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It has been a while

Well I have been off line for a while. Although I was seeing great results with the peels, I was having trouble keeping up with them both time and $.

So I went back to the Doctor. He said I can use Retin A now (Retin A Mirco) and Mynocycline. I started in December. It helped some, as it always does for a while, and then stopped. I got upset with him because I really need a doctor to look and see what is out there and try it rather than do the same thing over and over. My issue is not on the surface! I went to another Dr. This one recommended Tazorac, (Some sulphur topical), Benzocline and a 2% glycolic wash. And yes it has started to improve but it has only been a few weeks, and my face is red and peeling. The tazorac seems to feel better while it is on my face, not burning as much as the Retin A.

So do I really have to either have breakouts or peeling skin? If that is the case I might as well give up now. I am 34. Do I have to die with zits! My face has been peeling since the Retin A in December. Still breakouts because I really believe mine is more related to inside then out. Why will the doctor not take more than 5 minutes with me and actually listen to what I have tried, in what order, what has worked some and not and see how to help me.

Really upset these days.

And to top it off my back looks like I have been in a fire. I am not dreading the summer. And the worst part is that I was able to loose the baby fat from my last child so the rest of me looks ok and I was ready.

So I am going to a 3rd Dermo tomorrow. Pulled some strings. In telling her my saga over the phone she has started to think outside of the box. I have some hope?

She asked me about my birth control. She said that they see lots of issues with women who have the ring, implants and the IUCs (or IUDs). So guess what I am using. One of those of course. I will probably have to change BC. She said they see the best results with Yaz or Yazmine (spelling?). They have also seen good results with a certain type of blood pressure medicine! What! Now I am really excited. This is really outside of the box so maybe it will work.

I just want to stop peeling, stop crater face and not be red in the face all the time. Plus it hurts!

I have heard about a new medicine out there that controls oil fabulously. I am trying to find the name. My second Dermoatologist has no idea what it is, guess she is not doing her research.

Hope some of you have found something to work for you!


Missed my last appointment

So I missed my last appointment where I was hoping for a lazer treatment or at least a facial. Both of which have been making a difference. My face has started to break out again somewhat. I am hoping that my routine will get me to the next appointment in a few weeks.


I wish I could stop picking at them. I know that makes it worse.

I will say that it is better than it has been in the past so I know my efforts have made some difference, I just wish I could find something that worked, all the time.


In the beginning

I believe that each person has a different reaction to the many treatments out there and I am just trying to find the best combination that will work for the long term for me. I hope any of my suggestions or ideas might do the same for someone else.

I have tried as many of the acne makeups and they did not work for me. I tried so many antibiotics and most worked for a while. I tried accutane and it worked, for a while (all 3 times).

I began to see a difference after I was given a few gift cards to get facials at the local spa. My skin (after the initial breakout of the crap coming to the surface for the first time) I began to see a change. The problem is that I had to keep that up every month for $70. Not something I could or wanted to do. So I relapsed. This went on for a few years and I began to give up. Everyone knows that feeling.

After my second child I decided, along with the gym, I would finally do something about it. So back to the Spa, or a Skin Rejuvenation place this time. I saw a friend get a ton of success getting rid of sun damage with the light therapy (she did not have acne though) so I wanted to do that and at least get rid of the discoloration. I went in! It was the best thing I have done so far.

Here is what happened:

She gave me a Deep Pore Facial. She then recommended the La Rosche 21 day treatment and a special type of peel after the treatment. I have had many glycolic peels which I think did help some, but this peel was so much better. My skin actually peeled after the treatment - this never happened before with the other peels. Once the skin was done peeling from the treatment it was not dry and the breakouts seemed to be on the mend. I did have to go back 4 more times, but honestly saw a difference and other people commented on it. I will say I still got break outs so I was not done, plus I think I will never get rid of them all together.

I used the routine that the woman recommended (listed in my signature). It seemed to help maintain the low breakouts. Once my skin calmed down I got to try the laser treatment. This was to help with the skin color and scars and some to help the breakouts. Ok, it hurt! But I still believe it is helping. I am hopeful.

Now I know, for my skin, I must exfoliate at least every other day with a cream or mirco-dermabrasion kit. I must use a gentle cleanser and toner every morning and night. I must use an anti acne treatment every night and I must moisturize every day - even though I have oily skin. I find without the moisturizer my skin over compensates and produces even more oil and exfoliates less. Without this my skin feel "thick" and appears dull. The breakouts get worse and the scarring is more visible.

The key to my success today: I believe is the fact that I used a special treatment for about a month to clear my face fast (similar to the way some antibiotics work at first). Once I was clear I started the other routine to keep it that way. It worked pretty well, but worked great in combination with a series of 5 peels at the skin rejuvenation center here. All of this has kept the breakouts in check (as long as I did not skip any days) and actually started to make the scars look better and the skin discoloration to begin to fade. I am not done, but at least feel like there might be light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I had taken before pictures because I actually can see a difference in my pictures these days. I am not satisfied yet, but my skin feels healthier than ever before, not dry at all and I might even begin to feel like leaving the house without makeup, for the first time in my life (or since I was allowed to wear makeup).

None of this is cheap, but the way I feel about myself today and how long I have hated my face, I am willing to try it. Today I feel much better about my self and think I might have found my routine. As always I will reserve the right to call it a success after a few more months and the winter season.

We shall see...

(Sorry this in long, but I have never actually talked about this outside of my own thoughts - Thanks for listening)

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