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It's been a week since I picked at the zit on my forehead, here onwards we shall call him Jake, and the wound's healed nicely.

I continued with the turmeric-honey-cinnamon mask for 3 days total and started applying BP on Jake by the 3rd day. 4th day saw the Jake wound dry up, and make-up application was better.

Overall, the natural mask might have helped lessen wound infection, though I really cannot tell, as I think my Jakes take the same time to heal. But what I did notice was it helped improve my skin texture, you can definitely feel it after washing the mask off, so all good.


Stubborn person that I am, I picked on my skin. There was no inflammation -- I just had seen a whitehead that I 'know' I could remove and help me get clear skin---WRONG!!! How many times do I have to tell myself to NOT TOUCH MY FACE? Apparently a lot--but I will keep telling myself this until I have it ingrained in me.

So that was 2 days back, next day, slight inflammation that didn't go full-blown, I had rushed to put BP, then jojoba and prayed like anything. I poked at it last night, and you guessed right, it wasn't yet flat.

So today was no good for me, was late and had a burgeoning zit on my forehead (YES, I PICKED AT MY FOREHEAD, DEAD EFFING CENTER--you want a bullseye, have a whack at it). Go straight home, sigh.

So I press at it again, to get the pus out, you understand, and proceeded to get an open wound. Talk about panic - I wanted to dry it out, flatten it out, but how? I put on BP and jojoba oil before dinner, all the while thinking, shayt, didn't work last night what makes me think it will work tonight? What to do? Got an idea...

TURMERIC, HONEY and CINNAMON. All have anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties and turmeric is also purported to help lighten scars. So I whip up a mixture of all three to make a paste. I was just going to put it on my zit, but I had made more than enough for one spot, so figured, why not put everything on my face? I do that and got another brainwave, why not put cling wrap to make some sort of mask? I put the wrap and cut out holes for my nose, mouth and eyes and took a nap - feeling a bit poorly, I get that way during my period.

After 2 hours, I wake up and wash it off my face. Swelling's gone down, skin's dried a bit to close and I only have a bit of yellow stain. So what to do about the regimen? Should I still do it tonight, but I might induce peeling and open the wound again. So I put only a bit of BP, avoiding the zit. Then apply jojoba oil straight to my face. Then (yes then) I open an evening primrose capsule and spread it all over my face. And lastly I apply Cetaphil, and no I don't think I have too much moisturizer on, you can never have enough, and at least it's nighttime anyways.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Wound completely flattened and on it's way to healing. Let's see.


Makeup and Me

I've never gone out without putting makeup on--EVER. Difficult to believe, I know, but that is just one of the effects of acne on me.

My barometer of having clear skin is when I no longer have to wear makeup. Now that is one glorious day and I am looking forward to it!

I have used a lot of make-up brands:


Max Factor






Merle Norman


Bobbi Brown



God help me, but I cannot seem to stop picking at my face.

I have three new marks, one on my forehead, two on my right cheek, all because I couldn't stop myself, arrgghh.

I hate having bumps, that's why I pick, hopeless...


I will do it this time.


I've changed my cleanser and moisturizer since my last post.


Wash with Cetaphil

Treat with Benzac AC 2.5%

Moisturize and protect with Derma Ceutic K Ceutic cream with SPF 40


Wash with Cetaphil

Treat with Benzac AC 2.5%

Mosturize with Jojoba oil, Cetaphil moisturiser and sometimes I even break open an Evening Primrose gel capsule

I started this beginning of May and this is definitely better. I saw the skin clearing process was faster. It is very true that you shouldn't need / want to dry your skin more by using soaps to cleanse. The BP will do that and you shouldn't add to it as it will irritate your skin. Again, stubborn me had to learn it the hard way.


Week 1

Starting the Regimen, I no longer had angry acne like before. BUT I do still have stubborn pimples now and again, and my face has dark marks from previous spots. And I am a chronic pricker *sigh*

I started with a lot of BP my first day -- I figured that my skin was used to BP and every other product out there that it won't be a problem. Thank God, it was true.

I saw an immediate effect on raised bumps all over my face. They have settled down a bit after the first application. Skin stung a bit, especially around the sides of the nose, but otherwise, doable. Some scars have lightened during the week. I must say that my skin is responding beautifully.

The regimen did dry my skin some, but nothing too drastic and nothing I can't handle with make-up. Active pimples did not become full-blown ones. The 1 or 2 I had were due to my pricking. Wrong, I know, but I couldn't seem to help it.

I am happy with my progress. Make-up time is less--but I can't wait until I no longer need to hide anything.

Luck to all!


What I'm using


Kojic soap

Benzac AC 2.5% BP

K Ceutic Repairing Cream with Vit K and SPF 40


Kojic soap

Benzac AC 2.5% BP

Olay Classic Beauty Fluid

Tisserand Jojoba Oil

I am mostly using what I already have in my cabinet. I will need to replenish my supplies soon but I need to figure out what to buy that won't be as expensive but as effective. I'd like to buy Dan's stuff but I don't know if they'll ship here.


My history

I started to break out when I was 18.

I have always had oily skin, and I would get 1 or 2 pimples once a month. It didn't bother me much. Then I discovered make-up, I had learned to use concealer on the dark marks from my pimples. The problem was I didn't learn to clean my face each night, sometimes I missed off entirely.

I broke out fabulously--really red, angry, cystic acne all over my face. My whole face hurt so much all the time, and no amount of make-up could hide the redness. I have all types of scars, physical and emotional. My self-confidence seriously took a beating--something I am only getting back one day at a time. I can feel for everyone who's suffered and continues to suffer because of acne.

I have used a lot of products, I have gone to dermatologists, everything. I have used Proactiv, I have had cortisone shots (I am afraid of needles--but I withstood it as desperate as I was), Retin - A, Clearasil, St Ives blemish scrubs, Roaccutane, hydrogen peroxide, magic creams, lactic acid, etc.

Some worked, temporarily, but not completely. My skin would usually respond first few days, and then poof--nothing.

I have read Dan's regimen before -- but I haven't really followed it to the letter. I'd put the BP but not moisturize (!!!), I figured, why add oil when the purpose is to dry the pimples, yeah? So I irritated my face, stopped the treatment and tried to chase another rainbow.

But I am starting over, what else have I got to lose?

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