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So, bad news I would say but after about 6 months off accutane I started to break out once again -_-, at first it was very very mild maybe one or two small bumps, then as the time progressed it started to turn into a few bumps and then as more time progressed a few bumps with pimples. So now it is at the point where it was enough to sort of bother me and for me to actually notice. It is not at all bad and even debatable if it falls into the "moderate" category but it's still acne. So I ordered Dan's Regimen and I will be starting a new blog titled REGIMEN.

I was thinking "what if I took a second course" But there is NO way I will ever put myself through that emotional, physical torture ever again. I literally remember that period of my life being torturous, dry, and painful. And 6 months can really change a person and I am not willing to that again...


Pictures of me

When I was struggling through accutane, I always was curious as to whose blog I was actually reading.. what they looked like, and how they healed after the process.

I don't have any pictures of when I was breaking out on accutane.. Sorry I was a chicken :/

But here are pictures of me now and to anyone who followed my blog and is curious as to who I really am.

Just me






Not much but yeah enjoy!

and don't be afraid to ask any question, I'm happy to help!!


another update

Hey guys, so I've been eating healthier and I went back to my Cetaphil gentle cleanser and honestly that was the trick! My skin is fine, but I wouldn't say flawless, but it is good enough for me! Like I'll get a small bump or two but nothing crazy like before. I don't know why but Cetaphil seems to be the product that works the BEST for me.. not even acne products with salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide works as well as my cetaphil haha

I guess the natural approach is actually better, the less harsh chemicals the better? who knows.. my new skin care regimen after accutane is a healthy diet, LOT OF WATER, running, Cetaphil, and lots of laughs.

And for those emotionally struggling: I feel your pain, but honestly almost everyone goes through it and it will eventually heal through time. There are a plenty more ways to shine as a person.. beauty is skin deep, so try working on your character, your morals/ethics, and other things that really matter. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that by generally improving and bettering yourself in general will be a far greater satisfaction than merely healing your skin and who knows maybe your skin will heal through this process as well!

Good luck!


2-3 months off

hey guys, everything is back to normal oil levels, my back doesnt ache, and my skin isn't so sensitive, but i have been recently getting a mini breakout... i don't know if it is temporary but it has been a little aggravating i'll let you guys know if it goes away with some healthy diet/exercise/and drug store face wash.. :)


3 weeks off accutane

Im completely clear, my skin tone improves everyday. no scars no nothing , my oil is back my face is normal oily now. Everything is going back to normal gradually my back is still sort of sensitive from the medicine but i am so happy i dont break out anymore its a miracle.

It seriously took the entire 6 months for me to clear up .. wow i lost hope so many times but its worth it just BE PATIENT


Day 197 DONE!

So i've been done for like 1 week and a half or so and im doing great i cleared up more when i got off so my face is totally clear people always say i have cleared amazingly!

So i definitely think it was worth the pain BUT i wouldnt do it again haha. It was an experience that taught me A LOT about patience.

ANY QUESTIONS IM HERE! just comment and ill let you know the buusiness haha

but i can finally just wake up and not worry about covering up my spots and just be FREE!


Day 146

Still improving. I get a random bump or two here and there on my cheeks of course, but my tzone is clear. I really want a facial extraction to just get all the small little bumps over with, but I think my skin is too sensitive right now.

I started practice last week for cross country and I've noticed I SWEAT EXCESSIVELY now. It's ridiculous.. I have no idea if it's linked to accutane or if it's because I haven't ran this hard. Hopefully the exercise contributes to my improvement.

I am dealing with the side effects way better now that I am a pro accutane expert haha. Before when I was on 60mg, I was a mess. My skin would flake, my lips would chap and tear, my joints/back were aching, and etc. But now my body is adapting and I am used to it. I am really good about moisturizing about three times a day, applying chap stick religiously, and drinking lots of water.

Hopefully next time I update I'll be done with the bumps!


Day 142

Every day is like another shock. I'm improving so much my complexion is so smooth. I want to point out though that the small little remaining bumps are pushing out randomly now and I'm glad. They don't even really bother me because it's like one or two here and there. But finally my forehead is clear, my chin is clear, my nose, and almost my cheeks (they are still pushing the last few). I think I can guarantee that i will be completely clear by the end of this month.

I can't believe it's working, like finally. Like starting last week, I would every day like with very noticeable changes.

All it takes is a lot of hope and faith


Day 141

I might consider stopping soon because my brother took accutane last year and he is experienced bowel problems now. He advised me to stop because he is experiencing the long term issues as the commercials are stating. Lawsuits against the manufacturers of Roaccutane/Accutane are going crazy right now and I'm actually worried. I am nearing the end of my treatment in one and half more months though... hmm what to do. This sucks lol.

I'll talk to my doctor and see what to do because I don't want any permanent damage from an acne prescription FOR NOBOODDYY haha.

but my skin is clearing A LOT. only small little bumps and overall healing good complexion


Day 138

doing good no cysts at all, some small little bumps but overall good. Red marks are going away :).

I'm dry. lol like only my face nowhere else which is odd because when i was 60 before I was dry almost everywhere, but this is good. I exfoliate almost everyday and it helps a lot with the dryness. my lips are manageable and my back is a little more sensitive again. But that's basically it. oh i feel a little more dehydrated but a glass or two every so often solves that

but yeah my face is doing pretty well right now just waiting for my red marks to fade and the small little bumps to go away but no cysts or even pimples right now.


Day 134

General improvement. I upped my dosage to 60 mg again. Drier and its working way better. I still get a pimple or two but overall pretty clear just a few red marks. It's improvement everyday now finally.

My complexion is looking really good actually. I really think I'll be well off in the middle of this month because I have been improving a lot. Finally its doinnng work!


Day 123

You know when you can distinguish when a person has acne or "just pimples." Like a kid with a bumpy complexion in contrast to a kid with a nice complexion but occasional scattered pimples here and there. Well I feel like I'm nearing this stage haha. Like my forehead, tzone, and chin is clear but some scattered pimples on my cheeks. My red marks are going away as well. So I just have a couple more bumps to deal with :).

I think.. I THINK, that some of you are thinking wtf how come she's still not getting clear results at DAY 123! Well my personal HONEST opinion is because I had the moderate acne to begin with. Does this type of acne sound familiar. The small bumps all over your cheeks and forehead with a mix of pimples and rare cysts once in awhile? I'm talking about the small bumps that are not inflamed but just like color of your skin tone but just a little microscopic bump but tens of them scattered over your cheeks and forehead. Yeah well I had the moderate but persistent acne. THE MAIN THING I HATED about my acne was the small bumps everywhere that never went away! It just made my complexion look gross. So in hopes to clear this all up I went on accutane. Sure enough every little bumps inflamed lol. So the moral of the story is that the people who already have the cystic severe inflamed acne will heal faster since they are already broken out! But the people like me we still need to push out we have the stubborn little bumps that are just stuck chillin in our pores so this is why we seem to get "worse." just my theory...Patience is key!

If anyone has questions regarding my course, accutane, me LOL, or anything just comment! I don't mind at all :(


Day 122

So my target areas are only my cheeks now which can be viewed as either good or bad news. I'll say good :). This is my outlook.. I've always had like tiny microscopic bumps scattered in this region and didn't have the smooth complexion like that of the complexion on your arm or leg. So after this region surfaces out all the impurities it may even clear up my complexion like my forehead. I am excited and I think my cheeks will be the trouble spot for about 2-3 more weeks.

When I say that you surface out every little bump, I literally mean it. Every little bump, every little clogged pore seriously surfaced out. I am kind of glad it was a "dispersed" breakout. What I mean by this is my face seemed to break out in different periods. Like at first it was my forehead, then a month later the sides of my chin and sides of my cheeks, then my cheeks now. Like I mean if I had this whole break out at once it would have been faster and I would probably be clearer now, but I would have probably sunk into social retardation. Lol no joke I am glad my face surfaced out in different times and different "sections" otherwise it could've been pretty brutal. So I guess accutane is working in it's own organized process.

So for some advice:

Once you're about 4 months into the process, I suggest you become VERY cautious with picking your skin, touching your skin, and popping anything. I didn't believe it would change my skin so much either until I picked or something. My skin just tore and everything looked worse. So make sure you are super gentle with your skin, and start using sunblock when you're doing any outdoor activities.

Stress is a big one. Have fun and don't let anyone bring you down. Try running everyday or every other day, hang out with your friends, and talk to your family a lot. The more support and happiness the better! :(

Water! If I don't drink enough water, I get migraines, headaches, and my chest feels really dehydrated. Make sure you you hydrate yourself.

Don't get obsessed with the mirror. Stop looking at all your flawed marks. Don't stare at each individual pimple all day and all your red marks/scars. It'll go away eventually! You are essentially just wasting your time and frustrating yourself. It is what it is. You might even damage your skin more when your in your bathroom longer... for example, you feel the need to squeeze, pop, and pick irritating your skin into an inflamed, red mess. Try to keep yourself occupied and take your mind off of acne. Remember it will heal eventually.

For the girls. Make up doesn't hurt! Wear your make up when you go out. I know I feel way more confident with it on and better so why not. As long as you wash it off thoroughly and use oil-free foundation, it is totally fine. Some times I even feel like my make up improves my skin tone and complexity.



Day 118

I'm about half way into my 4th month as of right now and things are slowly getting better. One thing worth mentioning is the dramatic change your skin takes as in the thinning and healing. Before I would heal from red marks quite quickly, maybe 3 days.. but now it take a little longer and my skin heals differently. My skin all over is generally thinner and more fragile. I used to never get sunburns, but now if I'm not very cautious, I do.

But with the whole acne issue, I no longer get huge cysts FINALLY. My forehead is 100% clear with an amazing complexion. My cheeks are healing, but I have a couple of red marks and small bumps here and there. The horrible breakout scene is clearing up significantly now but it's such a gradual process, I forgot I was improving.

One thing with accutane is that you must me patient. It seems like it's going nowhere half the time, and just making things worse and making you doubt yourself, but with patience and hope it'll work out in the end. Although I'm not all the way clear, I still believe it'll work because I'm slowly but surely improving.

Another thing I've realized is too not stress out about it. Like whatever is happening will happen. There's not really a way for you to prevent the inevitable initial breakouts and the roller-coaster rides. You just have to go along with everything and accept everything without shame or regret. Make the best out of your situation. Beauty is ONLY skin deep. Everything else counts too: your personality, character, charisma, charm, etc. So for the people who want to burrow in their room for 6 months... you will lose yourself and forget the spontaneous, chill person you used to be. I know I did. During month 3, I seriously was depressed and unhappy, and then I made sure I hung out with my friends EVERYDAY or did something EVERYDAY. My stress went away and slowly started to heal again. I call it my "dark days" haha it was pretty bad.

So keep exercising and doing whatever you want. Get your nails done, go swimming, dye your hair, thread your eyebrows, hang out with all your friends, go on dates. Don't let this temporary skin problem control your life. :)

BTW DID ANYONE WATCH INCEPTION? let me know if i should go watch it haha


Day 116

Bleh Vegas weather sucks and is drying out my skin again. When I was in Cali, my skin was like perfectly not dry! haha and my lips were never chapped I put on chapstick like twice a day. Ehm I've been SUPER stressed out lately and I randomly got some bumps here and there. It's whatever though because I'm happy again and I'm going to forget about it :pray:.


Day 115

So same old same old, i have quite a few fading red marks but it's whatever. I'm just going to have lots of fun, hang out with my friends, and occupy myself. Being stress free will be a lot better for me.

So I'm going to STOP touching my face. Now that my skin is so thinned out, a tiny itch could break the surface of my skin. Going to take precaution and I might go out and buy some neosporin to help the healing red marks and scabs. Anyone recommend this?

Soo yeah hopefully by the end of this month I will be done pushing out. Gonna keep my fingers crossed and keep hoping.


Day 114

Been a week or two sorry! was in Newport :] beautiful weather!! beautiful people!!

Anyways my face has healed tremendously :] my forehead is about 100% clear, the sides of my cheeks are still going through a minor break out and the sides of my chin is getting there like 90% clear :].

my nose got really sunburnt lol, so make sure you use sunscreen! but other than my nose my body was totally fine I got SOO tan. I was at the beach everyday literally.

The only reason I got a little breakout towards the end of the trip was because I got my period thats what i'm guessing but my face is definitely healing and much better. I'm very impressed with my forehead and just waiting for my cheeks to heal like that which will be so amazing. Totally regaining my faith.


Day 104


Less breakouts BUT I have red patches from where my skin had blemishes... I'M GOING ON A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA ON FRIDAY WITH MY BOYFRIEND'S FAMILY .. and I am nervous!

ANY GOOD TIPS TO DECREASE RED MARKS? lol I'm just nervous when they see me without makeup and stuff like that I know it's stupid but just like any person with acne we are anxious about people seeing our cute little blemishes and redmarks haha.. SO PLEASE RESPOND!

But honestly I've been breaking out way less. :surprised: but no one would notice because of the red marks which is killing me .. slowly


Day 100

So, I REALLY hate posting bad news about the current conditions of my face because I feel like it discourages people that I'm still facing adversities late in the process, but I am. :pray: I'm trying to be optimistic but this breakout is almost never ending. I honestly don't know if I'm going to really clear up by month 5 or even by month 6. Things are not going as I envisioned 4 months ago. I thought that by this time I would be healing everyday and my skin would be of perfect complexion, but obviously it is not.

I don't know what to think of it. I try to think of it as every little clogged pore just coming up to the surface. Like someone said breakouts mean something is working and your body is slowly changing and adjusting.

Side effects I've noticed: My skin has thinned out a lot, for example when I itch my face, it stings like I scratched it too hard. I get cuts and scrapes way easily. Uhmm, dry lips but not really bad and that's it.

Yeah it's a roller coaster ride, one day I feel like things are getting smoother and better, next day i'm breaking out again. I don't know anymore


Day 96

So stillllllllllllllllllllll breaking out lol nothing to significant but I've noticed my forehead is super clear lol like it's really weird because i would have little bumps here and there normally but now its soo smooth so somethings working! my tzone is also perfectly smooth and clear complexion its just the sides of my cheeks that are being the buzz kills haha, but it's ok because my derm told yesterday that this is probably the last month I will break out and month 5 will be the dramatic clearing :pray: so yeah they also told me some people just break out later in the process and it's totally normal ...

Why couldn't i have just broke out the first two months.. oh well lol but The breakouts now is not as painful as before and it's just the aesthetic issue I have problems with now haha but I'm starting my 4th month in two more days so yeah hopefully stuff starts to get better.

Oh and I'm going to be on 40 mg for my fourth month too since the side effects are way more manageable :surprised:

Uhm that's about it and I tend to sweat more easily and get really hot sometimes it's really irritating.

But other than the acne issue, life's pretty good: work is fine, studying for my sat/act is going pretty good, loving my boyfriend, and just enjoying everything and being optimistic :cry:


Day 93

So here's the deal, I'm still breaking out, BUTTT considerably less. Like I would have a battlefield on my face a couple of weeks ago with immense pain, but now it's like way less just the annoying aesthetic related breakout that's bothering me not so much actual pain. All my HUGE nodules are inactive, but just the small teeny bumps left to go and the red marks from my past crazy continuous breakout I had. I would say I'm improving, but it's hard to tell because of the marks they left. Whatever! 4th month starts in like 5 more days for me so I'm sure I'll improve a lot in that month.

Another thing is I'm debating on whether I should stay at 40 mg or bump up to 60 mg, I know it's based on my doctor's recommendation, but I'm scared to bump up because I HATE THE SIDE EFFECTS. Then I want to bump up because I don't want to relapse and I want the process to speed up. I'll probably bump up though ehh.

Side effects: My nostrils are a little more dry, but not bad at all. Skin is a little more dry and lips are chapped. Nothing else, and my blood test was done yesterday and everything is still normal and fine :pray:.



Day 90

Still breaking out but less haha, still pushing out the nasty stuff. Month 4 is in about one more week so hopefully I'll see more change. I don't know about other people, but for me accutane is a pain in the ass. I can't believe I broke out for about a month straight lol.

So the sides of my chin and lower jawline is breaking out less while the sides of my cheeks just started breaking out like last week into this week. My forehead is getting wayy better, its pretty clear with one or two bumps. My tzone is like crystal clear smooth. It's so weird like parts of my face are clear and smooth with a great complexion and then the other parts are like bumpy and breaking out. Whatever I still have 3 months to clear up so I still have my hope :pray:.

I've been still drinking lots of water, exercising, but I need to catch up on some sleep so I'm gonna take a nap today :surprised:

Oh and the other night I was watching tv and i flipped to MTV's True life and it was I Have Acne. I was so surprised, but my luck goes out to all the three teens that suffered from acne. One went on accutane and two tried laser treatments.. looked extremely painful.

Anyways I'll try to update more often, I just get busy and lazy sorry! Keep checking because I know it'll start working soon :cry:


Day 88

So as I said before I'm gradually improving, my breakouts are slowly declining and giving my skin time to heal. Hopefully this is it and I'll continue to improve from here on out.

Today I really felt excited and my hope came back. My face is actually getting better. I mean it is still a mess, but I can see and feel the difference.

So I never lost hope, even when I reached my lowest points..but I don't want to jinx myself anymore.

I think work, exercising, hanging out with my boyfriend/friends, going out more has all been significantly helping with the process. It makes time fly by, decrease my stress levels, and evoke all the happiness in me so therefore less breakouts :pray:.

Still drinking lots of water and lately I've been running again after my like one month off season break from track season. Honestly it has been hard getting back in shape but one more week of running and core workouts should do it. I've been running 3 miles everyday with intervals of p90x (ab ripper x) every other day.

WELL ANYWAYS haha hopefully more improvement throughout this week :surprised:

Oh I went swimming yesterday and my neck has been itchy.. weird but yeah that and chapped lips are basically all the side effects


Day 86

I think I'm slowly improving daily, it's a gradual process. Same old breakout though.

So my lips are dry and whatever, but it stresses me out whenever my boyfriend tells me to stop applying chap stick on. He doesn't understand that after just like 20 minutes it will dry out, chap, and crack. Like I've been on accutane for 3 months now and he thinks my lips, skin, and everything is normal. It's so annoying.

Other than that, no other symptoms except when I get ticked off, I get really upset and stressed out.

Hopefully I'll clear up soon! :pray:


Day 85

Recovering from the cheek break out ...I'm so over the whole break out process like I don't even care now lol I'm at the point where I'm not really stressing over it, but I'm still staying optimistic.

Dry lips, skin on my face is a little flaky lately

Basically still breaking out, it has been about 3 months and 3 weeks ish, but I am hoping month 4 is the clear up month. AND the thing is I broke out near the end of month 2, so I got my horrible IB a little later than most people and I'm hoping it lasts only a month because this is just brutal to the point where I'm indifferent now. Whatever I STILL GOT HOPE!! haha I believe in these magical pills like I believed the Lakers were going to catch up to Boston's 13 point lead... just takes time and patience :pray:

Exhausted from life skills class I had today GONNA NAP hopefully my skin revitalizes during it lol

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