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Day 1

Hi everyone, today i decide that i will start a new project, i have had acne sense 6th grade, am now 18 and freshmen in college, and i have tried every acne product and nothing seems to work, i have very sensitive skin so products with heavy ingredients seem to make my face red and break out more,i only get acne around my mouth and cheeks, so my new project is to clear my skin with natural products, and changing my diet. So this means no more sugar ( which is really hard for me because i have a bad sugar tooth), no more energy drinks, no more fast food, washing my face everyday with Biore pore unclogging scrub, i work with dogs at work, (groomer) so i always have dog fur on me, so i know that am always touching my face after i touch a dog so i need to make sure i wash my face when i get home from work. so i have made a My list of things i have to do for the next 30 days,

1.no sugar

2.drink green tea every day

3.apply tea to face

4.no fast food

5.no touching face

6.change pillow case every 3 days

7.wash face every morning and every night

8.no soda

9.drink 5 glass of water everyday

10.steam face every 3 days ( to clear pore's)

11.NO makeup

12.clean hair every other day

13.keep hair away from face

14.30 minutes of exercise a day

15.going on a fish diet, eating fish everyday and greens and taking fish oil tablets

so my older sister is going to help me stay on track, because some times i get distracted so day one here i come:), ill be posting a picture of me everyday to track my process got to go to store, but ill post picture when i get back:)

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