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the discovery of coconut oil, dose it work

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end of week one

The story so far

I have now been using coconut oil for one week.

I will be honest with you; I was expecting to see more of a result by now.

Again my red marks have faded more. Blackheads are gone from chin and very small ones left on noise. You can hardly seem (them I have got a mirror that magnifies, so you probably can’t see them).

I have a new bump appear between my eye brows at the moment I can just feel it under the surface.

The two bumps that are on my chin are still shrinking and no white head yet.

I read that people had seen a spot decrees in size and almost go over night.

I am afraid to give a reality check, this is not the case.

At the moment my faith is dwindling, but I will be persistent I will last 4 weeks.

I have been good this week and weekend so I don’t expect to see any negative effects from diet in this weeks coming result.

Well time will tell!!


Day Three

So Day three.........

I have found that my skin is getting smoother and softer. and looking more radiant.

My skin doesn’t seem to be producing as much oil, always a good thing. I hate having a shiny forehead.

the few spots that had appeared on my chin and forehead have decreased in their size and in the degree of redness; I can feel that they have dried out as well. I'm so happy to see then starting to go without the nasty white head appearing. I am over the moon about this

I don't think that I have had any new bumps appear. I will keep my fingers crossed.

The red marks that I do have are starting to fade which always makes a difference.

In some cases I think that the red marks are worse then the spot.

Verdict for today, I am still positive about coconut oil and will see what tomorrow brings (hopefully more of the same)


Day Two

This is my first blog ever so bar with me

I have started to use coconut oil on my face will it work? Well that’s what I’m going to find out.

So the story so far I used to use Ketsugo gel on my face but this is no longer seems to be available in the UK any more. A bit annoying!

So I went on to the Web in hunt of something new to try. I hate doing that as if you read enough it all starts to contradict its self. Some people say its works others say it doesn’t. Well I have decided it’s worth a chance and to give it a go you never know it might justy work.

Well I am on day two of trying coconut oil.

The routine that I have been carrying out is the following

Massaging the oil in to the face for 5 mins there abouts.

Putting a steaming face cloth over face until it cools to room temperature

Then massage in to face for a further few mins.

Reapet the last two steps 2-3 times.

I have been doing this in the evenings for two days now.

I’m noticing that I have a few new bumps appearing on my forehead and chin so finger crossed they aren’t going to turn into a full white heads and just disappear.

I expect it’s the coconut oil unclogging my pores and bringing everything to the surface.

I suppose I probable made this process a little worse by celebrating a wedding this weekend, so a little alcohol was consumed during the day.

I have noticed that my black heads have disappeared which is brilliant.

So one step at a time. I’m feeling positive at the moment.

I will keep a post of how I am getting on

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