go to the bathroom a lot more often...-_-

my skin-

oily/sometimes very much combination

moderate acne

many blackheads as with the large pores that i have

skin is sensitive and easily dried, and i've just discovered, last winter, how dry it can get in the winter.

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