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Day 35

Sorry guys I have been a bit quiet I work for Nike in Football and well of course we are so busy with World Cup mania!!!!!

Anyway - how are things..........they are good. Went to my follow up Derm appointment and had my bloods done which were all good and because he was happy with the results so far on 40mg he decided to keep me on that dose which I am happy about as the only really bad side affects are my lips and some dry skin on my arms - nothing else. All the nasty cysts have gone but I am still getting some small spots but nothing too scary! The worst thing is the the blackheads which are really visible all over my forehead - I asked the Derm about this and he told me not to try and attack these myself which of course I had done whcih has caused spots which then turn into scabs because the skin is so sensitive anyway was really pleased as he has referred me to an Asthetic Nurse at the hospital who will help with the extraction of these whcih is great because it will be done by a professional in a sterile environment. So that appointment is in 2 weeks.

So the Derm thinks by month 3 I should be really clear - which is great. To be honest this was a great thing to do for me as I am pretty happy with the results so far.

Accutaneexperience - hope you are good let me know how your skin is.



3 weeks and counting

Well I have to say this is the best decision I have EVER made! My skin has improved soooo mich all the cysts and redness has gone and I only have a couple of pimples left. Seriously when I went through the intial breakout I felt so upset because it was hideous and like many of you I just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world! Anyway thigs are so much better now and I am starting to feel confident again!

No real other side affects apart from really dry lips and slightly dry skin on the face with flaking around the worst affected area whcih was my chin and jaw line. I can honestly say I can put up with the dryness in exchange for clear skin!

Anyway am at the Derm next Friday for my 4 week check up and bloods so we will see what he has to say - I think he will be suitable impressed :|


Day 15

Whooo the cysts are almost gone and the redness has gone way down thanks to the Predsione (or whatever its called). Anyway still some flakiness but nothing too scary and lips are still dry as hell. Had to buy some special PH balancing intimate wash for down there :| ridiculous the amount of lotions and potions I now have for this. I really have to say that Aloe Vera Gel 100% that someone recommended for me to use at night is fab - really takes down the redness and is meant to be good for scars!

Anyway I am in a good mood going for a run, sun is shining and really want the IB to be over but too scared to say antyhing in case it comes back with avengence.


Day 12

Well still loads of spots and still loads of flaking...............

Actually saw the Derm today and got put on Predsinone (cant spell it) thank god the pain and inflamation was getting too much! I have been sitting with ice on my chin for days now and the pain was incredible. Anyway just really glad he actually prescribed me something rather than sent me hope telling me what did I expect! No change really just more and more spots. Funny thing is although I am dry I am also oily again on my nose which had dried up so I assume that is the oil coming out as the oil glands push it all away. Whats worse now is the itching down below - v. embarrassing so then I start itching and it seems to spread all over my body it's a viscious circle of itchiness lol.

Anyway I look gross and feel kinda gross aswell so I will just be glad when this breakout ends but I have a feeling I will be one of those unlucky ones who it goes on for like 3 months!


Day 9

Well after having kinda a rubbish day yesterday I am feeling happier today!

Went to bed last night feeling miserable and had a really bad headache! Thank god it's Friday and I have a relaxing non-eventful weekend so I can just rest my face and relax!

Things are definately druing up it is amazing how quickly things change. I am drier and a lot of the horrid spots that came up are going down and drying out. I am desperately trying to leave my skin alone and not pick so as we speak bits of skin are falling into my keyboard and I can see them out the corner or my eye - how GROSS :| but funny!

Scalp is a little itchy but think because I take anti-histamine for hayfever that may help with the itching which is good.

Nothing else to report just can't believe how fast this stuff affects the body can't wait to start seeing results but I know it can take a couple of months still.


Day 8

Uuugh couldn't even write my blog yesterday as felt kinda down in myself, skin very sore and scabby and still breaking out!

Anyway today I thought I would list my positives/negatives so far:


Hair not greasy at the roots like normal

Eyelids and skin overall not greasy like before


Breakout is still happening and very painful to touch and crusty and scabby

Head starting to itch

Nose bleeding slightly inside (not helped by the hayfever season)

Can't really wear make up as looks ridiculous when trying to cover the scabby dry areas.

It's just really hard to deal with the dryness and spots in the same area as part of me wants to use the aquaphor but then I am reading such conflicting reports on whether it can clog the pores or not so am going to stick with what the Dutch Derm has given me which is a special type of vaseline cream I can use on my face - I would hope that whatever he prescribed me wasn't going to cause more spots!!!!!!

Anyway don't want to be at work today so trying to keep positive which is hard when my face is so itchy and sore :|


Day 6

Well the flaking is here and my face is dry and tight!

So the dilemma was what to do with my face for work....so decided to brave it and just use some bare minerals powder conceler and blush. I must admit I felt a bit naked but it took some of the redness down on the spots and now my skin has started to flake it looked better than using a heavy liquid foundation.

My skin is quite sore as I have a lot of cysts from the breakout but am determined to leave them alone and not touch my face. I can honestly say that already my skin does not feel as greasy as normal and my hair is usually oily at the roots and again this is better already!

The itchy face though is driving me mad but can't wait to leave work and go home and slather on the moisturiser and relax.

I guess more flaking and breakouts to come but bring it on - I am going to embrace this as much as possible in hoping that a positive outlook will help get rid of this forever!


Day 5

Well the IB was so bad last night I ended up taking pain killers, the throbbing and hotness was unbearable - anyway I ended up sleeping with a wet flannel around my chin to ease the pain. Anyway woke up this morning to find it not so sore and decided that BOLLOCKS to it and am not going to wear make up and just sun screen and go for a bike ride as it was nice and warm.

Feel better without wearing that hideous mask as it's quite dry around the spots and therefore, ends up looking worse with make up plastered all over it and cracking. Still no real flaking though which is odd but definately all the rubbish is being pushed out of the skin from the sebaceous glands which is what I believe happens when they are starting to shrink.

God work tomo and have to figure out whether I can get away with just powder on my face i think its better that way at least it's not so tight.

Its really hard leaving the spots along I am only pressing the white pussy ones and the stuff ouzes out sorry TMI. The Derm said this was ok as long as I am not squeezing and damaging the face and leaving the big cystic ones alone as there is nothing in them and they have to go down on there own!


Day 4

OMG have the worst IB ever - didn't realise this would happen so quickly. I have really big lumps around my jaw line and chin - they are really bad and hurt like you wouldn't believe! Have some flaking but not a lot this is particularly happening around the older spots. Head is starting to itch a bit and become sore but have the T Gel at the ready for when it gets worse.

My face is really sore and swollen and god knows how I am going to get my foundation on for work but I guess will just have to do my best! It looks so ugly and it's really hot today and would love to go out and sunbathe but just don't feel like it. Obviously aswell it's not a great idea unless i wear SPF50 and don't think my skin would go brown with that one anyway. Trying to see the upside of breaking and depseraly trying to leave the spots alone and not pick but it's hard because it is all quiet itchy....................

God knows how many more mountains I can expect on my face tomorrow - I am being positive though and trying to think this means it is working :|


Day 3

Well nothing much hapening to be honest, just a slight tingly itchy feeling on lips and face and some warmth but nothing else. Have major spots at the moment aswell and they are really angry and sore. Am waiting for something to happen it's hillarious as I am dreaming about flaky skin aswell :)

My parents are over at the moment visiting and we all went out for dinner last night and I feel like an animal in the zoo with everyone asking 'anything happening yet?' like they expect me to suddenly shed a layer of skin right there and then at the table :|

Anyway I did notice when I went to the toilet this morning that my urine was a green colour which I have read is normal.

I was put on 40mg of Accutane so I hope this is enough and things start to happen soon - I never was the most patient of people!!!

Anyway blog again when there is more to report.


Day 1

Well here we go, Day 1 of the Roaccutane!

Little bit of history so far..........

I am 35 and have suffered with Acne for around the last 10 years but mine got worse when I got divorced when I was 30 I think the stress triggered it all off. Have taken everything:

Differin Cream

Minocycline Tablets

Doxycycline Tablets

Oxytetracycline Tablets

Acid Peels

N Lite Therapy

IPL Laser Therapy

Various creams/lotions and potions.

Anyway I am a Brit living in Amsterdam with my Boyfriend so it's not great seeing Dermatologists who hardly speak any English you end up doing sign language.

Anyway it's quite good over here as its like the US you pay for your insurance monthly and most stuff is covered. I was referred to a Derm at the local hospital and he agreed Roaccutane was the only real option left! I just can't go on like this anymore I feel so miserable and should eb thinking about anti-aging not acne at my age! I am just so sick of rushing to the bathroom each morning to see what erruptions have happened overnight. I HATE IT. I just want it gone at last so I can carry on without this depressing curse! I feel so self concious all the time especially at work as I work with virtually all men and just feel so hideous! I am sure they are not really looking but it's a pride thing!

Anyway today is Day 1 and I am moving forward and feeling positive - have been prescribed 40mg and took them at 10.00 am this morning - obviously nothing has happened yet but we will see.

Will keep you all posted :|

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