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Nov 16 07


Ive started using Purpose SPF 15 oil free moisture. I do like it. It moisturizes enough while being able to put makeup on overtop. I also tried Eucerin Q10 moisture and it was also good, but i got a few zits (whether or not from that) but i quit using it and am sticking with Purpose moisture. My bumpy forehead and active pimples have really gone down since I quit Aqua Glycolic cleanser. During the day I still have shine, but no so much as I did with the Cetaphil SPF moisture. I think the only way I wont be shiny would be to go back to Benzoil Peroxide, which I am trying to avoid. I use the Souffle at nights, but not every night. If I pick one day, the AH Souffle really burns, so I just use Cetaphil moisturizer. Still using the Head and Shoulders on my back and chest. Things are staying pretty clear there but still lots of marks and scars from before. Have had a few zits this week on my chest area but i was away during the weekend and showered at my friends house and used her products so that may be where the breakout came from. I m back home now using my H&S again. I have not found it to be overly drying or anything. I read a thread about using it on the face with some good results, so i may use it in once a day in the evening during my shower to see what happens. Using only Purpose wash and moisture seems to be aggreeing with my skin quite well, but I just want to try this as an experiment.

So to summarize my current regimen:

AM: wash with purpose liquid soap

moisturize with oil free dual action SPF Purpose moisture

Physicians Formula concealer and mineral powder makeup

After work: wash off makeup with Purpose

PM shower: wash face with H&S Shampoo (starting today, was Purpose)

wash chest and back with H&S Shampoo

wash body and hair as usual

After shower: use AH Souffle 12%, or if I picked alot, use Cetaphil Moisture


Oct 25 07

Update: So since I went off the regimen and started the AG, my face was SO greasy. Tried the toner as someone suggested. Didnt help. Kept breaking out. Figured it was product overload. So just used AG. No improvement. So new plan is to wash with Purpose and use an SPF moisture during the day and Alpha Hydrox at night. STILL greasy! I noticed my face looked shiny after the moisturizer but kept using it.

This morning I did an experiment and didnt use the Cetaphil SPF moisture. Just washed face and put on makeup. So far NO shine. When I was on the regimen, I guess my face wasnt shiny because the Cetaphil balanced out the dryness from the BP. But without the BP, the Cetaphil is WAY too much moisture and must have been what was making me so greasy all along. So maybe I dont need a moisturizer during the day afterall?


I am looking to get a new day moisturizer once I run out of my current Cetaphil SPF15 moisture. I feel this makes my face really shiny. Also I dont think it is "oil free" although it says non comodegenic. I have heard good things about the Purpose SPF moisture and one of the Eucerin moisturizers (Q10?). I need something that is really light, mild, will moisturize without making me greasy. thanks


Edit: After checking the reviews on this site for it, I guess I'm not the only one! Almost everyone says to avoid if you have oily skin and that it makes your face shiny. oops :



Oct 23 07

Considered going back on the regimen...decided to continue instead on the AHA route to give it a fair shot before writing it off altogether. and keeping it simple by using a cleanser that cleanses only and leave the AHA to creams etc.

New plan- Wash AM with Purpose, follow with Cetaphil SPF 15 moisture, makeup

Wash PM with Purpose, follow with AHA souffle


Oct 19 07

I wash in the AM with the AG then put on my makeup for work. When I get home from work, I want to get the makeup off ASAP and give my skin time to breathe, so i wash with plain dove soap. I dont want to have to wear makeup at all, but until my skin heals up and looks normal, i just am not comfortable going "naked" in public. Then wash again in the PM.

Update, my skin still looks like absolute crap, but maybe starting to heal a bit. I have stopped the toner and souffle for now. Right now my regimen is:

AM: AG cleanser, cetaphil SPF moisture, Physicians mineral makeup

after work: wash off makeup with Dove

PM: AG cleanser, cetaphil moisture when/if needed


Oct 17 07

my skin is totally freaking out. i think im gonna stop the Alpha Hydrox, as it burned like hell when i put it on at night, and i started it just 3 days after the cleanser, so i never got to see how that worked on its own. I think i'll also stop the toner too for now. maybe later i can phase in the other 2 products again on a limited basis...but just gonna do the cleanser only for now and see if my skin calms down a bit.


Oct 16 07


I could cry. My face is breaking out worse than when I was a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am using:

AM: AG cleaser, then AG toner, then cetaphil spf 15 then Physician formula makeup

PM: AG cleanser, AG toner and alpha hydrox souffle.

My face looks like the surface of the moon. So many active whiteheads and bumps. Greasy. Absolutely hideous. Aweful aweful aweful.

I want to stay with it in hopes that this breakout will clear up and leave me with nice skin, but it doesnt seem to be getting better. just breaking out more and more. this is so embarrasing! what should i do???


Oct 5 07

Just got the toner, and will start that tomorrow, as it says use it once a day. We'll see,

Hopefully bye bye grease!


Oct 2 07

Update 1 week in:

Ok I feel like my marks are fading, but I have started getting breakouts. Just little guys, nothing serious. Of course I cant leave them alone! (again another issue). I'm definately gonna stick it out with this, as i really dont want to go back to BP.

Other things I notice that I hoped would go away. My face is SOOOO oily!!! I thought it was at first going to be my skin overreacting to not having BP, but one week later, its still a grease pot. This morning I didnt wear moistureizer thinking maybe that was what did it, but nope, today i am still so greasy. I have to wonder if its my mineral makeup, as I started that at the same time as the aqua glycolic. I hope try it one day (maybe on a weekend, or at night right after work) without makeup to test this theory. I also got the Everyday Minerals sample...none of the colors i got were right, and color aside, i looked like i had a mask on my face. while it provided good coverage i reminded myself of a corpse and you could see all my pores. VERY scary. the physicians formula seems like a finer grade of powder IMO and looks more natural.

so one week in, greasy and small break out. scars less visible though.


Sept 27 07

Do you all think it would be a good/bad idea to also use an AHA cream at night? I have heard good things about the Alpha Hydrox Souffle. I dont want to freak out my skin or try too many new things too quickly, but curious if this might be a good thing to try, and if so is it too soon? (Read my signature below to see what im doing now. Would be to replace Cetaphil moisture at night)

Edit: Bought AH Souffle and began in the evening


Sept 27 07

Unless my eyes are foolin me...I started using this Monday night. It is Thursday morning. My brown marks look better already. These marks have been around for at least 6 months. Id been using apple cider vinegar on them for almost 2 months with next to no change. Have stopped that and the BP regimen, and I am already seeing a difference. I am very encouraged!

I also have issues with breakouts on my chest and back. Started using AmLactin 12% there on Saturday. These areas also are looking better than they have in years. May have the courage to wear a low cut shirt this Saturday. Have shirts I bought 3 years ago that still have tags on because I havent been able to wear them due to my acne. I still cant believe it.


Sept 26 07

Thoughts on AG so far:

dont consider myself to have super sensitive skin, but have been using only Cetaphil up to this point. I thought Cetaphil was as gentle as can be, and since trying this (I'm on day 2 only), I havent seen a negative difference or reaction in my skin. The consistency is very similar to Cetaphil; my skin has had virtually no reaction to switching products. No burning, redness, peeling, pain, breakouts or anything so far. Seems very very gentle IMO.


Hi there,

Just wanted to add to this. I've been using the Am Lactin 12% for 3 days now on my chest and back. I have NO new acne, and the skin is really smooth and soft, and the scabs are diminishing and scars much lighter already. I use baby powder in the morning, shower with Dove bar soap in the evening and then apply this after. So far REALLY good!!!


Sept 25 07 Photos

Figured i'd show a pic of what I am trying to fade! Consider this DAY 1. Stuff on chin fades ok, but upper lip is SO stubborn, and has been like that for at least 6 months. its really embarrassing to me, and to show to you all. do you guys who have used this for a while think this stuff will help with what I've got??


I think I may just stop it all and try the glycolic with only some SPF moisture during the day and see what happens. Give it a month or 2 to work on its own. Then if im not happy with it, I can just go back to the Regimen, since I know it works for acne. But I have just read all 22 pages (phew!) of this thread, and I am encouraged enough to give this a shot to see how it goes. I have nothing to lose...except my brown mostache looking spots. EW!! Will keep you posted on my progress..


Sept 24 07 AG


Got my Aqua Glycolic tonight at CVS. While there, I splurged and got the physicians formula minerals loose powder and concealer (oh ya and eyeshadow...that was SO important!). Anywho, came home and tried a bit of the makeup because I knew I'd be washing my face. The powder I think is going to be great. I really will be relieved to be free of the thick mask that is ColorStay!! Although I dont know that I have mastered how you are supposed to use the container/shaker thing. You could call me a dumb blonde, but unfortunately I'm brunette. I digress...(joke...blondes please take no offense!)

So then I just washed my face with the AG. I like it. It's nice. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like watching Sesame STreet on Saturday mornings. Just kidding. It is nice though. Like the way your face should feel. Nice and clean. Slightly tight. I have been using Cetaphil for over 4 months, and this is similar, but a little more tight feeling on my skin. Trying not to touch my face (thats a whole other issue!!) but when I do, it feels quite soft. One thing, it did not get my mascara off, so I may need to get some makeup remover for that.

Then proceeded to take my BP, Apple Cider Vinegar and Cetaphil wash out of my cabinet and into my closet out of site. That felt good. I hope they can stay there. I hope I can ask for sheets for Christmas with a pattern on them, instead of white. And not ruin another quilt. Again, I digress. Clear skin without brown spots FIRST, then colored sheets So plan is before bed to use some Cetaphil moisture and then in the AM use the wash and the cetaphil SPF moisture and the minerals makeup. Thats my new regimen.


Sept 24 07

I have been on Dans regimen since May 2007. My acne is pretty much gone, but my marks are still very present. My upper lip scars very easily if i get a zit there (which I havent in months). I started using Apple Cider Vinegar a month ago to help with the residual brown marks, but the results are minimal with that. I figured I'd just keep going with that and be patient, but when I went for a haircut this week and the lady immediately said, "do you want to get your upper lip waxed, because you have quite a mostache shadow there!" I was really embarrassed because I know my facial hair is light, and so I know she had mistaken my old scars for a mostache. So I declined, and then after the haircut went to CVS and got a bleaching kit for my facial hair (just in case I was wrong about my hair) and bleached my upper lip. Well the hair is definately bleached, but the "shadow" is still there (ie my acne scars). Now I'm really paranoid that I look like I have a mostache and I really need to get rid of these brown marks!!! I went on here and saw the Glycolic stuff, which sounds great. Even better if I can use it and stop BP. I love that BP works, but hate the bleaching nature it has on my sheets and clothes.

So I called CVS and ordered it; it is coming in today, and I want to start using it tonight. So how do i incorporate it into the regimen? I am pretty much following the regimen "textbook" right now:

Cetaphil cleaner, 1 full finger of Dans BP and then Cetaphil SPF 15 moistureizer in the AM and Cetaphil regular moisturizer in the PM. I have been using the ACV after the cleaner and before the BP twice daily as well.

So how do I encorperate this new cleanser? Should I just swap the Cetaphil Cleanser with the Aqua Glycolic and continue using the regimen as I have? Or swap and stop the ACV? or should I stop everything and just use the Aqua Glycolic? Basically want to continue on my clear skin path, but get these brown marks going away quicker. Suggestions please!


Sept 22 07

Have been using the regimen strictly. Acne cleared, but brown spots still very visible.

Used up my Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion as an AHA on my back and chest after showers. Then today started using AmLactin 12 for a mild AHA after my showers in the evening on back and chest. Baby powder in the mornings.


June 1 07

Anyhow been reading posts and what i decided was to stop muckin around with trying all different moisturizers etc and just stick with the recommended ones on the regimen.

So while I like my neutrogena foaming face wash, I want to do everything exactly right, I am putting it away for awhile. I went to CVS and got plain ol Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, both are recommended by Dan.

I plan on using the moisurizer at night and the SPF version which I already have (but am not crazy about) during the day. Keepin it simple, hoping things are temporary because my skin is adjusting. Gonna try and stay consistent.

Cetaphil wash am and pm

followed by Dans Gel (full finger)

followed by Cetaphil SPF in the morning and Cetaphil regular moisture in the evening


SO I've just spent the last few hours browing this site for other possible moisturizers and I have a list of like 10. Its driving me nuts. I cannot afford to try all these!! nor do i want to use up a whole bottle before moving on.

I know now it was a mistake to start off with the Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA from the get go. But I'm on week 4 now. Using 1 full finger twice a day. I read that you shouldnt start AHA until you are on the full strength of BP. Should I just power through the burning and keep on trying the Neutrogena in hopes that my skin will eventually even out? The thought of trying to find a new moisturizer is stressful for some reason. Probably to the extent that only yall on this group understand

Should I just keep on using it or try something without the SPF and AHA?


May 30 07

Quick update.

I used the SPF oil free cetaphil this morning. I dont feel to great about it. While I dont feel the burn like I did on NHSFL, there are some other negatives about this lotion. First, my neck feels dry still. I put another layer on and it didnt help with the dryness. I dont feel burning like others say, but honestly it TASTES disgusting! I have to put it on my upper lip and around my mouth for dryness, and i cant help but lick my lips from time to time, and when I do I am getting some of the moisturizer in my mouth and YUK!!!! it is so bitter and I hate it!

I may return this bottle.

Does anyone have any suggestions please for the best SPF, oil-free, non-irritating, unscented/unflavored facial lotion???

I saw Eucerin had an SPF 15 sensitive skin formula in the store. And I also saw a Neutrogena SPF 15 oil free (without AHA). I believe I used to use a CVS brand oil free SPF 15 years ago that was very simple and nice. I may see if they still make it. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? I want mild, mild, mild with a sunscreen! Please any suggestions??


i saw there was a generic version of the cetaphil moisture at the store. is that ok to use too? it seemed to have the same formula but cheaper.

I will hang onto the NHSFL until my skin calms down a bit. i noticed it said NOT recommended for beginners on the regimen. oops!


Went to the store and they had the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 on sale for 8.99, which I purchased. But then I saw they had the regular Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Do people recommend one over the other? I can still return the SPF stuff... Just want to get the right thing for my skin.


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