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day 37

Right, so its day 37 of diane.

and i have whiteheads everywhereeee. i woke up this morning with about 10 new whiteheads on my face -literally :/ but somehow im not complaining because ive learnt that whiteheads heal up so fast and aslong as there not cysts im happy :| ..ok so im not happy that my face is covered in whiteheads, but i know it could be far worse so im dealing with it! Its weird because since starting diane, my pimples all seem to come at the same time. so i either have a face full of them or really none at all. but i guess its just my body adjusting to everything. Thats it for now will update soon :]



day 31

Ok so its day 31, so it guess ive officially been on diane for a month since its the last day of may. wow i cant believe tomorrow is june, crazy!

like i said im my last post ive been getting a few pimples, my face is abit up and down right now. I have little whiteheads scattered over my face, which is kinda weird for me because before diane i never really got small whiteheads, they were pretty much huge pimples or cysts. So atleast i know that something is happening right :| my skin if feeling quite soft at the moment and is actually not drying out like it normally would this time of year which is nice. I have been feeling quite irritable lately which sucks, everything kinda just seems hard.

I have found myself lounging around alot, but i guess is doesnt help that winter is here and all i feel like doing is snuggling up in bed! Im afraid that with my being soo lazy and having huge cravings for any bad food i can think of, its going to make me balloon :) i have recently just lost 15 kgs..and this scares me abit to think that i could easily just put it all back on. I know this isnt a weight loss forum but this blog is to help myself :) i just need to be strong and somehow resist the bad food and stop eating everything in sight! I CAN DO IT. haha ok thats enough...i could probably go on forever but i wont.



day 28

Oops! it's been a while since i last updated :|

so its day 28! and im on my second pack of diane now (i skipped the whie pills)

ok so up until about a week ago my skin was behaving so great, but in the last week its gotten abit crap again. dont get me wrong its still not as bad as before so i can deal with it, but im obviously not out of the woods yet, but its is ok, patients is the key:) Im glad i got to have that week or so of awesome skin before now tho just to remind me of whats to come :) hehe.

But apart from that, not really much to report. Times going by quite quickly now so im pleased about that. Just wanted to make a quick update.



day 17

So its day 17, and my skin is continuing to be fantastic :)

right now i have only one active pimple, ONE! i honestly could not tell you the last time i have had only one pimple on my face, it truely is amazing :| this time last week my face was an absolute mess, i didnt even think it was possible for my face to clear up this much in one week! i still have my usual scars on my face from previous cysts that im sure will stick around for a long time to come, but at the moment i am just so happy to only have one pimple that i dont really care :) This moring i really enjoyed putting on my makeup, not having to try and cover up tons of pimples for once was great.

I am also feeling happier too (apart from my one minor break down last week) and ofcourse this is probably 98% due to my face showing progress, it really is amazing how much of an affect your face can have on your mood.

Still I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up to much about my skin, as i know its such early days and from what i have read ALOT of people that have taken diane-35, are still breaking out well into their second and third months.

but as of right now im just so happy i had to update :dance:



day 15

Ok so its day 15

finally past the 2 week mark haha what a milestone :|

skin is still behaving! no real new breakouts to report, just a few tiny white heads..no cysts :) which i am finding amazing considering its only been 15 days:O skin has been really dry the last couple of days because its started to get colder here so thats annoying..but beats a face ful of pimples so i can deal with it!

Not much else to say, Just wanted to do a quick update to say all is going well :)



day 13

Ok so its day 13..

god, it feels like times going by so slowlyy at the moment.

But my skin is looking slightly better today, touch wood! ( i am literally touching wood right now as i type this :|) my skin feels smoother and less bumpy, and i haven't had any new breakouts for 2 days, which is pretty awesome for me so im very happy about that! Im hoping that this is the end of my initial breakout..but it's only been 2 weeks so dont worry im not gonna get my hopes up just yet, as if ill be that lucky!

had a minor breakdown yesterday, about my appearance (but not related to my acne) so im pretty sure that was thanks to the pill messing with my hormones, luckily it wasn't at work and was only in front of my mum lol!

I have also been eating like a cow, and by that i mean i have been eating a SH*T load! i have read tons of reviews from people saying that they have put on lots of weight when taking this pill and now i can see why lol. I am pretty much hungry all the time and i am eating everything in site! ...but i shouldn't blame it intirely on the pill, it may cause me to crave more, but it doesnt mean i have to eat it :) soo ill be working on cutting down the amount of crap ive been eating, plus im sure the fatty foods isn't going to help my skin either :)

im in one of those moods where i could probably go on forever, but i wont cause no doubt i will be writing some more jargen in a day or two!

bye for now xxx


day 11

well whats new, my face is a mess :|

went to work today, so i had to put some makeup on to *try* and look half decent...didn't work. There is no hiding the state of my face at the moment..at this point I probably look just as bad with makeup than without, but im deff not brave enough not to wear any out of the house! it really depresses me that even makeup makes me look like ass. BUT In a way its making me more determined than even to get clear skin and stick with it until i get results, because i sure as hell don't want to have to put up with feeling/looking this way forever!..if diane-35 doesnt work for me i will deffinatly be trying accutane, but only time will tell.

..just realised that this blog is kinda just about me ranting about my piece of crap skin lol, sorry if it gets on anyones nerves, its just nice to be able to let out my frustration somehow!



day 10

Day ten update:

obviously not much to add as i just posted like yesterday, but my face looks like crap. blahh :| i keep waking up with tons of new pimples everyday and it sucks! pleaseee start working soon pill, i know im impatient haha but fingers crossed!



Im a 21 year old female suffering from cystic acne and alot of whiteheads. i am sick to death of feeling like crap because of the way my skin looks :) it may not be as severe as others, but it's bad enough to lower my self esteem to the point where i dont wanna go out in public and wish i could just be a hermit until my face is clear.

so i finally got the courage to see the doctor about my acne (which is big for me since im very self consious about my skin) the doctor prescribed me with the birth control Diane-35. I got home all excited that this pill seemed promising from what he was describing, but later found ALOT of negative reviews about it on this site. so i was torn whether or not to take it, but decided i would give it ago anyway, because i couldn't bare to look at my face anymore, So that was that.

I started on May 1st so ive have only been on diane for 9 days so there is not alot to report yet. I will say though that I have broken out like mad in the last week with little whiteheads and a few cysts.. which is great! :) i did expect to get an initial break out though so i was prepered for that, i just hope that doesnt continue for weeks on end!

I hope to update my blog every few days, even if there isn't much to report. it will be good for me to look back and see any changes, and for others to read if they wish to :| i noticed that there isn't many posts about Diane-35 ( or diannete) on this site so i thought i would write about my experience.


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