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I have been struggling with moderate acne mainly around my cheek area for 2 years now and it really makes me sad whenever i look in the mirror :shhh:


recently my acne has improved after my last trip to the derm!! So I want to share with you guys things that are working for me, on the road to becoming acne free!

1). Because my cheek areas were really red, my derm said to stop all of my salicylic acid products and use a just PURPOSE cleanser and Hydrocortisone cream to take down the redness and inflammation.


I looked it up online and hydrocortisone cream is an anti-itch cream so that made me really confused.

But, I have to say though, that it is working. I have my follow up appointment with the derm in 3 weeks so Ill see how it goes up until then...

But I love the Purpose cleanser! It's so mild and gentle but effective! I feel like everyone should have this as a staple in their medicine cabinet.

Sometimes a simpler routine is better instead of 5 steps every morning and night.

2). Fish oil! I take 4 pills a day now and I think that they a huge reason why I have only gotten 2 small pimples on my cheek area this whole week compared to the numerous bigger red ones!

Everyone should try this!http://www.acne.org/messageboard/style_emoticons/default/eusa_dance.gif

I use the kirkland brand from costco and they work well.

3). Down pillows and pillow cases.

After researching online, I found that down pillows decreases the amount of perspiration you make while sleeping, therefore, less oil, and less breakouts! Also I HIGHLY recommend you change you pillowcase every 3-4 days because then your not smothering you face in old oil from your hair!

4). Get outside and swim in the ocean or in a pool.

Both help dried up my acne and was a good way to get exercise!

I hope that helped some people and good luck!

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