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day 16

Still got spots but my skin has gone really clear before it was really blotchy with red marks but i can see the pores have closed up alot! dont think i would have the new spots that have arrived if it wasent for leaving my foundation on saturday night when i had been out but didnt want to take it off because i was staying out didnt want to have no makeup on in front of my new boyfriend :shhh: lol am regretting it now tho hopefully these will be the last spots never leaving makeup on again x


Accutane day 11

Hiiyya im 20 year old and have suffered from spots since i was about 13 ive tried sooo many different things and none have really worked so accutane is my last hope really hope it works soo much i will be really really happy to not have to wear foundation all the time especially in the summer and not feel self concious all the time! I am on day 11 on 40mg 1 day then 20mg the next and am still getting spots at the min :shhh: i know its not an overnight thing but really hope it gets better soon so far ive got really dry lips and skin but its a small price to pay im using e45 and lots of lipgloss/lipsyl :shhh: lol at the moment it looks worse tho because the conceler sticks to the dry skin and it looks horrible but no way am i going out without it lol xx

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