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day 17

skin lookin red breaking out on my forehead alot got one pimple right next to my nose on the cheek BOB SAGGOT i popped all the pimples on my forehead and they wont go away BOB SAGGOT


day 9 and 10

ok so so far my skin is just getting dry and thats most likely because im dumb and forget to not wash my face with hot water. I reccomend only taking 20mg accutane to start off yet because nothing bad has happened yet ill kpp you posted


day 9

Skin is doing normal... Diddnt get any new pimples this morinig.. I think its starting to fade my acne scars :]


day 8

I think my skin is starting to get worse woke up with a whitehead and had like 2 small pimples really small!!! My skin is looking a little red but wasnt as dry today.... Hopefully that whitehead was just the occasional one i get


Day 6 and 7

Ok starting to see the dryu skin part of things. When i rub my face with my shirt millions of skin particles rub off. Could be a good thing. It ooks like i have one pimple coming and it looks big. Its been growing for about 2 days now dont know if its going to get any bigger i sure hope not. Chapped lips just a little. Docter told me to get off all acne cleansers and just to use cetaphil gentle cleanser working ok. Dont know if i should use dove soap or that though. Well Ill keep you posted.


day 5

Skin is looking pretty good it actually looks pretty smooth a little red but nothing bad no chapped lips or dry eyes or anything yet. maybe a little chapped but thats about it. I noticed a little bump that looks like it might be a pimple coming up but im not sure yet


Day 3 and 4

Still the same....... Nothing has changed so side effects yet. People say so much about this drug and still I havent seen anything bad yet havent got anymore acne eiether.. Prob just jinxed myself but ill kep you posted


Day 2

Everything is about the same as yesterday no side effects yet just to let you kow im taking 20 mg once a day. Hopefully I wont get the IB but who knows


First Day

Well I used to have pretty bad acne I went on solodyn the first 2 months sucked but by the third for the first time since i was like 15 I wasnt waking up with pimples everyday and it went on like that for about 3 months and as of right now i only have about 2 small pimples on my face. My problem is that im 20 and my acne is stubborn and my derm told me accutane would just eliminate it so I wouldnt have to worry about it.

So Day 1

I have maybe 2 pimples my face is kind of red since my face is sensitive to acne cleansers. My derm told me to just use dove soap now. Im looking forward to seeing what will happen. I just hope this wasnt a bad decision as I dont have much acne now.

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