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hi guys,

i went on the regimen for the third time for like 10 days start of feb n i was having lots of trouble and asking questions left right and centre but no one replied...i felt so alone i jus gave up!

But i have had the worst month of my life due to boyfriend (who i been with for 6 yrs) and serious money problems at uni and as a result i now cant stand my face any longer so im back on the regimen with a new recommended moisturiser- aqueous cream. So i been on the regimen for three days now....my skin is getting red again but the zits i did have seem to jus be going purple and dry rather than shrinking. Im scared they're gonna scar. But im gonna push on cus lets face it if i gave up now i wouldnt have anything else to try so may aswel give it a push! please give me some encouragement cus i dont kno how much longer ill keep at it!

Thanks people



should i just give up?

day 9

my face was 100% free of active acne up till about 4 days ago. then something very strange happened...about 5 of my old red marks turned into full blown pimples...wtf!!! im soo peed off so now i have a really dry face with spots...is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else...please help cus im seriously thinkin bout givin up unless i can get some hope :D



can ppl help!?

ok so day 2 and 3 pretty good any active stuff i had is dried and wel on the way to healing! but my face is UNBELIEVEABLY RED its not swollen or anything...does anyone know wen this wil die down?! it so red ppl are staring! can anyone tel me when redness dies down!?

thanks alexandra


Day 1...kind of

hello, my name is alexandra and i didnt get acne until i was 17 :( and then my face exploded!!! But im on yasmin pill and seems to have put an end to cysts! So now i have little red spots on my cheeks and chin and as soon as i get rid of them all more pop up! Now i wouldnt mind but my skin is so crap anyway..i have huge pores on my cheeks and soooo many blackheads on my nose!!!

So, ive tried the regimen before like 4 times but i never kept a blog n jus fell behind with it eveytime. So now im keeping a blog of this so i HAVE to keep up!

I live in the UK so its gonna cost like $60 to get the acne.org stuff so im using:

The body shop tea tree facial wash

Panoxyl 5 CREAM (not gel it will kill your skin)

The body shop tea tree moisture lotion.

Day 1: i have:

3 pimples on my right cheek

4 on my left cheek

1 on my chin!

Here goes nothing!

Will post everyday

Alex xx

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