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So i came ot the end of my 5 month course a few weeks ago, and TAKING ACCUTANE WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE SPOT SINCE LIKE 3 MONTHS OMG!!!!!

Im glad I done it, its improved my life so much

I wish goodluck to all those who are going to go on this miracle drug!!!!!



4 MONTHS!!!!!!!

wow I cannot simple believe that I have been on accutane for 4 months inly yday it felt like it was just a few days wow, its just so weird!!!!!

so...so far NO MORE SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A SIMPLE TEEENY WEENY PIMPLE!!!! so basically in the last...4 WEEKS i have had ONE spot in the 1st week and after that NONE!!!! I mean by this time no joke i woud have a total of like...20 or something. thats not an exagerating..!!!

im so chuffed with the outcome so far...

my doc sed im only going to be on it for another one month and if im getting spots by then i will continue.

i am scared incase that after accutane my acne comes back im really scared!!!

the only sude effect...dry cracked bleeding lips, scaly dry arms and nothing else :pray:


its has been GREAT lately compared to my last enttry

that huge spot I had about 3 weeks ago went and i havnt even had ONE spot every since!!!!!!

my face has been spotlessfor about 2 weeks now oh my god! seriously that maybe not sound huge but it is because i would havbe literally had about 10 by now NO JOKE it was that bad!!!

so im really happy with how its going right now, i still have theh red marks but oh well those i will sort out later on after accutane...

I am actually spotless, i cannot remember the last time that happeneed!!!!!!!


So its one week left till i complete 3 months on 40mg. In the last few weeks ive been getting spots :pray:

Yday I got a new one on my cheek under the eye part im so depressed its bug red ands it hurts, Last week I got 3 painful spots on my cheek in a row at the same time! :cry:

So it hasnt been great latley ive been getting spots again. I dont really understand why but doing research ive read alot of people still get spots by month 3 and since im on such a low dose it goign to take longer to stop. I feel so depressed right now again. I ahve so many red marks left argh i really feel down in the dumps.

Has anyone experienced spots in month 3 wen on 40mg plus those of you on accutane did anyone manage to get rid of their red marks while on accutane and how?

thanks so much




So its been about a month since I last wrote an entry. Ive been extremely busy with end of examinations! plus theres not been much to update, well one pretty amazing thing is...I have only had 2 spots since the last time i had spots which was over a month ago! Im pretty sure they came cos there has been lots of days this month ive falen asleep with my make up on cos i have been so exhausted, so that is pretty amazing cos otherwise I would have had about 20 in the time NO JOKE! my face is NEVER EVER oily just a nice matte apperance which is great!

My lips are always dry they are worst in the morning when I wake up. I find they are alort less dry wen i wake up if i go to sleep wearin some vaseline. So ive been mainly using the aloe vero vaseline to combat the lip dryness. I have hardly experienced any facial skin dryness. The weird dryness on my arm and rash on my hand are completely gone. Im seeing my derm in one month for another blood test.

so in summary so far its going well, acne is definetly going and im happy about that!

The only thing im upset about is the marks it leave behind argh but i will deal with that after the accutane!

plus i have had no other side effects, and i am still on 40mg cos my weight is only 45 kg. :|


DAY 34

not muchy more to report exept thta i am experiencing ALOT more dryness not just on my lips (which by the way does get worse by the day as most people stated) but also on my body. I developed a new rash on the back of my hand but this time the right one. my hands look weirdly dry most mornings but eucerin is really good to make them look normal again...

so in terms of the breakouts, I still am getting spots unforunately but its seems to be alot less frequent.


One month

It been one month around now I think...cnt be bothered to count actual says but yep its one month take or add a day.

So today i went for my check up to the derm and took a blood test. My derm has kept me on 40 mg for another 2 months, he said its the most compatible with my weight, i only weigh 46kg.THta about its really.

Interms of side effects....only very dry and flaking lips. Some facial dryness etc...wat i mentioned before.

in terms of spots...hmm well is this was just the intial breakout It looks like im coming out of it. THey have dried up. and I dont think i have got any news ones for about a few days...hard to tell when you have so many! :shhh: dry scaly skin patch still there on the right arm.

derm did say it was early days but I love the fact my skin doesnt go even a teeny but oily by the end of the day, whereas before by the end of my days it was sooooo oily when i pressed my face with a finger my finger would have so much oil on it. argh it was horrible. My face looks matte now which does take off that bit if relief from acne.

I generally am pretty down because of the dam red marks I have. which accutane does not take away. I cnt wait to be acne free, then wait 6 months and get a series of microderms to fade them. I cannot wait to have normal skin. I just hope it happens for me. I hope evyerday that just let this one work PLEASE.


DAY 27

-even more dry chapped lips, skin peeling off and stinging!

-I developed a rash on the back of my hand

-got a few more spots ARGH looks like breakout still carrying on...

-ZERO oiliness on my face (wow)

- didn't wash my hair for a week just to see the effect, and yes even up to today I had no greasiness AT ALL, usually my hair goes greasy after like 2 or 3 days! i washed it today anyway...lol

- few back pains...though i get those alot anyway

-more dry patches on my ears, but not a nusance

-dry patches on my arms

-one weird very dry patch on right arm which look scaly? but it was sorted out in no time with eucerin cream

- i feel very itchy these days on my arms and back



Just to add...

My lips are very chapped and dry they are flaking even more than this morning, mim putting blistex relief cream with aloe vera vaseline which helps alot.


day 25

DAY 25

well wow its going to be one month in 5 days! I cant believeit.

so in these last coupoke of days my lips have definetly gone dry. they are flaking bits of skin and feel rough and chapped. They feel worse than they look and dont actually look bad in the mirror. I also had some dry patches on my ears... :shhh:

other than that no dryness on my face. I noticed a few dry patches on my arms but they arent really that large and I cant say if its cos of the accutane. so my breakout which i was moaning about a few days ago, has gotten better. and its going away. and dryng up. but I got about 2 more smaller spots which im annoyed about.

Im going to see the derm on the 17th april (toay is the 10th) and im probbaly gonna be bumped up to 60mg since 40mg does not seem to have had any bad or serious side effects. I hope in one month I wont be getting any more break outs.


still day 22

i really need to write in here right now. I feel so down. not cos the accutane cos this horrible fucking breakout im suffering. I today I got 2 new spots formed. I feel so ugly right now. I hate having to cake on make up to cover it. i reaally want to go out and enjoy life but i just can't I cant meet people cos of my acne, they only person im comfortable with is my best friend who is a guy. i hate this life. it sucks so much. I hate it SO MUCH. I hope this gets better soon I dont know what to do. :shhh::shhh:


DAY 22

DAY 22

today my lips are starting to feel more dry. they feel quite tight around the ages and there some flaking. And im pretty sure im having the intial breakout, cos my have so many spots on face right now. argh its so depressing I have about 15 or more bumps spread across my face :shhh:

I do hope thgis is the intial break out because yes its bad, its very bad and painful, but I have dealt with this before and then in about a month my face will hopefully be calmed down and look clearerer..I hope :shhh:

so again no other side effects what so eveer...im am glad about this.


DAY 21- week 3!

omg, i cannot belive Ive hit the 3 week mark. So far theres not been huge amount of changes. however I have noticed my face is not oily anymore. which is so great it makes a huge difference to how bad your acne looks. I still have active spots which HURT like hell. they are white heads and few medium sized red painful bumps. other than that..no dryness..still. My lips do feel tight and rough today but not really drry. I hope I start getting some dryness soon I knwo i am not gonna want it when it comes, but I just want to feel that the accutane is taking its effect!

Not much else to update..


DAY 20

DAY 20

not much change still, and still not much dryness. the one I had on my lips is completely gone. I kept topping up with vaseline evyer hour or so. But im getting slightly worried, why I am not experiencing dryness???? I am glad too, but im worried that It wont work for me :shhh:((

I have read people getting really dry in a matter of days after startin accutane. But im not experiencing any facial dryness AT ALL. and in one week I will have gone a month and I am still not have any drynessNot even on my body NOTHIN. my lips are completely back to normal today. Im am SO worried now accutane won't work for me!

I have had a break out which SUCKS. The left side of my face looks horrible. It have about 6 or 7 active bumps there, and about 2 on the right side. and a few on my forhead. I usually wear my hair with a side parting on the right side of my head and cos I have side fringe it falls on the left side of my face and covers it. yday I HAD to change my parting to the left side so that I cuould cover the horrible breakout on the left of my face. ugh I hate acne.



DAY 18

DAY 18

I can't belive Its nearly been 3 weeks already serioulsy time has gone faster than I thought it would. So I wasn't getting any dryness for the fist 2 weeks at all. And a previus breakout was going away nicely and I had hardly got any new spots but then about 2 days ago I started getting more spots, and most seem to be old spots re-emerging. This has serioulsy dis-couraged me but I knwo I have to keep at it as its not even been one month yet and I guess I must be getting the dredded intial breakout.

Yesterday I was hit with the dry lips, My lips are flaking dry skin, but only around the lip line, its quite bad! but atleast I can see its taking effect on the body so Im glad in a teeny tiny way. I also had a bit of blood in my nose a few days ago which is a pretty common side effect as I've read. Other than that I don't really seem to have man y other side effects just yet. I do find that I feel alot more sleepy and tired, though but can't say if thats cos of acutane or cos of the piles and piles of exam revision I have to do!! :shhh:

well we'll see what happens in the coming weeks...

and also I have a new spot forming near my chin ARGH! :shhh:




today Im feeling some dryness coming up just around my lips, but its not visible I can just feel it. I still havn't any other side effects yet which is good, but im sure they will come soon :shhh:

so not much more to report just some dryness. tommorow is the last day of taking 20mg.


Hi everyone I decided to start an accutane blog cos I know how helpful it can be to read others peoples experiences, I read 100's before deciding to go ahead with accutane. so here's another "accutane journey" to add to the pile. Today I am going to take my first accutane pill. I am on 20mg once a day for this month, It may change next month. My derm also put me on 500mg erythromycin anitibiotics to go with the accutane.

Ive stocked up one two chapsticks, one is a blistex one which is espcially for dry and chapped lips and some vaseline containing aloe vera, and a eucerin face cream for dry and chapped skin.

It has cost me ALOT, i mean alot. I went to a private clinic on london, It cost £180 for a consulation with a derm, £120 for a blood test and the actuall medicines cost nearly £60! tahts £360 just to start accutane!!!!! I hope its worth it, I don't mean to put any one off!! Just one factor you should consider I suppose.

Anyway I will keep my journey updated on this and let you know my experience and I hope I will be abel to put up some pictures too!

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