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Oh, dear lord. The left side of my face looks like a minefield.

Leaving my pimples alone does not make them go away. It makes them fester under the skin for months until I have to pop them. Currently I have around 20 spots on my left cheek alone including 3-4 oozing sores. My right cheek is inhabited by two very painful spots... nothing compared to the left! This has accumulated over the past month and a half but just got really really bad in the last four days. Then I said screw it and went on a picking spree and wow. I haven't left my apartment all weekend. I have spoken to a grand total of three people - my roommates.

The worst thing is that I have theatre performances/dress rehearsals pretty much every day this week starting tomorrow. That involves a crapload of makeup, which I really don't think my skin can handle right now. I don't think the makeup will even be able to cover up the sores and may just infect them.

I honestly don't think anything I am doing is helping in the slightest. I may just have to give up and go to a dermatologist. My skin has not been this bad in... wait, my skin has never been this bad. I don't understand :pray:


I had a bottle of 100% tea tree oil lying around in the bathroom because, last year, I thought it would help an infection on my toenail. Well, it didn't do anything for my toenail (it's now okay :pray: ), but after browsing these message boards I decided to try spot-treating with the tto during the day. It has been pretty effective! The spots I have been complaining about are 95% gone as are two others that decided to form between my last entry and now. It's probably also helping that I haven't worn makeup in almost a week.

I have decided to be a vampire for Halloween, which will involve some white face paint/makeup. However, the costume makeup I got at Walmart does not say non-comedogenic - gasp. I will just have to see what it does! I'm not overly worried about it, though.


I now have three deep, painful pimples on the right cheek! Three, arranged in an unlovely sort of triangular constellation. I don't even know if they are considered cysts or not, but they are making me very unhappy. And if my cheek looks like a single constellation, my forehead looks like the Milky Way (not quite arranged in a many-armed whorl though). There are so many small zits that I can't even count them. I have never, ever in my life had so many pimples on my forehead! NEVER! I don't understand. The only thing I can think of is that the stupid Loestrin 24 that I've been on for about a month and a half has made them crop up. Either that or my forehead really, really, really hates Basis soap. Quite honestly, this whole gentle soap + 2.5% bp stuff doesn't seem to be any better than the harsh tingling scrub + 10% bp. :pray:


Context: It has been exactly two weeks since I started using apple cider vinegar (undiluted) as a toner on my back, after washing with basis and before applying 10% bp. It also makes a good rinse for your hair!

Oh apple cider vinegar,

beloved, you are not the organic one

but merely the 98-cent Walmart brand.

I do not begrudge you your seeming cheapness;

rather, I revel in it

for you have greatly improved my life:

how shall I count the ways?

You make my hair shiny and clean;

I care not for my roommate's complaining

that I smell like chips.

You reduce the inflamed papules on my back;

I care not for my roommate's complaining

that the bathroom reeks of vinegar.

Your smell soothes me

And your medicinal properties give me peace of mind,

but my roommate wishes to separate us.

Apple cider vinegar, let us run away together

Just you and acne-free I.


Seriously, though, this seems to be working for me. I used to have 20+ inflamed pimples on my back at a time; now I have 6 that are almost gone. I have changed nothing in my regimen except for the addition of the acv. Let's see how long I can keep this up. I don't think my roomie minds all that much, but I still feel kinda bad for making her smell vinegar every night.

I haven't put any on my face yet, but I'm considering diluting it and seeing how that works.


I did not wear makeup to class today. I normally wear makeup obsessively - I think the last time I went out in public without it on was at least a year ago. The reason I did not was because a) I was really tired after a massive essay and studying for a midterm and b) I managed to convince myself that I don't look any different after applying it. And not one person commented...maybe they were all just too terrified of my hideousness to say something, but I'd like to think that it was because makeup actually makes little difference in my appearance. :pray:

There is an extremely painful, deep zit on my left cheek and one on my chin. Damnit, I thought I had stopped getting them after switching to gentle soap... sigh. I hate those more than the non-painful ones that are more visible. Sleep-mask breakout on forehead is nearly gone. Right cheek is clear as always! Still no solution in sight for the only-sleeping-on-the-left problem.


Evil Sleep Mask

The only part of my face that does not consistently break out is my forehead. My forehead is such a dependable friend. Its condition is independent of anything that I do. I could probably slather it in Crisco and run a 5k and it would still be clear.

Or so I thought. Enter: the sleep mask.

The streetlight outside my window has an annoying habit of keeping me up at night. I have taken to sleeping on my left side, facing away from it. Unfortunately, my left cheek has broken out due to this nightly practice. I decided that wearing a sleep mask and facing the right would solve my problems. Not so. I awoke yesterday with a plethora of pimples on my forehead, mostly concentrated around the eyebrow area, where that evil, evil sleep mask sat all night, working its diabolical plan to infect my pores. :pray:

I then proceeded to break my streak of not picking at my face, especially while I was avoiding finishing my Brit Lit paper at 2 am. Yes, that's right! Mutilating your skin is a very effective procrastination tool! :pray:

Note to self:

never to wear a sleep mask again, wash your pillowcase more often, and please stop hurting me.

Love, face.

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