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Just as my skin was begining to clear up (with my new regimen - benozyl peroxide wash, duac gel and erythromycin tablets), last night i decided to go and stupidly poke and pick at about 7 spots on my face. They werent too bad before i went to sleep, but waking up this morning, every single one of those spots is huge, red, and some have even scabbed. Two on my nose in particular are the worst, and are even hurting when i touch them.

Its so depressing!!!

anyway, ive got 7 days till im back at school (im on half term now) and i desperately want them to be faded/gone.

The main problem is the inflammetry aspect, theyre not even pink, i mean, im talking dark red here folks...

So does anyone know any miracles that can reduce the redness? or at least help in the healing process?

im a boy, so make-up is a no no :pray:

Please Help!?

- Dan

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