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Hey everyone this is my first blog entry-I like to give people advice for acne and other common facial

problems.I think the best things for your skin is found in nature,I don't like using the harsh clean & clear or proactiv.I used harsh chemicals on my skin as a teenager, since that didn't work I wore a lot of makeup to cover up pimples and scaring.over the years i've done some research and I find that using natural skin care products can really help your skin and some of them can be cheaper too.since this website is about others helping others I will try to give you some great advice for clearing your skin naturally.if you want me to do a review or answer a question I can do it !

I can give you information on the following:


-herbal spot treatments


-tea tree oil

-homemade facial masks

-face lotions and creams

-how to get rid of dead skin cell to fade scaring

and so much more you can surf around this website or just ask me!

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The Acne.org Regimen
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