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Hi There

New to this website but am so glad i found this website. I have been suffering with acne since the age of 11/12 and I am now 30, it feels so unbelievable to be saying im suffering with acne for almost 18/19 years, its definitely been part of my life for so long, i dont know my life without it for sure.

So after years of trying every treatment you can think of, every anti biotic, cream, over the counter products nothing has ever worked fully, it might ease off for a period but then its back in fighting form.

As all you acne sufferers know it does affect your confidence, i wont say depressed as i dont want to insult people who suffer with depression but it gets you down for sure.

I dont know if its because i moved from Ireland to Australia and being in a hot climate did my acne get to me more but my skin got persistently bad, in hot weather you dont want to be wearing make up to cover up your acne but it was really getting me down to the extent i was finding it hard to look people in the face, i was totally aware of all the clear skinned people around me and felt i was the only one with the ugliest skin ever.

So i decided thats it im going to do something about this once and for all, went to see a dermatologist here in Perth, she told me the only solution is to take roaccutane. I of course had heard about this treatment but was put off by my Doc because of the considered extreme side effects so i was scared to be honest.

Anyway she assured me that she prescribes this so many times a week and in her 20 years 1 or 2 had serious side affects.

Anyway got the blood work done, all cleared and i was prescribed the 20mg dosage for 4 months at the moment.

I have to say i was so scared to start the medicine i was imagining the worst to be honest and part of me was like this is unbelievable i will be saying good bye to my long time enemy(Please God).

So got over that and began the treatment, after one week i could feel dryness happening, my face, ears, nose, scalp. My saviour Cetaphil has helped so much and Dermaveen shampoo and conditioner. I was using Vasoline with an spf for my lips but that made my lips worse they were roaring red so i changed to 'Paw Paw' dont know if this is available outside australia but its made from natural ingredients and works a treat. So i feel like ive found suitable products to solving the dryness.

I found my skin was just too dry to wear make up so ive been avoiding wearing it and just using a consealer for my spots and red marks showing.

After the first week and a half i got the dreaded break out, my skin was so sore, spots popping up everywhere, well it felt like everywhere, i was so self conscious, i couldnt use make up as my skin would have so much dryness, yellow heads appearing everywhere but the good side was that they dried up and healed very quickly.

So the medicine was working as it should, the pores and glands closing up and pushed all the gunk to the surface.

So i am now 3 weeks in and can see improvements already i cant believe it. Ok I still have some dryness and marks but im feeling my skin and there are less and less lumps, i almost feel like i dont want to jinx myself as i just cant believe it but its really starting to work.

I am so excited and feel much more confident already, I am a pretty confident person as it is but my acne can affect me.

So I am really excited to see how the rest of my treatment goes, I am willing to put up with the dryness if its what it takes to get the result, i feel like this is my last chance to finally get rid of my acne.

So any of you out there who are suffering and are fearful of trying this treatment, go have a chat with your dermatologist, dont be afraid, the dose that is appropriate to you will be administered and if its not working then it can be altered.

I hope that my next post ill see even more improvements and have even more positive results to share.

Feeling quite happy with myself this friday sunny afternoon:)

Jen :D


Wow, the last couple of days im feeling my skin, and its becoming so smooth, i will have just one month completed this saturday and i would say ive about 2 spots on my face that are healing.

When i started this i would say i had between 15-25 spots not including marks, i am so happy i cant believe after all this time my skin is dramatically improving.

I really got so inspired when i seen some pics online here with before and after and what a great result i hope my skin is the same.

I am so happy and so much more confident, imagine how im going to feel at the end of my treatment finally after nearly 18 years my skin is on the road to recovery, why oh why didnt i start oratane sooner :D

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