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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, its good to be back, just wanted to let everyone know that I did it. Im good not. Im happy, and clear! and i want to thank everyone on this bored! let me know if you want to see some pics. they are great!

thanks! :|



i sat out side bestbuy for 12 hours and i guess between not washing my face and the cold weather my face looks damn good today.



my face is kinda starting to break out agian. i just ended football and started track, maybe the cold air and running as somthing to do with it?


getting there

Noithing new for the most part. My lower back is killing me and I dont know if it is from accutane or football or both. Also I am so tired now. I cant stay awake in class and I go to bed at like 830 every night.



I started football again yesterday after a 2 week break. The caoches actually put me in too after missing 3 games, haah it was sweet. Today it felt so good just to pracitce and not worry about one of my cysts poppin or my forhead bleeding every time i make a hit on somone. I could actually play football painfree from my face area. Even though its not all gone, im still able to play with out bleeding and what not.. haha im so happy, and i had a good practice today to lol. :pray:



I always try to stay positive about my situation, and I do that 98% of the time. But everytime I look in the mirro it gets me so mad. I wont have normal skin for the rest of my life, and the sad part is that I have PERFECT skin on the rest of my body and I just wish I could say the same about my face


after one month

I went to the dermo today...It didnt go as planed either. I wanted her to up it to like 60mg or somthing, but this morning I put new lotion on and it made me really red so when I went to see her she thought that it would be a good idea to stay at 30mg. Not only that but my dad told her my face gets really dryed out all the time and I got so made cause it only gets dry when I dont put lotin on. "go figure".But Im starting month 2 of my tane so im pretty excited..


So far

What’s up guys. I have already posted a topic in the cystic forum but I had someone say they wanted me to do a blog , so here it is. I have had acne since I was about 10, worse then most teens. I started anti -biotics at age 12 and they worked very well. I’m 16 now and as time went on it stated to get much more serious and painful and the anti-biotics just weren’t cutting it anymore. I started to get bad cystic acne all over. I play football and I had to end my season 3 weeks early because it was so painful. As of right now I am on day 29 of my accutane course , and I am semi satisfied with the results I am seeing. (There are pictures provided below). It has been a rough journey that I just want to get done with, which I know everyone understands.

When I started this board I didn’t think I would ever go on it but I find myself coming to this website several times a day and it has really helped me with my situation. I wish everyone new about this. It is a great way to get yourself threw everything.


DAY 16




DAY 29




I think it has gotten a little better and I am getting the feeling it wont be long till I’m in the clear, but then again anything could happen I play a lot of sports and stuff. :pray:

P.S. I am going to the dermo tomrrow I will let you know how it goes when I get home

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