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Day 5

Well, there wasn't much to report on days 3 & 4. However, last night I noticed that my skin was becoming very dry and a tad bit flakey. Today my lips are becoming very dry and borderline chapped. I'm also seeing that I'm thirsty more often.

My skin feels smoother but like I said, the dryness is starting. Not feeling any different as far as aches or anything so that's good (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) Now I'm just wondering when the IB will take effect. Other than that, I'm feeling good and I wish everyone luck on their journeys. :|:)


Day 2

Well, today is day 2 and I don't feel any different. I'll have to remember to take pictures of myself in the morning before I put my makeup on. My dark scars are ugly, I totally plan on getting laser resurfacing when this journey is complete. If anyone knows any remedies I can do to help my scars during accutane I would appreciate the advice.

Good luck to everyone, thanks for reading :|



Hello everyone! I have been browsing this site for a couple of months now as I was anticipating my accutane start date. Well, today is the day! I'm very nervous and anxious at the same time. I am classified as mild acne but I have dark nasty scars and some of them have left pits. When the breakouts come, they come with a vengeance.

I was on Spironolactone for a few months, which helped but eventually it stopped working. So my derm agreed that accutane would be my final step. I was on every topical cream and gel you could think of. I do wear makeup and it covers the scars well, but looks kinda cakey looking when I have a large spot. I didn't have bad skin as a teen, but something changed when I turned 30 (3 years ago). Since then, I've been trying everything under the sun to stop this madness.

I'm a little scared of the IB and the side effects like joint pain and headaches. I've done my research on what cleansers and moisturizers to use and I also need to get some good lip balm. I'm currently on 40mg a day and I think I'll be on for about 5 months.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and I appreciate reading everyone's stories. It's nice to know that I'm not in this alone.

I will post some pics soon. Thanks for reading my story :|

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