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I seriously dont even know who to start blaming...my da coz its from his side of the genes that I inherited this dreadfull acne or do I blame myself for not listening to my mother when she used to tell me that I should never po my zits coz it will cause scarring and just make the zits worse. or should I just start accepting from the age of 26 that im never gonna be rid of my ACNE?

I have the most amasing boyfriend with a perfect skin and he treats me as if im the most beautiful woma. on this earth but sometimes I wish I could just walk next to him in a mall and not hide my face under tons of make-up. I just wish I could once wear my hair up and smile the most confidant of smiles...

It does'nt matter if the new member of the acne community on my face is big or small...to me its just annother pull on my self-esteem....

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