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So the trimethoprim didn't work.......A couple of weeks ago I think I literally reached my lowest point. My acne was awful, it was obvious that yet another treatment had failed and I had just had enough (other things were going wrong in my life too which added to my unhappiness). My aunt (who has been v.supportive through my acne battle, as she was a long-term acne sufferer herself) booked me an appointment with a beautician that she uses to have a facial designed to help reduce the severity of acne. The beautician did various treatments including that light treatment thing kills the bacteria that can lead to acne (I can't remember what its called but I had heard of it before). When I came out my skin looked v.red and pretty awful but it did look better the next morning when I woke up. The treatment helped reduce the size of some of the massive cysts I had been unable to shift. My skin was still terrible, but for about two weeks after that it was slightly better than it had been previously, which was a massive releif. It wasn't a long term fix but it can help a little when ur skin is at its worst.

Anyway. I went back to the doctors this week, they have perscribed me dianette......which they have said is pretty much my last resort before accutane. I am pretty scared as I have heard a lot of bad things about dianette...but then I think I have heard even more bad things about accutane....so I will give it a go!

It was strange though, talking to the beautician really did get me thinking about whether my acne was hormone related. I have been on the pill before for contraceptive reasons at a time when my skin wasn't that bad. At that time the docs put me on yasmin as they knew I had had skin issues before. I had no issues with yasmin, it didn't seem to change my skin at all....my skin was pretty fine when I went on it and stayed pretty fine the time I was on it. Then the docs told me they wanted to move me on to a lower risk pill so they put me on marvelon, initially this seemed fine but after a while it really began to screw with my moods and it gave me thread veins on my legs! So I came off it. Well anyway it wasn't that long after that that my skin started to get worse and since then it has just gone downhill. Part of me thinks, considering this, that maybe the marvelon created a hormone inbalance in my body that has not yet been rectified? That could explain why I have experienced spots that are far worse than the spots I ever had before..... So maybe a hormone altering treatment like dianette will be the solution? or maybe it will just screw with my hormones more and just make it all worse.....I can't bear that thought.

Part of me wishes they had put me on Yasmin again.....I would be less scared of going on Yasmin as I had no issues with it the first time around....but then its not meant to be as effective as Dianette.

Has anyone on here been on both of these pills? If so let me know your experiences on them! I don't really wana stay on Dianette in the long-term and I am not sure the docs would let me anyway as has been linked with causing severe depression! Ideally, if this treatment actually works, I would like to move on to Yasmin as more of a long term solution.

Well I have only been on it a week so far so obviously no change yet....but lets hope this works without any horrible side effects! :confused:


More new treatments.....

Oh God I can't believe it but my skin is now even worse than before ;) ........It is literally covered in spots! I have no confidence anymore, its horrible. I went back to the docs yesterday as the stuff I had been prescribed hadn't worked (tetralysal 300 tablets and isotrexin gel). Now the doc has given me Trimethroprim.....which is a little random as its not even specifically designed for treating acne I don't think.........I am just literally running out of options as I have been on virtually everything with no success! I really really hope this works :wall: as I have just about had enough and I am not sure how much more of this I can take! I know that probably sounds melodramatic but I am getting so desparate and am scared that nothing will ever work for me. I know there is Accutane....but I am so reluctant to use it because of the possible side effects....so really I just don't wana go there!

Oh well here goes! I will give this a try and will post on here to let people know if it works...


I have just been to the doctors today....they took one look at my face and decided that the treatment I was already using (duac) really wasn't working (not exactly a big suprise!). Now I have been given two treatments to use together, tetralysal 300 (tablet) and Isotrexin (gel). Haven't really heard much about either of these treatments.....but lets hope they work as my face is truly in the worst state it has ever been in (which is pretty bad considering how long I have been suffering with such rubbish skin). :pray:


I thought people might be interested in hearing about my experiences with a few of the treatments I have used....... so here are a few of the things I have tried (I will probably post a couple more on here at a later date.

Salcylic Acid treatments (over-the-counter)

I started using OTC salcylic acid treatments when I first started to get acne (early teens). I found that they didn't really work at all for me.....maybe they are more helpful to those who only suffer from the odd spot here and there. I think that for people who suffer from acne as opposed to the odd spot salcylic acid treatments are generally a waste of time.

Minocin (Minocycline - antibiotic)

This cleared up the acne on my chest and back completely but didn't have that much of an effect on the acne on my face. I think there might have been a slight improvement in the acne on my face but nothing hugely noticeable so I continued using topical stuff whilst on this treatment. As I said though the improvement in the skin on my back/chest area was massive.....amazingly the skin in this area remained clear for around 6 months after I finished the treatment too. However as with all antibiotics there are some possible side effects which I think people should be aware of (e.g. issues with your liver, kidneys). I can't remember all the risks but I would reccommend checking them out before going on this drug so you know what you are getting yourself in for. One side effect that I did experience was hypersensitivity to the sun.....I remember one day I was caught out in the sun for literally only around 10 mins without sun cream on my back but I still burnt badly and the scar from the burn was still there months after. So make sure you wear sun cream literally everyday when you are on this treatment!

Tetracycline (I think that was what it was called!)

I found this to be less effective than the Minocin, it equally only helped to treat the acne on my back/chest and didn't help with my face. I didn't suffer any side effects. It did help with some of the acne but less so than the other antibiotics.

Benzyol Peroxide treatments (including some over-the-counter ones and some prescription ones)

I used tons of different bp treatments ranging from 2.5% to 10% creams/lotions. Before my recent bout of acne this treatment was my saviour! It was the only thing that really kept the acne on my face under control. However, it had no effect on my acne on my chest/back area so I had to rely on other medicines to deal with this. The main irritating side effects are: it makes your skin dry and peely, it can cause redness, it bleaches materials so you have to be supercareful not to get it on your clothes etc. Generally though I would reccommend this treatment, it is one of the ones that is most likely to work (unfortunately it does not work for me anymore though)

Zyneryt (Erythromycin and zinc)

This is a topical antibiotic that worked well on my chest/back area. I haven't found it to be hugely successful as a treatment for the skin on my face.....it has helped with my forehead area which was excessivley oily before.....but dried out the other areas of my face (without getting rid of the spots!) I do think it is better to try to use topical antibiotics like this though as opposed to the oral ones if possible as there isn't a risk of such serious side effects. Also, the acne is less likely to become resistant to topical antibiotics over time than oral ones.


Hey all!

I created this blog to share some of the frustration I have experienced with my crappy skin and also to give my views on the million different treatments I have used before. Anyway I will start by telling you what my situation is now.......

Up until this summer I thought going through the stress of having to go through a million different acne treatments was over! After years of stressing about my disgusting skin it seemed that I was finally "growing out of" my acne. Well my skin was still far from perfect but I was able to control it with the use of a 10% bp cream and all was good. Oh how I wish I could have skin like that back again! For the last 4 months my skin has been completely AWFUL! For the first few weeks I continued with my usual bp routine in the hope that that would clear it up.........sadly not. Then I gave in and finally went to the docs to see about getting something else. I said that I wanted to avoid going on tablets (as I am always concerned about how they may be harming my body) so he gave me Duac (which is bp plus an antibiotic in a cream). Unfortunately this didn't work either......I then thought I would give Dan's regimen a try as it seemed to make sense.....so I did but it caused my skin to flush bright red uncontrolably more and more frequently as I continued with the treatment so in the last couple of days I stopped using the bp as I was concerned that I might have a mild form of rosacea and the bp could simply be aggravating it.

Now I am a little lost as to what to do with my skin.......the only thing that seemed to keep my skin under control in the past (the bp) really isn't agreeing with my skin anymore.....this is possibly due to the fact that I am using a much larger quantity this time around. Unfortunatley using a smaller quantity just doesn't work anymore.....so back to the doctors for me! :pray:

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