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Sad Day

K bad news guys. Ah... k well here is what happened. I went t the dermatologist but had to go to a different person because the girl I normally go to was sick. I took the urine test and everything and then when he looked at my face he said he didn't think I should go on accutane. I admit, my skin looks pretty good today but this isn't how it usually looks! It was just one of those random good days you know? And it made me kind of mad because he hasn't seen what my face usually looks like (like my other derm) so it was impossible for him to judge. GRR. I'm very annoyed but whatever. I'm going back next month to my NORMAL doctor and I know she will prescribe it for me. It's so annoying though seriously. Why does he think she enrolled me in ipledge? BECAUSE MY SKIN IS BAD THATS WHY. DUH. Oh well I'll just have to wait an extra month. :D


I have my appointment to get accutane tommorow so I'm going to also have my blood test. Do I need to not eat for 12 hours or something? She never told me anything so I'm not sure. My appointment is at 1:20 tommorow (if that is helpful haha) So.... Yup!


Please Answer!

2 more days until my appointment!!! I got all my ipledge info in the mail today. (Like the username and password and stuff) Anyway, my question is do you get your accutane prescription on the same day as your appointment? Or do you have to wait until the pregnancy and blood tests come back? I heard the blood tests only take half an hour to process. I'm hoping I can get it the same day. Does anyone know? Like what was your experience?

P.S. I have another question relating to birth control. I am on Yaz and yesterday I took the first white pill and expected to get my period this morning and was suprised when I didn't. Is this normal? This is my first time ever using birth control.


I just got back from Target. The things I ended up getting were Purpose gentle cleanser, cetaphil moisturizing cream (I'm going to only use it at night and the regular cetaphil in the morning), aquaphor, softlips and a deep conditioning treatment for when my hair starts getting really dry. 3 more days guys!!! I am so ecstatic. I'm also really excited to stop using all the topicals creams and gels and crap! I have been using prescription topicals EVERY DAY for 3 years. I can NOT wait to get off them on Monday! yay! Anyways, wish me luck! I'm going to posting before pictures on Monday! xoxo -Haley

P.S. I figured out I am going to be clear by my 16th birthday! Now that makes me really HAPPY! (:


I've noticed the past couple days that the two topicals I have been using have really been irritating my skin. I've used both Acanya, and tazorac for about a year but the past couple of days they have been causing some weird blotches on my face. Since I am starting accutane on Monday, would it be okay to stop them for the 3 days until I get the accutane? Or do you think my face would totally erupt in zits? Thanks!


Pics? Products?

So would you guys like pictures to show my progress? I'm still thinking about it. Also, I am going out to buy all the products I need in a couple days, so if someone can reply to my previous entry about which moisturizers and face washes I should use that would be great! --hAlEy(:



Guess what? My mom got an appointment for Monday!! I'm finally starting accutane in a week! : )

Here are the products I am debating on getting for my course. Which products are better?

Purpose gentle cleanser or cetaphil gentle cleanser?

Cetaphil moisturizing cream or nivea cream?

softlips or burts bee chapstick?

Things I know I am getting:


Jocio leave in conditionor

Mineral Foundation (less iritating)

Sooo... YUP!! eeee I can't wait! :D


K well good news I'm pretty sure I am starting accutane next Monday!!!! Also that scab on my face went away and now there is a tiny little red mark but I'm pretty sure it will go completely away in time. Sooo yay! haha. Anyway, I need to know if this work. So, I was reading through the ipledge booklet and it said you only have to be on birth control for 1 month before accutane not two. So my mom is going to call my derm. today and try to get an appointmemt for next Monday. Cause Monday will mark day 28 (the last pill in the pack) of my bc pills so that would count as one month right? And I know you have to take your 2nd pregnancy test during the first 5 days of your period and Monday will be the fourth day of my period so that will all work out right? I know its cutting it close and everything but I DO NOT want to have to wait until my next period to get my pills. So does anyone know if 28 days is a long enough time on birth control to go on accutane? And when you got your 2nd pregnancy test were you/do you have to be on your period? Also one last question. Do you get your prescription before or after your blood test? And do you get a blood test the same days as your appointment/pregnancy test? Thanks!!! <3 -Haley(:

wow i talk a lot! :D

EDIT: Please someone reply!! I need to let my mom know if she should make the appointment for monday or not!! thanks in advance!!


CUT! eeeeek!

Hello my friends! I am just going to give a brief update on how things are going. I have experienced no side effects with Yaz whatsoever. Which has been great. My skin condition is about the same although Yaz has decreased my oil production a little bit. I am just ready to start accutane!! I hate that I have to be on BC for 2 months first. urgh... anyway, yesterday my sister was running past me and she cut my face with her fingernail and now I have a red cut on the side of my face that is scabbing over a little. Yeah just what I need right? Anyway I am REALLY hoping it won't scar. I only have one small scar on my forehead right now and IT WOULD SUCK if that cut left a scar. I'm going to post a picture of it and you guys can let me know what you think. Also what should I be doing to prevent it from scarring? I've just been rubbing it with lotion and aloe vera. Thanks in advance! I will be posting pre accutane pics soon.


UPDATE: k so I'm not exactly sure why the link isn't working so you can just copy and paste into your browser (:


Hey everyone! I'm brand new here. (I just joined today) I'm 15 years old, have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and love to hang out with friends, watch scary movies, dance and laugh. I have been suffering with acne since I was 9 years old and I have been seeing a dermatologist since age 10. I have tried so many products I lost count. I'll just go through what I have been on within the last two and 1/2 years. Okay here it goes... Benzaclin, Differin, Solydin, Doxycyclin, Aczone, Acanya, Minocycline, Tazorac cream & gel, Amoxicillin, Clindamycin, Retina A... and I started out with a few others in 7th grade but I can't remember what they were called. Anyway, my Acne isn't THAT bad. I have almost no scaring and only moderate acne. BUT I have tried millions of products and nothing has even done so much as to budge it. Within the last year an a half I have also been cursed with the most oily skin on the planet. I know lots of people say they have oily skin, but it is probably NOTHING in comparison. No matter what I do, how much I wash, use oil absorbing sheets or powder my face it NEVER goes away. Anyway, on my last visit to the Dermatologist (I practically live there) My dermatologist decided it was time to go on Accutane. Of course I was kind of freaked out because I have heard of all the nasty side effects, but excited at the same time. (My dad went on it at 17 and hasn't had acne since) So because of the whole ipledge crap she had to put me on birth control first. Which is sort of ridiculous since i am NOT sexually active nor do I plan to be anytime soon. But whatever its procedure I guess. So she prescribed YAZ and I have to take it for 6 to 8 weeks before she can give me accutane. I will be taking my 3rd pill tonight. So I have to wait a few weeks before I can start it. I will be posting pictures and I'll update whenever I can. I will also update you on how Yaz is going, since my dermatologist said some people's skin clear's just from using birth control. Anyway, I'm nervous but really excited to start accutane! xoxo -Haley

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