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Howdy and a brief intro

Howdy all! New to acne.org and I just wanted to say a bit about myself and what I'm doing here.

Moi: 29, geek by profession and a mix of slacker, prep and hippy by night. I'm a friendly dude and spend free time with friends and diversions. I enjoy the wacky and random acts of strangeness. Looks wise I'm a bit of a typical white boy and I've had bad skin and acne since I was 15. Suprisingly my pretty damn bad skin in my younger years did not prevent me much from having girlfriends, friends etc.

Here: I ordered the DK BP and after 3 weeks of semi-inconsistent use I am impressed! While my skin has gotten better over the last 5 years I still have small whiteheads, sometimes larger ones and occasionally they do get inflamed. Red spots linger as well. What I have noticed with the BP is that the small whiteheads have definitely decreased around my nose and chin. Before I had NOT been using any BP products.

I am looking forward to ramping up to a full dose and reporting my results. I'm also glad to have found what seems to be a great and economical BP product along with a community with active discussions and the sharing of ideas.



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