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Round two on accutane (clavaris) 27/f

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Day 28

Day 28

Wow, one month down!

It's been about two weeks since my last update and have to say it's been smooth sailing.

Skin: I have a few random small white heads pop up here and there but they quickly leave. I've managed my dry skin very well. The combination of Jojoba oil and La Roche moisturizer I’m using has worked! Just twice a day and my skin isn't dry at all! I got my aquaphor and even mixed it with a dark lip gloss so now I have a pretty pink aquaphor lip balm, I apply fairly often, but it keeps my lips soft and kissable (hehe).

Only complaint is occasional redness in the cheeks/nose area.

I used to have to wash my hair daily....now only every second day...BONUS!

No joint pain....and I've actually increased my workout intensity!

Crazy dreams continue.

My blood tests came back and they were excellent! (and I've continued my drinking habits...shhhh)


Day 14

Day 14!

Two weeks in! Today was my last day of only taking 40mg, from now on I'll be taking 80mg every day.

Skin: No major new actives, a few small white heads around my chin, but nothing crazy. I was however examining my forehead very closely, you know when you get right up to the mirror and could basically kiss it. My pores look like they are larger and full of gunk, but only noticeable that close.

My lips continue to be dry, I had a first date on Sunday and almost panicked, but managed to exfoliate them and they turned out kissable....but alas no kiss was had.

I do however have the "taneburn" it was worst on Monday, better today. My friend said I looked flush, I shrugged it off.

Dried blood when I blow my nose, but no lose bleeds.

I've also been doing my weightlifting, yoga and running....no weird joint pain!

I was reading about other people having weird dreams.....me too! I find them similar to the dreams I had when I was on Larium (an anti malaria drug I took when I was in South America and Africa). Very vivid and bizarre.


Canada I still have faith that you can win the Men's Olympic Hockey GOLD. We are the best team out there, just have to put in all together and play smart! *waves her olympic red gloves in the air*


Day 11

Day 11!

It's funny, when I read everyone's logs they kept saying how fast the time went. During the first couple days of taking Accutane I thought time was crawling and this course would seem like forever....but here I am already at day 11! I'm beginning to lose track of days!

I'm taking 80mg today. Just took my first pill with breakfast. I really look forward to each pill and when I pop it I feel happy.....my happy pills!

Skin: no new actives! Old pimples seem to be drying up...and so does my skin! I've been moisturizing my face once at night and once in the morning. Yesterday after I put the moisturizer I on put foundation and voila! Flakies! Lips are getting a little flaky too!


Day 8

Skin on my face is a bit drier today. Overall though my face is looking pretty good, the breakout on my forehead that I got pre-accutane is improving and clearing up. I still feel like I'm going to get a breakout on my chin.....hoping that I don't.

I'm not doing very well with trying to drink less often. We just had a long weekend and I was out each night. Then last night was supposed to be a quiet night of Olympics but I got offered a free ticket to a concert with some friends. The guys I was out with are also big drinkers and love spending money so it was free drinks for me! I kept trying to turn them down but they wouldn't take no for an answer....I actually took my last drink to the bathroom, dumped in down the sink and refilled it with water...hehe. Then tonight it's roommate night out on the town. We have $250 to burn (gift certificate) at a very nice restaurant/wine bar, then we're going dancing afterwards.

I guess the good news is that I haven’t had any weird hangovers/side effects from the drinking.


Day 7!

One week!

Today I am upping my dosage. Took 40mg in the morning and will take another 40mg at night, then tomorrow I'll flip back to 40...so it evens out to 60mg/day for the next week.

Skin: looked a little red today, almost like my skin was tanned (I'm usually quite pale). I've had a few small white heads pop up on my chin area, nothing major but I do feel like it may get worse.

No noticeable change in dryness

I'm still taking all my supplements and trying to eat well. I've also switched my workout sched around. Doing less volume during weight lifting and increasing my Yoga practice.

I usually have a huge healthy appetite and if anything I think it's decreased a bit...but maybe it's more to do with me planning on breaking out the Brazilian bikini when I head to Brazil in a month!


Day 3/4

Day 3/4

Well both day 3 and 4 have gone by and not too much to report. Still taking 40mg/day, plan to up it to 60 come tuesday. I'm going to take 80mg Tues 40 wed, 80mgh Thurs etc... for about a week.

No new cysts.....random whiteheads are still there but don't seem to be getting worse.

My plan is to be as proactive as possible and keep myself nice and moisturized. I have begun to amass a wide variety of moisture products. La Roche Posay Nutritic for my face, and two of their chapsticks for my lips (Nutritic and Cerapip). Lips feel nice and moisturized so far. Using regular Eucerine cream for my body. No luck in finding the Aquaphor healing ointment in stores (I'm in Canada) so I've got some off ebay. Should arrive late next week or the week after.

I did go out last night and had 3-4 drinks...no issues. I am a bit of a party girl though and 3-4 drinks is actually not a lot for me. I routinely binge drink 2-3 nights a week but I am cutting back!

GO CANADA!!! Spent most of the day watching the Olympics. When they finish in 16 days I'll be 3 weeks into my Accutane treatment! Time is going to fly!


Day 2

Day 2

My face looks a little red and I did notice some slightly dry skin, but could possibly not be the Accutane.

My back is sore today, but I know that's related to the Yoga that I did yesterday.

Blemish wise, lots of little pimples on my forehead and other random places on my face which started last week, not usual for me. Otherwise just some healing cysts on my cheeks.

I was trying to find Aquaphor healing ointment for my lips but nor luck so far, I found the original formula but not the one everyone else seems to be using.

La roche seems to have some good lip stuff, I may check it out.

Beauty sleep time!


Background and Day 1

I'm a 27 yearold female with what I would consider to be mile/moderate unpredictable acne. I never know when I'm going to break out, where I'm going to break out or with what type of pimples. It's rather frustrating and I'm sick of it, I shouldn't have to deal with acne at 27!

When I was a teenager I had horrible acne, mostly on my forehead, and went on Accutane. I was about 15 at the time and believe I was on 60mg a day (around 5'7 and about 110lbs). From what I remember I had really dry lips, dry skin and sun sensitivity. I remember some depressed/moody episodes but I blame that on just being a teenager. I can't remember an initial breakout but my skin was so bad I may not have noticed. My skin took a while to clear but did eventually and I enjoyed beautiful skin.

Fast forward a few years and the acne began to come back, but never even close to what it was before. Over the years I've tried everything, BC, proactive, B5, various gels etc. Worked to varying degrees or not at all, but nothing lasted or cleared me 100%

I toyed with going on accutane three years ago but I was training for my first marathon and was worried about the effects of accutane on my joints so I decided not to.

Day 1

Fast forward again and I bring you to the present day. After 6 months of increasingly unpredictable skin I've decided to begin a second course. I popped my first pill at lunch. My derm has prescribed me 80mg Claravis/day (5'9 and 140lbs). A higher dosage than I anticipated. I was given minocycline for 6 weeks before I started (and to allow me to get my blood work done), it helped somewhat but not great.

I'm really worried about the initial breakout and may start with just 40mg for the first week then up it to 80mg.

I'm also taking a few supplements:

-6g fish oil (was tahttp://www.acne.org/messageboard/style_images/acne_2_0/folder_editor_images/rte-bold.pngking pre accutane)

-vitamin E

-greens plus Daily detox

-50mg zinc

-ZMA at night (was taking pre accutane)

I still haven't chosen a good lip balm, but have a few good moisturizers for my skin: eucerin cream, jojoba oil.... I'll see what works best!

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