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Day 20 on Accutane

My face is rapidly clearing up. Everything is going away, and strangely enough, my blackheads are, too. It's like their getting pushed through my skin. The redness has faded, and my skin isn't horribly dry as it was a few days ago. I've stopped using moisturizer. Regardless, I still use up chap stick like air. My back can get really, really sore if I'm lifting something heavy, but that's really it.

My mood has been a bit less than cheery, but I'm still smiling. I can get easily annoyed with people, which really isn't me.



Woohoo. I've officially broke into my new box of Accutane, and things are going very.. Dry. My cheeks, forehead, and generally my whole face (lips included) have been peeling like crazy. My lip balm has become my best friend.. Along with my facial moisturizer. But to be honest, it's nice not to wake up with a really, really oily face. My acne is actually clearing up, too. My cysts are really going down.

But, as any change in my life, there comes a consequence: Developing a skin care routine.

Before hand, it was "wash my face and head out the door". Not it's:

1) Wash my face with "Pure". It's the only thing gentle enough that won't give my a chemical burn.

2) Wash my face with Noxzema. It's moisturizing, with a nice tingle to it.

3) Put Pond's Face Cream on. The only problem with that is it only lasts for up to four hours..

4) Apply Burt's Bees lip balm. What can I say? I'm addicted!

Anyways, my morning routine takes a few minutes longer that normal. Hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end. :shhh:


My story is very typical: A 16 year old teenager, with bad acne. But the one thing that sets me apart from the rest? I have resistant cystic acne, in a moderate case. If you don't know what that means, it's simply an eight dollar way of saying that I have cysts growing on my face that just WON'T GO AWAY. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, about 3 months ago, my dermatologist decided to get me started on Accutane, a powerful Acne drug that's suppose to work about 90% of the time. My reaction, "This HAS to be a god send!" But that was three months ago. Three months of that stupid iPledge system, blood tests, and more acne breakouts. By March 7th, I was ready to start Accutane. I was so, very, very excited! Finally, my acne will be GONE! Sadly, I missed the window of time for my prescription (something about blood tests), and have to get ANOTHER blood test done, and take some stupid online iPledge quiz. But by March 18th, I was able to get the prescription. Yay. So after that brief (har, har, sarcasm) introduction, I'll share what I've encounter so far.


Home sick with a cold today. Dry throat, dry lips (easily curable with the help of some Burt's Bees), and extremely dry nostrils. Woke up with some joint pain, probably caused by sleeping in a weird angle. Went away after some stretching. So far, my face is actually breaking out more around my forehead, but I guess by reading other logs, that's incredibly typical.





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