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In the past couple of weeks my skin has cleared up dramatically! No more awful jawline spots & no more acne coming up on top of existing acne which I had such a hard time dealing with before! I am still breaking out to a certain extent but it is more like 1 - 3 isolated spots a week :| I am on 50 mg of Spiro & am seeing my derm on Tuesday so I am going to ask to be upped to 75 mg & see if that blasts away the isolated spots I am getting!

I don't have any other SE's that other ppl have reported - no thirst, weight loss, less hair etc. My breasts got very big in the first month but seem to have settled back to their usual size.

It was interesting - I had an appointment for my annual medical with my nurse practitioner. She balked at the idea of me taking Spiro. She said it would make me grow hair in places I didn't want to grow hair. I mentioned something to her about Potassium & she said as it was potassium sparing I didn't have to worry about my K intake! I told her I had done a lot of research into Spiro & I didn't believe either of these to be the case. She immediately backed down & didn't question my decision any further but it kind of showed me how little she knew about this drug.

So all in all I am pretty amazed by how quickly it has taken effect - I was expecting months!

My confidence has improved & I don't think it is a coincidence that my sales at work have improved after months of very little when my acne was at its worst!

Anyway I will keep posting - there is still a lot of room for improvement as my scarring is pretty bad so need to see if there is anything I can do to help that!


One month on the Spiro today................

My acne is slightly better than it was! I am still breaking out but not with the same frequency that I was before. The breakouts don't seem to last as long either or maybe I am just getting a break between breakouts which didn't happen before! However, not meaning to sound pessimistic but my skin is still horrible & I have so much deep scarring! Even so, I continue to remain very optimistic, & maybe this will be a great month on Spiro - :shhh: . I go back to see my derm at the end of May & I am going to ask him for a higher dosage so maybe that will help.

Otherwise, I am feeling good. I tend to get very tired in the afternoon & especially if I have not drank as much water as I should. Boobs stayed bigger & can feel very tender but I am kind of used to them now so they are not bothering me as much as they did!

One of the nicer side effects that other ladies report & that I was looking forward to - the slowing down of body hair growth - has not happened to me. On the contrary, I am shaving my legs almost every day & even the lady who waxes my eyebrows commented yesterday that they had really grown since our last appointment! Maybe a higher dosage would sort that out!

So until next time..........


Yucky SE's

So now I am definitely breaking out! Large spots on my forehead, where I never get them as all my breakouts are concentrated to the lower part of my face, jawline & neck!

My boobs are like melons & I hate them - this is the worst SE for me so far.

I don't feel as tired as last week & nor have experienced any major thirst but for the most part I think I am pretty well hydrated!

I am also PMS-ing - could explain the swollen chest too!


So I know I posted yesterday & don't have all that much new stuff to report but felt I should mark my 1st full week on Spiro with a blog entry :shhh:

SE's to date:

-Extreme tiredness in the late afternoon. Havne't been that affected in the am, but it was very difficult to get out of the bed this morning - took me 40 mins.

-Peeing a lot. Not too bothered by this. I tend to drink a lot of water anyhow so am used to going a lot!

-Boobs are swollen & sore. Feel very full & tender just like they do prior to a period & again I really only notice this in the evening. Not too thrilled with this SE - I have a small frame & I am pretty athletic so feel that bigger boobs don't fit who I am! Oh well!

-Little bit of cramping/muscle spasm in calves. I run a lot & my calves are always tight so kind of used to sensations there.

Hows my skin?

So I wouldn't expect Spiro to work all that quickly, given what I have read on the message boards its sounds like most people's didn't kick in until a few months in. My derm is giving it 2 months to work before he puts me on Accuntane.

But suprisingly my skin is not too awful this week, for the first week in 3-4 months. I mean by normal skin standards, its terrible but for me its not too bad. By that I mean no monster breakouts (I have been breaking out every day). I have no new spots on my jawline which is amazing.

So I don't want to jinx myself by saying its working after such a short time (& yes a huge IB is probably on the way I know) but my skin this week has been better than what it has been in months.

Remaining cautious but very optimistic!


Total Exhaustion!

Its Day 6. No sign of an inital breakout...... yet! Skin is actually the best it has been in about 3-4 months. I mean I am still getting pimples but not the everyday bad breakouts that had become routine. So thats pretty good!

Today I definitely noticed pee-ing more - in fact felt like I was in the bathroom every 30 mins! And another SE I am not too crazy about - I am EXHAUSTED! Total debilitating fatigue has set in late afternoon for the past 3 days. I haven't felt this tired since the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Trying to figure out if I should just fight it & go to yoga this evening but the temptation to give into to vegging on the couch instead maybe too much! I am also feeling a 'can't be bothered about anything (esp if it involves moving)' attitude which I think maybe another SE. At least I am only getting this way from about 3-4pm onwards. My mornings & days are as productive as ever.

But hopefully the tiredness & blahness will pass soon!


Day 3

Well no change really! DH says I am being inpatient & nothing would happen this soon! I guess he is right - I am kind of impatient & just anxious to see any kind of SE even a bad one like the dreaded IB or the tiredness, thirst, basically anything to reassure me that this is not some kind of sugar pill I am taking! I'm sure it will kick in soon enough!

One thing I did experience was breast tenderness last night. I hope that is not a sign. Of all the SEs I could get I want nothing to do with boobs LOL! I used to be a lot bigger which I hated but after nursing my son for ever my boobs totally shrunk down to a more manageable size. It would figure that mine will probably get huge on Spiro! But if thats the price for clear lovely skin, well then.................

Hopefully I will have more to report next time!


Getting started!

OK so first day on Spiro! I took 25mg this morning & just took my 2nd 25mg a few minutes ago!

Making sure to remember to keep chugging down my water! This could be a struggle as I tend to go through phases of not drinking much water. Need to keep reminding myself!

So all-in-all I am feeling very positive about starting these meds. I am hoping so much that these work but at the same time trying not to get too excited or expecting too much! I have been down this road many, many times (as all of us here have too!) & then just end up so sad when I don't see results! But at the same time I must stay positive & just be happy that I am being pro-active in sorting this face out!

Well here's hoping ........................


I am going to start taking it tomorrow!

In the meantime some background info about me & my struggles with adult acne!

I am 37 years old & have been battling acne for over 15 years. Aside from a few teenage spots that we all get, my first major breakout was in my early 20's. Since then I have taken BC, several antibiotics, Differin, Retin-A & RA Micro, Clindamycin, sulphur treatments, Glycolic & other chemical peels & I am sure a few other things that I can't remember. But basically I have been there done that with the topical gels, antibiotics facials & other surface treatments!

Some worked, some didn't & eventually the ones that worked stopped & I was back to worse skin than ever :shhh: A combo of Differin & Climdamycin worked great for a long time, about 3 years, but stopped working about 6 months ago & I have gradually descended into acne hell this past 6 months.

Back in January my new derm would not entertain any idea of Accutane & instead sent me home with a script for Differin (I told him it didn't work anymore!) & Doxcycline. I have taken this for the past 11 weeks with no results. My skin now breaks out every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. It is mostly on my cheeks & jawline & sometimes under my chin & down on my neck which I especially hate! I have been very down over my acne & extremely angry with the derm for not listening to me & prescribing me something stronger!

I had an appointment with him today & I had psyched myself up to do battle with him. Thankfully that didn't happen. He took one look at my face & said I needed Accutane & he was happy to give it to me. Phew!

I had been reseaching Spironolactone for a few weeks & it sounded like it would really suit me (along with the acne I have greasy skin & hair, & light colored facial hair so definitely hormonal issues going on)! I asked the doc if he would give me that instead. He was reluctant at first but eventually gave in when I agreed to try Accutane if the Spiro does not work!

I am starting on 50mg per day. As I mentioned earlier tomorrow is my start day & I can't wait to get going.

I am very happy this site is here & maybe this Blog will help someone else if they are interested in Spiro & help me track my progress, side effects & other things I may notice as I take this journey! Definitely optimistic & as much as I am not crazy about serious medication at this moment I am resigned to it as a better alternative than miserable, depressing acne!

Will check in Day 1 tomorrow :shhh:

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