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Not clear yet

Ho hum - well I did have a few completely clear days, but now I have about 3 spots.

Not as bad as before I guess but still a bit annoying.

It's my time of the month so I'm hoping it's just that - would be nice to be completely clear though. Maybe it will just take a bit longer.

Patience is a virtue! :pray:


B5 is working!

I stopped taking the apple cider vinegar because I didn't take it for a couple of days due to circumstances and I noticed my skin was improving - and I realised it must be the B5 finally kicking in!

Now almost 3 weeks in, my skin is pretty much clear! I actually couldn't see any spots (apart from a couple of old ones which are virtually dried out) for the last couple of days and I'm amazed!

So am carrying on the B5 for sure! I did get two whiteheads today which is a bit annoying, but to be fair I've been eating absolute rubbish and am due to get my period soon, so I think that's why. Maybe it will take a while longer before I completely stop getting spots - but the odd one here or there is NOTHING compared to what it was like before, so I'm absolutely thrilled. :pray:

Still suffering a bit from diarrheoa which is a pain, but hopefully that will stop. Anyway I think it's worth it if I can have clear skin (although I might feel a bit differently I guess if it carried on permanently!) I'm just hoping that when my skin has been clear for a while and I reduce the dosage, the diarrheoa will go away.

Anyway, I'll come back and blog on how I'm getting on over the next few weeks and if my nasty spots stay away for good (here's hoping! :pray: )


No real progress with B5 yet, but it's only been a few days and some people I've heard it can take up to 3 months to see results. So I'm going to just try and be persistent and keep on with it.

But after reading a great thread on here by Happygurl about apple cider vinegar, I've decided to add ACV to my regime too.

After looking at the thread, I did a bit of research online and found some info which suggests that acne and other allergies (and eczema which is another problem I have - lucky me!) can be caused by a leaky gut and that a good remedy for leaky gut is .. you guessed it, apple cider vinegar. The article I read says you should take 2 teaspoons of ACV in water immediately before eating to increase your stomach acid (which is apparently low in people with leaky gut) and help with digestion.

So now I'm wondering if maybe leaky gut has been my problem all along. Especially since I eat really healthily, loads of fruit a veg, very minimal wheat and dairy and sugar, take wheatgrass powder, hemp seeds, zinc and B5 (and the list goes on....!) and my skin doesn't really look any better than it does when I eat rubbish like pizza and chips (oh the frustration :pray: )

So here's hoping the apple cider vinegar works for me. I'm in the UK so I've bought a brand of organic cider vinegar from Holland & Barrett called Aspall and have put about 4 capfuls in a big bottle of water and am sipping it throughout the day.

So far so good - the taste isn't too bad when it's really diluted, kind of citrussy.


B5 here we go!

Ok well here's a bit about me. I've had acne since age 10 / 11, had it SUPER bad when I was a teenager and it's decided to hang around ever since (I'm nearly 31) - at the moment it's moderately bad.

Like others I've tried everything and anything that I could lay my hands on - antibiotics, the pill, accutane etc. Diet wise, a while ago I tried cutting out wheat and dairy and it did help but I find it just too hard to cut those things out completely. And it seems that it only helped when I COMPLETELY cut those things out - so I feel that it's not a long term answer for me.

I eat pretty healthily - always have at least two fruit smoothies a day with things like spinach and avocado added (so green smoothies I guess you'd call them) and try and minimise my intake of wheat, dairy and sugar. I drink mainly nettle tea (which is weirdly nice, I like it the best out of all the herbal teas I've tried and keep coming back to it!) and sometimes peppermint. But I do have the odd cup of coffee when at work (with milk and sugar - gaaah my downfall! this is the main area I struggle with giving up milk, I don't really have it any other time).

So ... the latest thing I've decided to try, after reading alot of positive posts on here, is vitamin B5. I've decided to take the plunge and give it a shot.

This is day 4 for me on Vitamin B5 tablets - I'm taking 10 g a day, and so far... my skin's been more oily than usual and my scalp's been really greasy (weird, as this is something I don't usually have a problem with). So I'm hoping it's just my body pushing the oil and rubbish out and that good things and clearer skin are just around the corner! (please god....)

At the same time (I've decided to throw everything at my spots in a last ditch attempt to knock them out once and for all) I'm taking the following daily (again I've only started taking all these in the last 4 days):

1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder

1 Vitamin B-Complex capsule (to balance out all the B5 I'm taking hopefully)

3g of MSM powder (in my smoothies)

3g EPA / DHA (from fish oil capsules)

1 Probiotic (acidophilus) capsule

2 tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds (in my smoothies)

2 scoops hemp protein powder (Nutiva brand - in my smoothies)

1 broccoli capsule

and plenty of fruits and greens (mainly apples, pineapple, frozen raspberries, pears, bananas cucumber, spinach, which I use in my smoothies)

So here's hoping I'll get some much needed freedom from this horrible disease soon!

I'm using B5 tablets I got in the UK but have heard good things on the forums here about a brand from the US called VitaCure so I'm considering ordering some of that online. We'll see.

Onwards and upwards as they say!


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