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Okay, haven't been on here in a while. I'm a bit embarrassed about how long it took me to find the add blog entry link :cool:

Anywho, micro RA actually worked really well for me for about a year. My face cleared up nicely, amazing really. I've still been getting a break out here and there though, and they have increased over the last few weeks. A few weeks ago I ate a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and roasted peanuts-I'm wondering if peanuts helped make my skin worse? I've stopped eating them since then. I'm also in the process of switching to new health insurance, so I didn't refill the minocycle pills after I ran out (a no-no!). The insurance switch has taken longer than I thought, so I refilled the minocycline prescription.

I went to see a new dermatologist because my previous dermatologist was a bit snappy when I went to see him, and not very informing. I'm thinking about going to my old dermatologist though after seeing this new one. The new one talked to me and immediately recommended that I go on accutane! He talked as though it was nothing. I was like, whoa, I've read about accutane and know that there are other meds I can take before going to accutane. He ended up prescribing

-epiduo gel .1%-2.5%

-benzaclin w/ pump 5%-1%

-bactrim ds 800mg-160mg

I haven't purchased them yet, but I do have the $20 card for epiduo, and bactrim comes in a generic brand for $10.

I know a few people who use birth control for their acne treatment, so I mentioned birth control. The derm said he couldn't prescribe me birth control unless I had a pap done (I didn't mention I was a virgin). I went in to have a pap done and the nurse was all surprised that the derm said I needed to have a pap in order for him to prescribe birth control. So yeah this doctor is all over the place.


I used retin-a up until June. I have to say, RA really brought my break outs to a hault! I was getting a few new breakouts almost everyday before using RA, and after using retin-a for a few weeks, I was getting hardly any breakouts at all. But yes, my skin did become incredibly dry-I'd put on moisturizer throughout the day, and my face did have a redder tone. However, I was lucky with not getting an initial break out. Towards May though I started to get more break outs, although they weren't as huge as what I was getting before. I went to my derm and he prescribed me micro RA, so I've been using that for about two weeks now. My skin is still in good condition (when it comes to breakouts, haha, my scars are more visible now). I'm going to change to a different derm though, the one I have no is so snappy and quick to prescribe the meds-he doesn't give me advice on anything else like makeup or moisturizers! Then again it is my responsibility to ask, but he's so quick to get things done! Very impersonal!


Okay, I've decided to keep track of my retin-a experience.

I've been using retin-a for five days now. I started peeling within day 3 about, and my face has turned considerably red (my younger cousin asked if I had a sun burn). My face feels very warm to the touch, and even feels warm to me throughout the day, enough to be noticeable. It also had a slight tingling feeling throughout the day, somewhat like the feeling that some astringents give although it was very mild.

Altogether from what I understand, these effects are all signs of irritation, and I dreaded the thought of having to continue using the stuff daily with the way that my skin was reacting. I've decided to lay off from it for three days until I use it again. Even so my face is still peeling.

Although the reactions have been harsh, I already feel a positive change in my skin. Recent break outs have become almost unnotceable to the touch since my skin has been peeling, and I have not broken out in the past 5 days (I've been having one break out every other day). But I've heard all about the initial break out so I'm just waiting in suspence for that hell.

Hopefully retin-a will decide to be cooperative enough so I don't have to literally feel how red my face is, that had made me more self conscious.


My mom made an appointment with this derm, whom someone had recommended to her, and he fit with our insurance. I was excited to finally go and thought everything would go smoothly. However, when he entered the room he took one quick glance at me and said I'm going to prescribe Retin-A. He briefly explained why my skin was in the condition it was, which was simply that I was genetically programmed receive it more than the next person. He quickly asked if I had been prescribed anything before, I said no, and he just jumped into explaining how I should use Retin-A. It seemed at though he was snapping his fingers like he had somewhere else to be, and that made me very uncomfortable. We were done within 5 or 6 minutes. I assume he gets patients like me all the time and doesn't feel like asking about their personal experiences or taking the time to get to know them a bit, but it really bothered me.

I wasn't expecting him to be so snappy, all my questions completely fled my mind. I am looking into finding another doctor that is more down to earth and personal, it would make the whole situation much more better.


Uggh I have been waiting to see the dermatologist for my first time for about a month and have been reminding my parents again and again. And then today I said mom tomorrow is the doctors appointment and all she says is 'oh, your dad is working then [we only have one car right now] and the insurance doesn't cover you.' Ugggghhh! I cried. Now I'm going to have to reschedule and wait another freaking month.



My prayers go to all those who have been evacuated in California, and have lost their homes. This is a truly sad time for California :pray: All those places in Malibu, gone just like that... Please be evacuated safely. I'm very sorry.


I hate it when I feel a new pimple coming in, I'm like, okay it's probably going to be a small 2 day lasting one. But to my dismay it keeps growing and growing until it's a monstrous cyst, which lasts about two weeks and then leaves red marks even longer.

When I was abroad my jawline was literally cyst country.


Erased eyes

Are cutting out eyes from acne victims' photos necessary? Is it really that horrible to see someone's full scarred face? Did something so terrible happen that anonymity is required?

Don't be ashamed of something you had no control over.

Look at my eyes dammit.


Bed time mishaps

Every damn day I wake up as groggy and tired as hell and tell myself, 'Tonight I am going to sleep at 9! I don't care how much homework I have!' But every damn day I end up going to bed at the same time, 11, knowing tomorrow I will most likely wake up tired as hell, and then just say 'I'll go to bed at 9 tonight.'

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