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Quick Post...

Well, things are definitely improving. I'm pretty much sold on The Regimen now. My skin is looking much better and I have had barely any new breakouts. The new pimples I do get pop up and go away in a matter of a day or two. I'm still have trouble with flaking, but it's getting better and it's a small price to pay for clearer-looking skin. I hope that within the next few weeks I can up my BP dosage without irritation. I'm also going to try using AHA in place of moisturizer at night sometimes, although I'm a little wary of it causing another breakout (I heard it can happen). So far so good....




  • Old marks are clearing up. There's still discoloration, but it's fading faster than I expected.
  • My face is still peeling a bit, but I have gotten my moisturizing regimen down pretty well and have reduced shine quite a bit (I just use less moisturizer on my t-zone area).
  • Jojoba oil works great.
  • I have 3 or 4 active pimples, but they're small and not very noticeable. That's a big difference.
  • I can actually SEE my progress, which is very encouraging.



  • No new pimples, but my old ones are healing slower OR are staying redder longer than usual. I'm assuming this is caused by the BP still being irritating and my skin not being used to it yet.
  • I feel like my pores are HUGE right now. It's really frustrating and it doesn't help that my face is super oily because of the moisturizer.
  • My chin is really started to dry/peel a lot. Jojoba oil helps a lot but, again, it leaves my face super shiny.

    Any suggestions for:

    • Redness/marks prevention?
    • Making pores less ginormous?
    • Oil control?



Quick Update

Kicking off WEEK 2...

A few updates:

  • My chin has broken out even worse and now I'm almost positive it was because I used AHA+ on a forming zit. I'm gonna hold off on using AHA+ again until I've been on this regimen for over a month. I don't think my skin can handle that much irritation right now.
  • No new breakouts today, which is good. My forehead still looks pretty bad from an earlier breakout, most likely due to my skin adjusting to the BP. Hopefully things continue to clear and no new breakouts occur.
  • I'm noticing more flakiness, probably becaus I upped my BP amount a bit, especially on my forehead and nose. The only problem is when I use the moisturizer/jojoba oil it makes my t-zone super shiny. I am still figuring out the best way to reduce shine. I tried oil blotting sheets but they don't really work that well. Is there another product that's safe to use with the regimen that reduces oiliness? Also, I read that using jojoba oil for a while will reduce oil production on the face because it mimics the skin's own natural oils, thus the body produces less of its own. Is that true?
  • The first few weeks are always rough when starting on a new regimen. Unlike most acne products, Dan's Regimen doesn't promise quick results. I'm fine with that, but it's also scary because in the back of my mind I'm thinking "What if this stuff doesn't work for me?" We'll see...


First Post: WEEK ONE


23-year-old guy living in LA. All my friends have outgrown their acne. My face just seems to be getting worse!

I was using CTRL Acne System for about 6 weeks (the MALE formula) and all it did was break me out badly (especially on my forehead). I never really struggled with acne until I graduated from college. I'm 23 now and for the past six months especially my face has not been clear. I guess I have adult acne...great.

I decided I should finally give Dan's Regimen a shot since I come on his site all the time for tips/information. I ordered the Starter Kit, plus Jojoba Oil and AHA+ and started the regimen as outlined on the site.


Cleanser: It is nice and mild and lathers well. Still getting used to only leaving it on for 10 seconds and barely touching my face. I am also VERY tempted to use a scrub, especially on the blackheads on my nose (that seemed to have gotten worse since starting The Regimen). Overall, though, the cleanser seems to work fine and doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry.

BP: For the first two days I though I was immune to the dreaded flakey skin I've red about ad nauseum on the site. Then on Day 3 I woke up to the worst dry skin I've ever had, mostly around my mouth and cheeks (and I'm only using a small amount like it says to do for the first few weeks). I have also broken out like crazy on my forehead (it's always been my problem area) and my chin (I hardly ever break out there so that was sort of upsetting). It's gotten so bad that I had to cancel on a bunch of my friends this weekend. I literally cannot leave the house looking like this. Ugh. I hope this is just the "purging phase" and I hope it ends fast!

Moisturizer: I really hate having a greasy face. I notice that my T-Zone area gets really bad if I use even the slightest bit of moisturizer. For the first few days I slathered on as much of the stuff as I could because I was so scared of drying/flaking. By the end of the week I focuses primarily on my cheeks, chin, and mouth area and have seen an improvement. For stray flakes on my forehead (especially around my eyebrows) I use the Jojoba oil. It's oily for a while but it goes away pretty fast. I still am pretty shiny, though...

AHA+: The site says not to use this until Week 4, so I have just been using it as a spot treatment, but I think I might have to stop. Every (and I mean EVERY) time I have used it on a blemish (especially ones that are just starting to form) I wake up the next day to find a big gross whitehead. I read conflicting things on this site about AHA+ and have come to the conclusion that I am either in a purging phase for this product OR it just doesn't work with my skin. I stopped using the AHA+ as a spot treatment, but still really really want to have some sort of spot treatment I can use. The past two nights I've used St. Helenes Mint Julep Mask (it has zinc and sulfur in it and has never irritated me in the past). So far the zits I've used it on have been drying out and fading, but I still have like 4 active whiteheads that I'm convinced the AHA+ has something to do with.

OVERALL: I am optimistic that this product will work. I have used BP in the past and found it worked pretty well, but was overly drying and I never could stick with it long enough to see any real results. Despite the sudden breakout on my forehead and chin (which I'm pretty sure is just my skin adjusting to the product) I just have a feeling this is going to help.


  • Does anybody have an alternative to the AHA+ that they recommend as a spot treatment?
  • I know it's different person to person, but how long did you experience purging/breakouts? I can handle 2-3 weeks, but I don't think my self-esteem can take looking like this for much longer!

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