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Ballin Jdd!

Hey Guys!!!

For everyone who has dry skin/combo/sensitive-

Acne Prone...


1. Cleanse: was off your face with "Cetaphil gentle cleanser" for all skin types. wait a few minutes

2. Treat: dab some BPeroxide on affected areas.

3. Moisturize: scoop a generous amount of "Cetaphil moisturizer" (in jar) for dry/very dry skin types. :shhh:


1. Scrub: gently exfoliate dry skin off with "Neutrogena deep clean relaxing night scrub"

2. Rinse: take water from your sink/shower and gently splash your face.

3. Tone: using "Dior soothing toner" apply with cotton balls along the T-zone and anywhere dry.

4. Treat: use BPeroxide or Tretinoin cream on affected areas and let dry.

5. Moisturize: use the same "Cetaphil Moisturizer" (in jar) for dry/very dry skin types. :cry:

I hope this helps out! i know this is a great regime for myself, and i hope you tell your friends about this, too! it will also help reducing shine before applying any type of makeup!!! the longer you stick with this regimen the better!!! :shhh:

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