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So I am a little low on the self confidence the last few days and am just sick and tired of my skin. I hate how it holds me back in some way, every single day. I have scars on both of my cheecks that only seem to be getting redder, and am so f***ing sick of it :pray: I'm currently on 20mg a day, and am thinking that next week I'm going to try and schedule and app. with my doctor to up the dosage to 40 mg. Do you think that will help? Or is sticking with the lower dose a better idea? I'm just a little confused on what to do...


Week 6 completed!

So apparently it's already been six weeks since I started accutane. Man time flies. Anyways, so my skin. hmph. By this time I was hoping for alot more resluts than I'm seeing... my left cheeck scars seem to be getting worse, and I have two cystic pimple within the mess of scars, so I have been wearing makeup to cover all this crap up (Vichy dermablend) but of coarse I am just breaking out even worse. I have many little bumps on both of my cheecks and two large inflamed pimples on my forhead which I have popped two nights in a row but continually come back. grrrr. My lips are so very dry, and I have developed a nasty habit of peeling them. I am still on 20mg a day, but when my 8 weeks is complete I've scheduled an app with my derm to ask him to put me up to 40mg for my last two months. I am seriously needing nice skin, I do not know how much more my pride can take! I have yet to get my period this month, and if I don't get it this month I'm going to need to see my doctor because I didn't get it last month as well (May). I'm not going to both writing the 'condition of skin' blurb because I have just done it! I hope by next week I see a little more improvment. :|


has any of you ladies using accutane or have used accutane, found that it messes with your monthly cycle? my doctor has not told me about this, and I can't seem to find much information about it on the web. I have missed my period two months in a row, but am absolutley not sexually active right now. thoughts needed!


hey all! so I am sorry that once again I am updating my blog two days late, life has just been crazy busy for me! anyways! ahhhh acne! so things have been a little wierd for me in in regards to my skin. my skin is very red and irratated, as well as my cheeks which are pretty much covered in small red scars everywhere, are getting very rough and flaky like. everything is most definitly drying up, which is obviously a good sign! I am more excited than ever to get to the day where I can wake up, shower and not worry about covering my face in makeup! although, I do use amazing makeup than has never made me breakout (Bare Minerals), still! I hate having to fuss and worry about what my face looks like.

Condition of skin: my lips have never been so dry in my life...even though the intense amount of vitamin E oil or Burtsbees I use my lips still crack and slightly bleed everytime I smile. it's so ridiculous! skin is very dry, and every imperfection is very red and flaky!

hoping for better days!

ps, not saying that my advice is great and superior over anyone elses, but I am just throwing this out there that if any of you need ANY questions answered or adivce on accutane or whether or not you should start taking it, please message me or drop me a comment! I know exactly what it's like to struggle with severe acne, and than be faced with the difficult desision of whether or not to go on accutane! at the end of my four month go at accutane I will be uploading weekly pictures I have taken of my face, which are very detailed. I am just not comfortable enough yet to share these over the net! Anyways, please feel free to chat with me... I will most definitly try to help in any way I can :|


Sorry for the late update! I have been very busy lately with school and work! Anyways, week 4 has been completed and I am almost into the fifth week of accutane! Touch wood but my joints and back pain has been very non existance... my lips are more chapped than ever but at this point I am just trying to stay strong and keep looking forward to the thought of beautiful skin.

Condition of skin: many inflamed pimples, red scars on cheecks are still very existant and always very dry. No cysts, and skin around the pimples if alot less bumpy, and much smoother. Over all I do see an improvment in my skin and I feel as though I am on the path to the skin I have wanted for so long. I am now drinking matcha tea everyday and I feel like this has also had a hand in my skins start to improvement.


Week 3 completed!

So I have hit my three week mark today! Almost done my first month of accutane, thank god time is going by fast! It has been rough... my joints and back hurt so much all the time and I have had a major loss in motivation. Some days are better than others! Also I have noticed that I can wake up one morning feel as though my skin is finally starting to look beautiful again but the next morning I will wake up and I will have a new cyst, white heads galore and my scars will be even redder. Today I am feeling pretty good about my skin! My skin regimen has remained the same as week one: dove sensitive skin soap bar, dermalogica active moist before bed and aveeno 24 hour moisturizer some days. I must use my aveeno 24 hour moisturizer after every shower on my entire body or else my skin all over hurts from being so dry. Literally. Because the shampoo I use is quite expensive, I'm waiting for these bottles to be finished before I go and purshase some avede moisture for my scalp, because I have noticed just how dry my scalp is. My lips have been peeling, so I load up on my vitamin E oil all throughout the day now and this is working just lovely.

Condition of skin: scars are very red, but skin is finally starting to smooth out, a couple pimples and white heads on my forhead, and one cyst on my lower cheeck/chin area.



Week 2 completed!

hello all! so i have officially passed my two week mark of accutane today! I have mixed emotions though. on one hand i am happy that i am taking this pill that has promised to clear my skin 99% within a few months, but on the other hand i can truly feel the effects on this pill within my body and it's not great. my lips have never been so dry, my face, body and scalp. everytime i bend over, my back aches so much i cringe, or when i bend down my knees have ache sensation like never before also, my finger nails have started to thin. things that i am liking about the accutane effects so far however are, how less oily my face gets if it even gets oily at all, along with the clearing of my acne scars.

condition of skin: alot less redness, 75% less oil production, clearing of pimples and roughness of my forheard. however i do have one new cystic pimple on my chin along with 2 on my forhead.


I have taken my seventh set of 10mg pills today! My doctor has given me a one month supply of 60 10mg pills, and I am to take 2 pills per day, with lots of water and some food. I am slowly starting to feel the effects of this accutane! My lips are quite dry, along with my skin but I happen to naturally be the moisture queens! Here is what I am currently using:


-dove, sensitive skin bar along with an organic neem oil bar after workouts

- aveeno 24 hour moisturizer before bed


- burts bees lip moisturizer throughout the day.

- organic vitamin E oil before bed.


- after every shower, Aveeno 24 hour Moisturizer.


- Biolage, organic moisture for dry scalp and dry hair.

nails, toe nails and cuticles:

- vitamin E oil on my cuticles at night.

- OPI nail strengthener for nails and toe nails.

I am drinking alot of water...which is not hard for me to do because water is a staple at all points of the day for me anyways.

Condition of skin: red scars have started to fade, only by the slightest, no cysts, but quite a few pimples on my forhead, none have come to a head so they hurt. Very dry skin, slightly itchy. noticeably less oily skin when I wake up and when I get home from school.


So I'm a little concerned if I should be staying away from certain foods or not...

Last night for dinner I had granola and organic peanut butter, a plate of sweet potatoes (very high in Vitamin A) and brussel sprouts. I am not sure whether eating sweet potatoes is a good idea or not. Opinions needed!


I'm experiencing alot of joint aches and pains... at first I thought it was my mind playign tricks on me because of all of the info I have read about accutane, until the pain literally did not go away and still hasn't. Does anyone have any cream remedies the could help soothe my sore knees ankles and back?


So after alot of contemplating, discussing and researching I decided it was best for me to go on accutane! I went for my first blood test on Monday and just took my first 20 mg pill (Wednesday).

To be honest, I am very excited that I have started the journey to clear skin. I take very good care of myself to begin with, exersize daily, eat very healthy and organic as well as drink ALOT of water! But I have pledged to myself that I am going to take even better care of myself while on accutane. This shouldn't be too difficult at all! Wish me luck. =) I will be blogging once a week to update my struggles and triumphs!

Condition of skin: many red scars, four or five cysts, many black heads and rough bumpy skin on my forhead. Also quite oily.



hey there!

so i have acne, and have been struggling with it for about 3 years now. i have finally let go of my pride and became open about the fact that it has really hurt who i am. i have never wanted to try any sort of pill to clear my acne until about 7 months ago when i started taking minocyclin. i have been taking this pillfor 7 months, and along the way trying every single lotion, creme, wash, scrub and nothing has worked! my doctor desperatly wanted to me steer away from considering accutane, so he prescribed me YAZ, birth control. i have never been the type to agree with birth control, and wanted to do my own research before i filled my prescription. funny enough, the day after i was prescribed this stuff, a good friend of mine who was a yaz user, had to stop taking it the week before and get a bunch of blood tests done. this scared me right out of taking yaz, and now i have an appointment with my derm next monday, and hopefully he will approve of accutane! i have done alot of my own research and am very, very confused and indesisive!

what are your suggestions/feedback?! id love to hear from you. thanks =)

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