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5 months of Accutane will = Happiness!

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So, since my last blog entry, I've had some other bumps in the road to starting accutane. I went to see the original derm (who I didn't think I could see because of insurance.) Because I started with him, I cancelled the appointment I had set up with the other doctor. So, I found out a week before I was supposed to start it, the derm I cancelled deleted me out of the iPledge system. In turn, everything is obsolete...I had to start all over again.

And I was livid to say the least!! I have taken action against that derm office and I have spoken with the Office Manager and things are taken care of now.

It's so frustrating. It really is. The first time I took 'tane, none of this iPledge crap existed...it's only made this process so much slower than necessary.

Anyway, I've gone thru the 1st set of bloodwork and now waiting to get the 2nd done....on April 15. YAY! I really can't wait. It's been a long time coming...most definitely.

I still have my vlog on youtube: JORIwantsclearskin

Watch if ya like!




Accutane postponed....UGH!

Hey y'all...

I've had one hell of a time on Friday dealing with my derm and Accutane. Basically, I don't get to start Accutane for another 30 days because my derms secretary didn't enroll my info in iPledge. UGH! I'm like, so beyond pissed....people are definitely gonna hear about this.

Anyway, I posted a new blog entry on youtube, check it out if you're interested.




youtube Video Blog

Hey y'all!

I have decided to do a video blog instead of a text blog. I find those more interactive with the accutane community. Also, y'all can see my skin progress as I do each blog entry. :D

If you would like to watch my videos, or even be so bold to subscribe, that would be wonderful. I would love any feedback that anyone would be able to offer.

my username is: JORIwantsclearskin

I hope to see y'all there!! :D

Thanks so much and best of luck to everyone!!!



Hey y'all!

My name is Jori, I am 23-years-old, and I have suffered from acne since the tender age of eight. The confidence level I have and the level I should have are on two completely different levels because of my blemishes.

Here pretty soon, I will be starting Accutane. I tried taking this when I was eighteen, but because I saw signs of depression, I discontinued treatment. I decided I wanted to start this again because it's the only thing that remotely worked for my cystic acne. This time, I am taking an anti-depressant along side the Accutane, in hopes of counter-acting those signs.

I have been seeing my doctor as well as the derm to get everything lined out the passed couple months, and I believe @ my next appointment on the 19th, I will be able to get started.

All I have ever wanted for myself was clear, beautiful skin, much like everyone else I come across. I just hope I don't have discontinue again. If that happens, I'll be crushed.

Stay tuned for the upcoming entries!


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