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Plan B: 1 Year & 3 Months

My regime was more or less a big success – my plan was always to have flawless skin for my wedding and I did it. Throughout the past 8 months, I have been having really good compliments with how flawless my skin looked (of course, there are pimples here and there occasionally but that didn’t bother me at all). I wasn’t even wearing any make up for 8 months and people all thought I was wearing make up! I was particularly in heaven.

My regimen:

Morning: BP 5% on the entire face

Night: Neostrata AHA 15% on the entire face

Exercise: hot yoga at least two times a week*


I think this is a myth but I seriously think hot yoga helps with my skin condition. I have been doing hot yoga for a year now and you will definitely see a huge improvement throughout time.

Anyways, so I just wanted to share with all of you my big success with my regimen. Of course, it didn’t occur overnight (sadly it takes time). And no, I did not grow out of acne (because I am breaking out right now). I went on my honeymoon and had a major sunburn on my face. Since AHA and sunburn do not go well together, I decided to drop the AHA at night and rely on minimal BP in the morning. So, guess what, after giving up on AHA for a week, and hot yoga for 3 weeks, I came back to town with an ACNE FACE. I know it’s sad how I am dependent on this regimen for probably the rest of my life but at least it worked! So right now, I am trying to get rid of the break out (primarily having patches of whiteheads all at once at various areas including my upper lip, nose, eye area, and brow areas). My (now) husband said it is probably the “re-occurrence initial break out” (where you started on a particular regimen, stopped for a short while and now starting it again). Hopefully this will go away real quick.

My last thought of the day:

I had what I have always wanted for the last 8 months – flawless skin. I could finally enjoy life, go back to my normal social life, and actually, for once, feel good about myself. Now that I am having this horrible break out, it reminded me of how miserable days were when I had acne. I was sitting in my room last night, crying about my acne, feeling hopeless at the same time because I know this problem won’t cure itself overnight. I could only apply as much acne cream as I could and wish for the best. I know the process is dreadful – there is no improvement overnight.

I know how this feels like, and for all those who are reading this at the same time, feeling as miserable as I am, please don’t give up. I know this is hard but I am trying to remain positive. I know how much we all wanted flawless skin, and it did feel SO GOOD when I had my chance (and thank you God for giving me such a wonderful miracle on my wedding day). But at the same time, we should give our skin some time to adjust and adapt. I know no one will see us differently even with our flaws – we are, in the end, our own worst enemies.


6 Months Plus

My skin was all cleared in around November (yes I'm such a horrible blogger. I stopped writing when my skin was at its best stage). Not sure what happened - perhaps I was slowly using smaller amount of bp? My skin is breaking out again recently. My chin and mouth area is the most problematic area. There are about 5 whiteheads (that kinda turned into pimples after my facialist tried to pop them). So yup, my skin is horrible right now. I kinda regret going to my facialist for help.

So anyways, these inflamed self induced pimples are so disgusting and huge. I'm not sure what to do - my deepest insecurities are back. Can I once again face this alone? I'm not so sure anymore.


2 Months & 23 Days

I went to the spa yesterday and the facialist took out almost all of my whiteheads for me. My face was swollen and red. It's getting a little bit better today but you could still see the red marks lingering on my face. Anyways, it's almost 3 months into the regimen. I think there are some improvements, more or less, from the first month. But again, I am expecting a little bit more progress. My face is still quite oily I think. It gets better, but far from ideal. I know this is a long battle and I said it so many times that I am ready to fight it. But I couldn't help but to feel a little bit disappointed when I experience another break out here and there. ANyways, just want to update my progress quickly. Have a nice weekend everyone.


2 Months And 15 Days...

After struggling with acne in the past million years, I am actually feeling a bit numb. I went out with a friend yesterday and I haven't seen him for a while. The first thing he said to me was, what happened to you? what's with the acne? I know he was saying it casually and it was probably a nonchalant comment, but to me, it felt like someone just slapped me hard. But surprisingly enough, it didn't totally destroy me. I still went out with him and tried to maintain a positive mindset. The thing with acne is, it really destroys your self-esteem and confidence. I see many gorgeous people with acne and to be honest, I still think they look beautiful, with or without acne. I guess we are our own enemies after all. I mean, I am sure my friend didn't intentionally made such a comment to hurt me or anything. And I am quite positive that, after our short hang out, he probably moved on with his life forgetting all about my acne. But here I am, sitting here, writing all about how he made a causal and nonchalant statement about my break out. How pity.

But having said that, it didn't totally destroyed me. I am keeping a positive mindset. I will still go out today, to run some errands, to follow my pre-planned schedule. I really don't want to be controlled by this nightmare. I will still keep hoping that someday, this regimen will work, but at the same time, I will not stop trying to be happy before that day arrives.

Anyways, enough of my emotional words, here's my progress:

Last week, I was having the initial break out I think. I got a few cysts on my forehead area and they just won't go away. My face was still oily hence the whiteheads. I have been trying to get rid of the whiteheads progressively, taking one side at the time. So far, I got rid of SO MANY whiteheads. Some came back though. I mean, it is quite difficult to clear everything all at once. In terms of actual pimples, I keep getting them last week - almost at least 1 or 2, big or small, per day. So that's my progress so far. There are scars on my face but I am really hoping they would go away soon. Sigh. Let's deal with this one step at a time.


Waking up every morning noticing 2 pimples, cystic or not, is not a fun activity. I'm thinking if this is "the initial break out"?

Still trying to stay optimistic though. I just went out with a friend for a nice dinner. I did not and will not let acne control my life. I don't wanna avoid social gatherings because of my skin anymore. I had a great time and that's all it matters.


I haven't had time to update my progress in the past few weeks. Life was hectic with a combination of work and social gatherings. I am actually glad that I have been occupied with work. I had less time to think about my acne problem and I actually had more time to enjoy life. But my skin is still horrible I think. So anyways here's my progress so far:

My face is generally drier with the combination of things that I have been using. I stopped B5 for almost a week because I am still waiting for the delivery. But I guess the weather plays a huge role anyways. So I was getting rid of my whiteheads from sections to sections over the past 3 weeks. I mean, some of the whiteheads did come back after, but I feel like it's a lot less than what I had before. I am willing to continue this regimen for some time because I believe there will be improvement.

So anyways, I just got rid of a huge number of whiteheads last night at the right side of my lower chin. Now my face looks like crap. There were two inflamed pimples located on my upper left lip and forehead. I tried to get rid of them but I think I kinda failed. There are also a cyst on my left forehead and another one on my eyebrow. They are never going away!!! Other than that, my face is more or less the same.

Good luck everyone!


Okay. I got sick and tired of my skin. It is JUST A LITTLE BIT less oily after taking B5 for almost 2 months. But it stops there. I don't mind having oil on my face as long as I am acne-free but that's not the case. I am breaking out with whiteheads on my cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Okay, that sounds like almost everywhere on my face. Aside from those, I have around 4 persistent cystic acne on my forehead and brow area. They are not going away.

Anyways, so after (almost) using AHA along with B5 for 2 months, I have decided to do 2 things:

1) Getting rid of the whiteheads

I have been clearing my face area by area with a needle yesterday. I divided my face into three areas - primarily left side, right side, and the forehead. I cleared the left side of my face yesterday with a needle. I basically took out all the whiteheads/pimples from the left side of the face. There are probably a few persistent whiteheads that I didn't attempt. But aside from those few ones, I tried to get rid of most of them. I am just waiting for it to heal at this stage. I will wait for around a week to let it heal before I start taking out the rest on the right side of my face.

So far, my left cheek/chin areas are HORRIBLE. I look horrible with the scars and red spots. But I am trying to progressively take out all the whiteheads on my face. I am seriously not sure if this is still the purging stage. I see tons and tons of whiteheads on my face right now. They are not very noticeable before I popped it. But once there is light, you could see clearly that my face is literally all covered with bumps underneath my skin. I tried to leave them alone but they get inflamed very easily. Once they do, they become HORRIBLE pimples, or even worse, cysts.

2) Adding BP to my regimen

Okay, after using AHA and B5 for almost 2 months, I don't see any improvement. I mean, some of the areas on my face are more refined and I have less oil in comparison, but that's it. So I have decided to add BP to my regimen today.

Here's what I am going to do:


a) BP all over my face

b) toner and effaclar k + mat

c) Megadose B5


a) AHA

b) toner and effaclar mat

c) Megadose B5

I know I am a very impatient person. But let's give this another month time to see if this improved regimen will help clear my skin?

Wish me luck!


Almost two months and I'm breaking out. There are sooooo many whiteheads on my face right now it's not even funny. On average, I'm getting 2 new inflamed pimples a day. They are mostly from the whiteheads. I'm not sure if my regimen is working or not. Sigh.


So... my skin is breaking out again. There wasn't a drastic progress in the past month or so and now I am experiencing another round of break out. I am not sure if it's because it is still purging or what. But I have been thinking lately that.. what if I am going to suffer from acne for the rest of my life? I feel like I have been controlled by acne in the past several years. It seriously dictates my mood and I don't like it. I really want to be able to love myself for who I am. So I have been thinking that, maybe it's time for me to accept this truth. I have been trying so hard to get rid of acne. But in the end, I am just not that girl with flawless skin. I have flaws and the acne problem is my biggest insecurity in life. Maybe it's time for me to love myself, with or without acne.

Anyways, having said that, let me just summarize my progress so far. I have been breaking out with ACTUAL pimples. I guess that's just because I haven't been popping my whiteheads. After a while they sorta inflamed. So anyways, I have another new one on my left cheek along with a small one on my upper lip and another one on my right cheek. I popped a HUGE one on my chin but I think it is still a bit inflamed. I'll see how it goes in the next couple of days. The big huge cyst on my brow hurts a lot and it is quite inflamed. Good that it's on my brow area and I could hide it with my hair. In terms of scar, there are scars but not too problematic because I haven't been getting rid of my whiteheads like I used to. My blackheads actually improved a lot. There are almost NO blackheads on my nose. There are still SO MANY whiteheads around my chin and my upper lip. They just won't go away. And I realized I am starting to get whiteheads on my cheek here and there. I don't know what's wrong with me and I am not sure if this regimen will ever work. If it doesn't, the worst case is for me to accept and move on.


I have been so busy with work lately. But I guess it really distracted me from focusing too much on my skin. :)

Anyways I have been breaking out here and there fit quite some time already. I just popped around 4 pimples (2 on my left cheek, 1 on chin and 1 on right cheek). There are still a huge cyst on my chin and a huge one coming out on my eyebrow.

Aside from the inflamed pimples that I am getting, in still trying to get rid of my whiteheads. They are really hard to get rid of!

In terms of my skin, I think sometimes my face is noticeably less oily but I'm not sure if its just the weather because it was once again an oil stick yesterday. I haven't been taking B5 4 times a day anymore because of the side effect. I'm slowly trying to work it back up after reducing it to 2 times a day.

In terms of using AHA, I'm not sure if it was AHA or my mud mask but my face was super red yesterday. I think the redness kinda got away now. My skin is peeling but it wasn't like the type of peeling I got from bp. I don't know what to expect from this regimen. Should I really switch to retin-a?


I wanted to update my progress so badly in the past few days but I had lasik a few days ago and my eyes are SORE and DRY as hell.

Anyways, let me just quickly update my progress before I rest my eyes:.

My skin is not as oily but I have reduced the dosage to two to three times a day with 5 pills each time. I had really bad diarrhea and I just couldn't continue megadosing. But I am trying to maintain it for as long as I could and see if the side effect will slowly fade away. In terms of whiteheads, there are still quite a number of whiteheads underneath my skin. They are usually clustered around a specific area. There are a lot around my chin, right cheek, upper lip, and some on my forehead. There are around three inflamed pimples (more like cysts) on my face now. But with gel plus (AHA), the one on my forehead is shrinking dramatically within a week or so. However, the pimples tend to turn into something quite weird in terms of size, colour, and texture after gel plus. They do go away rather quickly but stop when they reach a certain point.

Anyways, my skin is pretty much more or less the same. I wanted more improvements after applying this for a month. I am actually thinking of switching to retin-A?


Quick update: I think my skin has worsen a little bit throughout the past 1-2 days. The pimples.. well more like cysts on my upper lip are slowly going away. It's not very inflamed anymore. But I mean you could still tell they are there.

I just found a huge pimple on my forehead and a few huge whiteheads here and there around that area.

My chin/upper lip is more or less the same because I'm trying not to pick it too often nowadays. My cheek was quite clear but recently I think it's starting to break out again because I'm seeing some newly formed whiteheads.

Anyways the scars are again slowly fading away. Except for those complicated ones, the red spots from previous whiteheads are pretty much gone.

Oh and I had horrible diarrhea in the past 2 days. It was so bad that I had to stop taking it for 2 day. My face was once again super oily. So I'm gonna take it again tonight and gradually deal with the side effect. :(

When will I ever get clear skin? I hate oily face!!!


It's been a month since I have been using this regimen. So far, I think there is a slight improvement but I have been expecting to see more from this. My cheeks are (pretty much) cleared. I mean, there are still whiteheads here and there on my cheek but I am not aiming to get a perfect flawless skin anyways. In terms of my chin, the left side is OKAY. BUT the right side is still very problematic. I squeezed around 3 out of 10+ whiteheads on my right chin last night along with this weird bumpy... pustule? Those ones were at the surface so it was easy to come out. I also tried to remove a few on my left upper chin and I think I failed because they inflamed. There are still whiteheads on my left and right upper lip and a pimple on my left upper chin. Other than that, my forehead is actually pretty cleared. I also cleaned my nose yesterday and removed SO MANY blackheads. They were HUGE but they were super easy to remove.

In terms of the skin texture, my skin remains to be quite soft if there's no oil on my face. There has been an oil reduction as well but again, it is not enough to prevent whiteheads. So I am just looking to see if this will improve further in the next few months.

Other than that, the dark spots are still here but they are slowly fading again. I mean, you can't expect them to be completely gone in a week, right? At least they are concealable with make up.

So that's my quick one month summary of my skin. 1 month down... 2 more to go.


My Plan B: Day 31

Work is super busy and I have no time to update but my skin is improving (more or less). The red spots from before are seriously fading away. It could easily be covered by make up and they should be gone in say a week or two. My face is not too oily. There are still oil but it's FINALLY manageable! In terms of the whiteheads, there are still a a lot. It cleared up on my left upper lip but I just got a pimple in that area. My left chin + upper cheek probably have around 20 whiteheads? My problematic area is my right chin. I can't even tell how many I got there. There's a small red bump there too. I suspect it's a cyst? or a DEEP pustule? Anyways, will update later.


Today was my second day of work. I was so tired yesterday and I couldn't possibly find the time to write down my progress. Anyways, in terms of my skin, it is healing. I mean, the layers of skin on my wounds/red spots are slowly peeling off. In fact, they started to peel yesterday already. Some of the red spots are not quite flat yet. I am not sure if there are some residual dirt or pus inside the wound. In terms of scars, I am pretty much left with a bunch of dark red spots and a few bumps here and there. In terms of whiteheads, I still have a lot of them. I think it improved a little. I mean, it cleared up on my cheek (touch wood), and my forehead improved a little bit from the worst time. There are still a few on my forehead but I will deal with those ones later on. In terms of my chin and upper lip, there are still a number of persistent whiteheads here and there. I just couldn't possibly get rid of all of them.

My face was still oily today - again, it improved but not drastic. I am still taking megadose B5 and I reminded myself to take them on time during work. I woke up at 7am and my face was really oily by around 2pm. I guess there is an improvement already because it would only take me around 2 hours to get to that degree before I start megadosing. I am not sure if the condition will get any better or if this is it already. But I started applying gel plus (AHA) on my face day and night about 2 days ago.Of course, I am only applying a thin layer of gel plus in the morning and a thicker layer at night. I will try this for another month and see if this will clear up my skin.

I am turning 26 and for this year's bday wish, I wish I could finally grow out of ACNE please................


My Plan B: Day 27

I went out yesterday and despite my ugly face, I had a great time. :) I really gotta stop this whole anti-social thing. But I just couldn't help it sometimes. I feel so self conscious about my ugly skin. And I kept thinking that people would notice them. I know I shouldn't let stupid acne control my life. It is seriously ruining my life in many aspects. I am no longer a happy person. I avoid light, mirror, and most importantly, I avoid people.

Anyways, enough of my emo talk. My face is still oily but again not as oily as it used to be. The red spots and scars are still there. There are layers and layers of deadskin on top of my scars and red spots. I guess this is the healing process. Once the scalp goes away, hopefully* the red spot will fade out eventually. But for now, my fave still looks like shit. In terms of new whiteheads wise, honestly I don't know. I haven't been checking out my face in detail lately. I am just avoiding disappointments I guess. In the past few days, I have been taking care of the whiteheads that were inflamed. That's pretty much it.

I don't think there's a drastic improvement overnight.

Oh, and I added a thin layer of aha in the morning. I have been using aha for a month now. I didnt have any nasty peeling or redness. My pores are sooo much more refined. You can't really see my pores on my cheek anymore. I love the texture of my skin when it's clean. In terms of keeping acne/whiteheads at bay, I really don't know if it's doing a superb job. My fiancé said it got better already because the whiteheads on say my cheek cleared up already. But it's not enough when I'm having at least 30

Other spots on my chin and upper lip. Those are my problematic areas.

Having said that, I added a thin layer of aha on my skin in the morning. I wonder if this would speed up the process. 2 more months to go.


I had a nervous break down yesterday. I am so stressed out about almost everything in my life. I am starting a new job next week and I don't know what to expect. My face looks like crap and I just can't confront myself. I am going to my own birthday party tonight and I just want to call my friends to cancel it. I don't want to see anyone. I just want to stay home. Sigh I am so messed up.

Anyways, let me just do a quickie on my skin to keep track of my progress:

Face is still oily but improved just a little. I mean, I am expecting a more drastic change than this. It's almost a month since I have been on megadose B5 and all I am getting so far is less oily face. This alone won't prevent new whiteheads/pimples from forming. I keep telling myself that I will give it some time and see what happens. But I am not seeing anything drastic at this point. And the weird thing is, I am not having major side effects either. I remember the last time when I had B5, it gave me horrible diarrhea but it worked eventually. I don't know what to expect from B5 anymore. I still have a few bottles at home. I am going to do this for at least 3 months.

Anyways, in terms of whiteheads and pimples, well, my face is covered with HORRIBLE red spots from the picking. I didn't get rid of all the whiteheads though, just the ones that are surfaced. But it's enough to cause me so much stress by looking at my nasty face. Some of the scars are flat but some are quite bumpy actually. I am scared that they would turn into pimples in just a few days. Oh yea, speaking of which, there were two whiteheads that were inflamed after I picked it. So I had to get rid of them last night. They hurt... like crap right now. I put a thicker layer on the wounds and the scars, hoping that it will fade away faster this time, In terms of the scars and red marks, they are still there unfortunately. They turned into a dark purple/pink colour.

I just don't know why I have the stupid urge to pick my whiteheads. It was actually OKAY if you don't look closely. Now I look like a monster again.

So that's my progress so far. In terms of the products that I have been using, I can't really give an unbiased review yet but I will make a brief summary when I give it enough time to see how it goes.


My Plan B: Day 25

My Plan B to get rid of oily skin & whiteheads:

Oral supplements:

1) Megadose vitamin B5 to reduce the oil (5 pills each and 4 times per day)

Skincare routine:


1) La Roche-Posay Effaclar K


1) Neostrata gel plus AHA 15% each night (overnight)

2) La Roche-Posay Effaclar mat


1) No beef (on this diet for over a year now)

2) Low sugar diet

3) Low dairy diet

4) 8 cups of water (tea) each day

Progress so far: Improvement - Oily skin, Acne? No

So I woke up this morning, and as usual, my face is greasy but not extremely oily like it used to be. I guess either B5 is kicking in or the products that I have been using are helping me with the oil reduction. Anyways, aside from monitoring the oil production, the whiteheads that I took out yesterday were really red right now. I look like I have a major break out right now. They still hurt a little when I washed my face this morning but this is normal because my skin has been traumatized. I know people have been telling me not to pick my whiteheads or pimples but I have a tendency to do it. I left my skin untouched for a week (which is already a miracle for me) but the whiteheads accumulated day by day and some actually turned into actual pimples! Anyways, as I was picking my whiteheads yesterday, I realized that some of these 'so what called' whiteheads underneath my skin are actually huge blackheads. I never had blackheads on my skin (except of course on my nose) but I keep getting these nasty huge blackheads on my cheek and chin nowadays. Aside from these clustered of blackheads, of course, there were clustered of whiteheads, mostly around my lower cheek, nose area, upper lip, and chin. As far as the pimples that I was talking about, I think* (but I am not so sure), it is shrinking. There is no pus so I am not sure if it's a cyst. It's no longer SUPER red and it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not sure what that is but we will wait and see.

So that's the long summary of my skin thus far. Let me put some thoughts on diet and acne.

Thoughts on diet and acne:

My derm used to tell me that there is no correlation between acne and diet. I could consume whatever I like and it wouldn't affect my skin condition. Last year, I began my no beef diet because a friend of mine was telling me that beef is actually really bad for your skin. So after a year of no beef diet, I realized that I seriously don't get pimples.. like papules or pustules very often. Of course, I still have acne problem but they usually formed by my inflamed whiteheads. It's actually a pleasant thing not having to wake up everyday, being scared that I have 3 or 4 new pimples forming each day. So I think.. at least for me, this no beef diet is working for me.

But in terms of oily skin, I still don't know if there is a cure to it. I am recently trying to low sugar and dairy diet. I still consume sugar of course but I am avoiding too much ​sugary products such as chocolate, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. I have been replacing soft drinks with tea now and I no longer consume things like chocolate. I am cutting down on my coffee consumption to perhaps once or twice per week. I am not sure if this will have any long term effect on my skin but this is something that I am willing to try out.


My Plan B: Day 24

I had the courage to remove most of my whiteheads and blackheads with a needle. I've never had this many HUGE blackheads in my entire life. Anyways, my face looks like crap right now because I just removed the whiteheads that are on the surface of my skin. Aside from those ones, I couldn't do anything with that huge pimple that I was talking about. I am suspecting that it's a cyst. I'll give it some time and see how it goes.

In terms of oil reduction, I mean, my face is still greasy at noon and in the morning but there's a huge improvement already. I'm not sure if B5 would help reduce my oil production any further with time but I'm hoping it will get better soon.

Let's try to stay positive.


Edit: my analysis: by looking at the trend, I think the oil reduction improved by around 2nd week, which was last week. My skin suddenly became really bad by around week 3. I'm getting pimples here and there and the whiteheads (not the tiny hard ones from the first 2 weeks) but the new ones are getting inflamed. And it's weird becuz I have the tendency to pick my pimple/whiteheads. The ones that I did turned into a slightly red watery pus. Some disappeared after a few days and they feel somewhat weird too.

Anyways, so I'm having these whiteheads and pimples on my cheek/chin and they all appear at once. I was thinking that... maybe my skin is still trying to push the dirty stuffs out with the help of AHA and LHA. Since my skin was still really oily in the first 1-2 weeks, there may still be clogged pores around those area and the gel plus is trying to clear those clogged pores. If this hypothesis is valid, my skin should start to see improvement in about 2 weeks from now.

ANother reason could be la Roche-pocay is not right for my skin; thus after using it for a week, I start to break out. But whatever the explanation is, we need time to see how it goes.

I'm still struggling with my skin... my blackheads are really surface. I couldn't help it but to take them out with the needle just now. In terms of whiteheads, aside from those nasty ones, I think a cluster of them just surfaced on my left cheek.

Oh and.... I have like one big pimple coming out on my right cheek along with 2 smaller ones underneath it. I'm just depressed. You know the feeling when you feel like its finally working then boom... you wake up the next morning realizing you have 3 new ACTUAL PIMPLES on your face.

I'm seriously not sure why this is happening - might be something inside my skin for a long time? Or it was becuz of the gel plus and effaclar k that's still* pushing the dirty things underneath my skin.

But like what I said earlier, sometimes it takes time for you to see the effect. Maybe 3 weeks isn't enough yet. Maybe it's still the purging effect? Who knows? I'm willing to try this for another 2 months and we will see how it goes from that point onwards.

I'm turning 26 next week and I'm still suffering from acne problem. Sigh. For this years bday, I hope I could finally FINALLY grow out of acne. I wish I could find the cure and pass this formula to anyone suffering from acne because no one deserves to be suffering from this stupid thing. We all deserve to be happy. :(


I have been megadosing B5 for 3 weeks now. So far, I do see a reduction in terms of my oil production. There are still a number of persistent whiteheads here and there but I no longer get a whole lot everyday now. Gel plus is making my skin super soft but again, I need to clear the surfaced whiteheads and blackheads almost everyday. I guess I am pleasant with the progress so far. I could go out without make up for almost a week now and yes, there are still imperfections and I'm still not looking close in the mirror. But I do feel better and my fiancé commented on my improvement too!

Aside from gel plus abs B5, I have been using effaclar matte and k for a week now. I basically use effaclar k in the morning and gel plus + effaclar matte at night. I love the products. They not only give me a matte appearance but they also controlled my serum production very well! I mean, I still have somewhat oily face but they are nothing comparing to what I had before using these products. They are truly HG, especially using them on top of B5! I didn't quite have the purging effect with these products. I guess I had my share after using gel plus for almost a month now.

So far, my skin is clearing! :) Good luck everyone!


My Plan B: Day 16

I added effaclar k to my regimen today. My face, in terms of its oil production, improved a lot. I just added effaclar k today. I am going to apply it in the morning with gel plus and effaclar matte at night. I will see how it goes from now on but the pimple underneath my nose is slowly going away. In terms of whiteheads, there are a few persistent ones on my chin and I'm suspecting a pimple forming on my eyebrow.


Plan B: Day 14

On the 14th day of my treatment.. I have found a truly AMAZING PRODUCT to combat my sebrum production. I know it's too premature to say this now but le roche posay effaclar mat is the best moisturizer that I have ever used in my life!! I rarely say this and give feedback on a particular product especially after using it for one day. But I woke up this morning with a matte face- no oil at all! I'm not sure if it's because B5 finally decided to kick in or what but the result is truly amazing. I mean, my whiteheads didn't magically disappear and my inflamed pimples are still here. But my face is literally matte after 12 hours! I'm not sure if this result will continue or if it will break me out as this is too premature to draw a conclusion. For those who are also suffering from VERY oily face and whiteheads, you should give this a try! I'm now thinking of getting effaclar k too since ppl have been claiming that it clears their mild acne problem!

Anyways back to my progress.. the whiteheads are pretty much there but they were so small and tiny. I'm trying to leave them alone until they are cleared. Anyways, the big inflamed pimple on my nose still hurts but it's drying up. Face is absolutely not oily this morning. In fact, it feels soft (aside from the bumps on my face). Will update again on this product!


My Plan B: Day 13

My Plan B to get rid of oily skin & whiteheads:

1) Neostrata gel plus AHA 15% each night (overnight)

2) Back to my megadose vitamin B5 to reduce the oil (5 pills each and 4 times per day

3) Drink more or less 8 cups of water per day

4) Moisturize with La Roche-Poscay Effaclar Mat

A quick update:

So, I have a huge pustule on my upper lip/nose area after I tried to pop it. Obviously. I failed. That thing hurts like crap right now. Anyways, aside from that, I still have some whiteheads here and there. My forehead, especially, is becoming a problematic area. I have little tiny bumps on my forehead and around my eyebrow. I am not sure if it's because of the gel plus but I am trying to get rid of them slowly by slowly. The scars are actually fading rather quickly and that is a bonus. In terms of oil control, I am still an oil stick unfortunately. Oh, and I bought La Roche-Poscay Effaclar Mat today. I applied it once in the afternoon after I washed my face and it felt really good. My face instantly turned matte. But again, it is too early to give a thorough review on that product.

But in terms of B5, I am not having the nasty side effects yet.. which is good I guess. At the same time, it is not helping me with oil control. It's only day 13 so I am willing to give it more time.


My Plan B: Day 12

I swear I have OCD when it comes to my skin. I hate having these imperfections on my skin. They are driving me crazy so.. I did it again. I popped my whiteheads yesterday with a needle and some of which obviously inflamed and became pimples (pustules). So... I look like crap right now. I originally dated my best friend but I became the same old anti-social me. I just wanted to stay home today so I made up a lame excuse for bailing out on her. Honestly, the psychological impact that acne causes can be overwhelming. People kept telling me that no one cares about my skin except for myself. They all think I worry too much about my skin. I know that, at the end of the day, no one cares about how my skin looks like except for me. But I just can't stop thinking about my acne all-the-time. Sometimes I avoid department stores where they have those cosemetic counters because I hate it when people ask me if I need any products for my acne. Sigh.

Progress: Anyways enough of my emo talk. My skin, as mentioned, have all these self induced inflamed pustules. Oh and also a new pimple forming on the side of my cheek... great...Aside from the whiteheads and the inflamed pustules, my skin is really soft! I love how it feels like when I wash my face because it feels so soft and smooth (on my upper cheek area). The scars are fading away slowly. But my skin is still really oily - I mean, it reduced just a little but I am still an oil stick. The side effects of b5 haven't fully kicked in yet. I have higher body temperature but that's pretty much it.

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