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Ok so my skin is still looking really really good and getting better every day, but for some reason my lips have turned horrible again. The right corner of my mouth has been split for over a week now and keeps scabbing and then breaking again and never really healing, it looks horrible! My boss at work brought me in some Aquaphor because she has just been to Chicago and got it for her hands, couldnt believe my luck as you cant buy it over here. It is helping a little but its not fixing up the split in the corner. Any suggestions on what i should use for this, even my sorbelene isnt working :D. My boyfriend thinks it could be a vitamin C deficiency, has anyone ever heard of this before and can it be caused by accutane?


Day 9 - 07.03.10

Havent updated in a few days, sorry been really busy with work and had two assignments due this week. Ok some big changes since my last post. Firstly my skin did not stay clear like i had hoped, Friday was probably the worst day. Its almost that time of the month so i usually get a break out about now anyway but it was if my whole jaw line was covered it was really horrible. One of the ladies from work who i have told about the medication said to me on friday "aren't you on medication for your skin, I dont think its working its looking worse!" It was embarrassing and i had to explain to her that usually it does get a little worse before it gets better.

On top of this my lips have been so dry and split really badly in one corner... looks like i have a coldsore from a distance.. yuck!!

But today, everything is looking so much better, the pimples that were there before have all dried up and just left tiny patches of dry skin and i only have one active pimple of my face in the middle of my chin, but oh well. I can tell that even this one is going down heaps more quickly than it usually would. And the best part about today is that i think my lips are finally adjusting to the accutane. They feel so much better. I have actually been using sorbelene on my lips just layering it on in the morning and then letting it sink it. I use the vaseline lip therapy + a lip balm during the day but this alone didnt help, the sorbelene makes a wonderful diffference if you use it morning and night!

The sorbelene I use it by punkett's and it has vitamin e added to it, you can also get one with aloe vera but i thought vitamin e would be better for dry skin. This stuff is just great, its a soap substitute meaning you can use it to wash in the shower, as a cleanser, as a makeup remover (even eyes) and as a mousturiser and it is sooo cheap just $5.99 for a reasonable sized bottle! I would definately recommend this if you can get your hands on some!


Ok so yesterday morning i woke up and looked in the mirror and my skin was soooo dry and had started to flake around the pimples on my chin.. i looked like a freak but didnt really care because I understand thats how accutane works.

Today I woke up and it was even worse but i took a shower and used my magic peeling glove really softly on my face which is amazing, it god rid of all of the dead skin without making my face raw or anything and then i slapped on some vitamin e cream. After this i could have a proper look at my skin and i was sooooo happy. I have almost no pimples and my face looks so clear!! For some reason the only place I do seem to have a few is on the side of my face and neck under my ears... weird!!

Anyway I have been doing this for less than a week and cannot believe i am getting results so quickly, almost seems too good to be true but I will have to wait and see what happens!

So far the worst side effect is the dry lips which from what i've read in other blogs is pretty standard but I really hope i can get this under control. One of the girls at work thinks i look like i've had collagen injections!


Day 3 - 28.02.10

Hey all,

Once again no real changes, I have noticed that the left side of my chin has really flared up though I have about three pimples clustered together and it just looks gross. Couldnt resist the urge to pop them so my chin looks a bit feral right now, slapped something to on to dry them out and am off to bed now so hope it looks a little better tomorrow. Wish I could control my evil fingers!!


Ok so onto the second day and everything is pretty much the same as yesterday. Some of my pimples from yesterday which were a little angry have started to calm down but this is normal for me, they seem to go pretty quickly but at the same time another is coming up some where else!

My face and lips are pretty dry but this is normal for me too, i dont understand how i can have such dry skin but still pimples, but have been told that my skin doesnt shed properly and sits in the pores and hence the bacteria gets trapped and voila.. pimples!

Anyway that's all for today, as i said not much has changed! Will post again tomorrow.



DAY 1 - 26.02.09

This is my first day starting accutane and i have decided to begin a blog after reading through a couple of others, i think it's a great way to monitor progress and results, but the best part is there seem to be so many supportive people in this community who can offer great advice and make your bad days a little better!

I am very excited to see results, although i realise this is no overnight miracle cure. I have had acne since i was 11 (now 21) and up until i was about 14 it was always on my forehead, it just looked like normal teenage acne. Since puberty my acne has become hormonal and i have tried all different types of topical lotions, antibiotics and birth control pills, most did not work completely and some stopped working after a few months as my body got used to the drugs. BCP Diane worked really well for me however i am not able to take this medication anymore as it resulted in other complications.

So about 2 weeks ago i visited a dermatologist and she prescribed me accutane. The reason i have not started taking it until today was because i have just gotten back from a four day vacation and did not want get any side effects whilst on holiday. I am starting the course with 40mg per day and my derm has told me she will review the dose when i come back to see her in 2 months time if necessay.

I am taking a generic version called "oratane" and it was suprisingly inexpensive and came with a little "support package" as the pharmacist called it, containing QV wash, eye drops, lip balm, cleanser and oil-free sunscreen.

I have a few questions which can probably be answered by my derm but hey you guys have pleanty of experience. Firstly what's the go with make-up, cleansers, topicals creams etc.. when you're on accutane? My derm didnt say anything to me about stopping my normal routine but I have seen many people writing that you cant use these things when on accutane. And secondly obviously a major side effect is dry skin, is it ok to moistorise? If so with what?




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