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Karen L.

- Accutane day 43 on 20 mg going on 10 mg :D

- No new acne.

- Dry, red and flakking skin.

Received some horrifying news today at my derms' office; my derm is putting me on 10 mg beginning from tomorrow. I couldn't convince her to let me stay on 20 mg. I even began over the 120 mg per kilo you need in order to minimize acne to come back, she said and I quote "Ã am the specialist and I know what is good for you and we are going to experiment". Thus, she wants to experiment with my dosage a.k.a my face!!! I almost forgot why I disliked her, now I remember.

I haven't had active acne for 3 weeks now, I should be very happy and content however my pores have become huge since a few days. I have dry and red patches on my face and I don't dare to scrub or put too much moisturizing cream on my face (my derm doesn't want me to use moisturizing cream at all). Maybe the 10 mg is better I'm just frightened it will get worse.

Has anyone had the same experience? Been put on a lower dosage so early?

Love Karen

Karen L.

- Accutane day 33 on 20 mg.

- No new acne.

- Dry and flakking skin.

Already a month on accutane! I remember my IB ,what a horrible week and a half I had. I even considered stopping my accutane course during those days, I'm so glad I didn't. Since my 20th day on accutane I had acne freeeeee skin, just red marks from my IB. I haven't had new acne for 13 days and when I apply make-up you can't see a thing.

I'm quite a shy person, polite to others but shy. I do see a slight difference in myself when I meet new people and introduce myself to them. Not looking down at the floor anymore, I used to avoid eye contact like crazy. Now I feel very confident and may I say pretty? :D Am I becomming a new person or is it just that my major insecurity has been eliminated.

I've always had a lot of attention at school, work and even just walking down the street. But every time someone would call me pretty or the like, all I could ever think of was "you should see me without make-up". Comments people would give me made me actually feel worse as opposed to give me a good feeling. I just felt I was fooling everyone, because every time I would look in the mirror without make-up I saw the real me and it wasn't pretty at all. I know a lot of women (without acne) wear make-up, however they already have gorgeous skin.

Come to think of it I feel very sorry for the guys with acne. Guys don't wear concealer, foundation and powder... they are quite the brave ones. I think if I was a guy I would wear make-up anyway, or is that me just being feminine.

Anyway my skin is slowly but steadily making progress. The red marks from previous acne is fading, I need to be patient cause I heard it takes a long time for these marks to go. My pores are getting smaller and my skin is so smooth with moisturizing cream. Yet without moisturizing cream my skin is literally flaking off, it is so dry. So so so very dry. When I have a day off, I apply my moisturizing cream 4 -5 times a day!

Take care

XO Karen

Karen L.

Day 29 I heart accutane

- Accutane day 29 on 20 mg.

- NO NEW ACNE, I'm loving accutane.

- Dry skin.

Day 29!! Almost a month on accutane, my skin has changed extremely to when I first started. I don't mind waking up anymore; the dreadful feeling of seeing my face in the morning is gone. When I'm home I don't mind wearing no make-up in front of my boyfriend. He even told me I was looking radiant. Still wearing make-up when I go to work, school and when I meet my friends. But mostly to cover up my red marks.

Yesterday when I had to visit potential new clients, I was surprisingly confident. Normally I don't like it when people stare at me, didn't mind me anymore. And when I went to the bathroom to check my make-up it was still looking great. That used to be so different......

Can't wait to see my father again tomorrow, I think he will notice. He works in a foreign country and tomorrow he will be home again :D . I can't tell him I'm on accutane though, so I'm quite nervous. He doesn't believe in taking medication and probably will find accutane too strong. My mother told me it's for the best.

Take care.

Love Karen

Karen L.

- Accutane day 27 on 20 mg.


- Very dry skin.

Last Sunday my skin was looking great under my layers of make-up; concealer, foundation and a touch of powder. I have never worn moisturizing cream under my make-up, due to my already oily skin. Nowadays I think I will just have to, my skin is so dry. I’ve been putting moisturizing cream on my face more than three times a day, yet it doesn't help. I'm not going to scrub but what to do? Tomorrow I have to meet potential new clients for work, just want to feel confident and concentrate solely on work.

I do see progress; the pores on my skin are getting smaller by the day, acne free but my face is looking red and is extremely dry, the red marks on my face from previous acne are fading faster than normal.

I thought that once my body would be somewhat adjusted to the accutane my skin and lips would become less dry rather than more dry. I can't complain though, haven't had new acne since my 19th day on accutane. I consider myself a patient person yet when it comes to the accutane treatment I'm very impatient. I wonder if I'm becoming obsessive with my skin or I might already be.....my mama made a comment as such yesterday, can't get it out of my mind. Being obsessive about something is never good, I just can't help it. This accutane treatment is my last resort and I've lived a long life with acne so far.

Take care and good luck. XO karen

Karen L.

Day 25

- Accutane day 25 on 20 mg.


- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Woke up today and was absolutely genuinely happy. I had a great night out with my best friend during the crazy but oh so fun carnaval. In addition to having just good old fun, I felt good about my appearance…finally. Before going to my friends house, I made sure to take plenty of time on my make-up. Concealer.? Check. Foundation.? Check. Powder.? Check.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and finally saw myself (under a lot of lawyers make-up :D ), how I would look like hopefully in a few months, without the help of make-up. Normally I take my powder with me wherever I go, so that I can retouch and not have my face shining. After yesterday night I won't need to take my powder with my anymore :D

Well the little bump under the skin I felt yesterday, long gone. I'm feeling a new one, hopefully this one will fade within a day too.

Wonders of accutane:

- No shining of the face

- No frequent toilet visits to check my make-up

- Do not have to wash my hair every day

- Skin is looking good (hope I'm not jinxing it)

- Found the sweetest girl ever through acne.org

Yep only pro's.

Love karen

Karen L.

- Accutane day 24 on 20 mg.

- NO NEW ACNE, wait maybe :D I'm feeling a little bump under my skin.

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Yesterday went out to see my friends and had the best time in weeks. Didn't realize I was missing so much of the 'real world' until I saw them again. They all had brilliant stories and updates about what they'd been doing, and I was noticeably quiet. Didn't matter though I was enjoying the gossip. However, I didn't have the guts to tell them about me being on accutane.... Do all of you tell your friends? Or am I the only one who wants to keep it a secret? And being maybe foolish?

My skin is looking great, no new acne so far. In a few days I will get my period, I’m quite nervous about that. Normally I would get some more and painful acne on those days. I do feel a little bump under my skin, hope it stays there and fades away.

Does anyone still get acne around their period (hope I'm not asking too embarrassing questions) while being on accutane?

So, tonight I'm going to see my best friend again :D yeay. I don't see her that much cause she lives about an hour away. Can't wait to see her, we are going to celebrate carnaval. I'm going to drink, that's what carnaval is for. I have been drinking some wine occasionally with my supper, hadn't bothered me. Yet I'm going to have two drinks and that's it, hopefully...

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love Karen

PS I forgot to put purol (sort of Vaseline but better) on my lips yesterday before going to bed. I’m being punished for that today... I won’t be forgetting that anymore.

Karen L.

Day 22 Socializing

- Accutane day 22 on 20 mg.


- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Ready to socialize again. This week I had my exams and didn't leave the house, pretty much stayed home all week to study. The week before I had my massive IB and also stayed in as much as I could. However this weekend I really want to get out of the house and be social again. Planning to see my friends again, don't know what to tell them; they have been concerned about not seeing me. I don't feel like telling them, how do you tell people you love, you didn't want them to see you because you felt 'not yourself’?

No one knows I've been on accutane, besides my mother, sister and boyfriend (not even my father, he would get pretty upset). I've found my support by visiting this site, reading other blogs and putting my own feelings and frustrations on my blog. I'm excited to see my friends but frightened to tell them.... I'll see how things go tomorrow.

Update on my face; Looking pretty good if I may say so myself. Six months ago my face looked very good, by eating and drinking healthy. I had a few pimples now and then and some red marks from previous acne. I used light make up coverage, yet I wanted to visit a derm, my acne began when I was about 12 and just wanted perfect skin. She prescribed me with Minocycline (an antibiotic). While being on it my skin looked gorgeous, I haven't felt that confident in a very long time. However when I stopped the antibiotic my face had gotten worse than it has ever been. I was so upset I ever began the antibiotic. My derm then suggested accutane; I was very hesitant because she had given me the antibiotic which caused my skin to get worse.

So, that's pretty much my 'acne history'. Now my face looks good yet in the back of my mind I'm frightened that when I stop it will get even worse. I'm not really a fan of my derm (trust issues), she's the only one specialized and if I go to another derm, my insurance won't pay for it. So I just have to suck it up. I've read a few blogs of people that are already done with their accutane course and it sounds promising, so it might happen to me too (and you!).

Enjoy your weekend.

XO karen

Karen L.

Day 21 Heavenly news

- Accutane day 21 on 20 mg.

- NO NEW ACNE :( still got two whiteheads though.

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Day 21 on accutane. My face looks 100 times better than last week when I was having my IB. I couldn't have imagined my face would heal so fast. Don't get me wrong I am loving it, however it does make me worry, if my face looks good now how will it look next week? Anyway have to stay positive and enjoy this moment.

A few days ago I called my derm's office in need for some advice due to the condition of my skin on my neck. It was red and burning mainly caused by the differin gel. The receptionist told me I would be called back on Thursday, today. This very nice young woman was very helpful and understanding. She told me it was in fact the differin gel that caused it and that I should apply the differin gel once every 2 or even 3 days instead of daily (because of my dry skin due to accutane). The differin gel has a kind of chemical peeling effect that eliminates the red spots left from previous acne; it accelerates the process of your new skin. I also took the opportunity to ask about possibly any further breakouts, which she responded with magical words: NO MORE BREAKOUTS !!! Best news ever... if I do get them, she's going to be very much in trouble.

So that's wonderful news, still can't help being hesitant. Don't want to have my hopes up just to become disappointed when it does get worse again.

Good luck to everyone and hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

XO Karen

Karen L.

- Accutane day 20 on 20 mg.

- No new acne, 2 cysts from a couple of days ago. .

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

I have encountered the strangest but most beautiful thing when looking in a magnifying mirror, normally something I would never ever do. Absolutely horrifying those magnifying mirrors yet I did and, the pores on my skin are shrinking!! They are so so tiny it's just stunning news for me :( You can see on my picture that my skin was oily, well that's history too. I had a long day today; go to school for exams, pass by my work to get some documents, then back home made supper, laundry etc. and when I finally looked in the mirror my make-up was still great, I wasn't shining at all.

So today is a good day, hope no more bad days are coming. Downside I still have those two cysts, they have become whiteheads. I'm not touching them though, to afraid I might do more damage. Tomorrow I have a free day so hopefully Friday they will be long gone.

I was wondering if someone has experiences with scrubbing while on accutane? My sister told me that if I gently scrub on the places where I don't have active acne the dead skin will go and so will my dry skin.

Good luck to all and enjoy the evening.

Love karen

Karen L.

Day 19

- Accutane day 19 on 20 mg.

- No new acne, 3 cysts from a couple of days ago. .

- No real side effects apart from dry lips.

Every morning when I wake up, I lay in bed hoping that when I take a look in the mirror my face miraculously is acne free. It takes me ages to get out of bed and actually wash my face in the morning, because I'm too frightful of what I might see .

This morning when washing my face I noticed that my skin is very very smooth on my cheeks and forehead, these are places where I never break out. My chin and nose are still quite bumpy apart from the three cysts but I guess from clogged pores. The three cysts from a few days ago don't hurt anymore and shrunk to half their sizes overnight.

Well, a few days ago I posted in my blog about the differin gel which was concerning me, it made my skin dry out even more, causing red burning patches on my face. I stopped on my 17th day and I'm feeling a lot better now. Still have a very red looking neck where I put the differin so I called my derm's office today just to let her know I stopped taking it and I wanted to speak to her as my next appointment won't be due until the 3rd of march, I’m frightened the redness won’t heal. I got her assistant, what an annoying person!! I forgot how bad customer service is here in the Netherlands. It's absolutely horrifying how people treat you even though you are the customer and you are in need of some advice.

Last December I was in New York, and I was absolutely blown away by how great the customer service is. Everybody is so friendly and taking the time to assist you properly! Here when you have an issue, they say it's your problem and just deal with it. Anyway my derm's assistant was talking to me as if I was wasting her precious time with my unimportant question and how dare I even ask to talk to my derm (who is a md she said which doesn’t have time to talk to me). After complaining to her and asking her for advice she finally gave in and told me I would be called back on Thursday by an INTERN, great can't wait :(

Love karen

Ps used the vichy foundation today, and no irritation whatsoever.

Karen L.

Day 18 IB at its end?

- Accutane day 18th on 20 mg.

- My IB is at its end (I hope); no new ones, 3 cysts from 2 days ago.

- No real side effects apart from dry lips, very manageable with good old vaseline.

Maybe wishful thinking, but I think my IB is at its end. I woke up today with no new ones, just 3 cysts that are actually shrinking fast. Last Saturday I was so discouraged that I didn't want to leave my parent's house and just stayed there, as well as Sunday. However today I felt I had to get some fresh air and do some groceries.

Before I went on accutane I could cover my face and hide my marks with mineral powder (I had no cysts at that time). Now on accutane I really need some foundation!! My dry skin is even more highlighted with powder :( So, I went to the local pharmacy to get some good information about which foundation I should use while taking accutane.

They were so helpful and nice; they gave me a few samples of moisturizing crèmes that helps wonders and they recommended that when I put make-up on it should be Vichy NormaTeint. It’s a non-comedogeen and is hypo-allergenic. It’s the anti-imperfection foundation, tomorrow I'm going to try it on my neck first, just to be sure I don't worsen my face.


Karen L.

- Accutane day 17th on 20 mg

- Still having my IB; 4 cysts and 3 whiteheads

- Red, burning, itchy areas (possibly due to the differin gel)

It's my 17th day today, I'm actually counting down the days until my massive breakout might stop. I went to visit my parents this weekend and planning to stay here until Wednesday, when I have exams for school. I am not going outside at all!!! I just left my boyfriend all alone in our house; don't want him to see me like this :( I feel so sad for him, he might as well be thinking what the * am I doing with this ugly girl (me).

I have read a lot of blogs here on acne.org and the weird thing I have encountered is that most of the IB is around the mouth and the chin area, as mine! I've got 4 cysts there, very painful ones, and some around my nose.

One thing I really need some advice about is Differin gel. I was prescribed Differin gel along my Accutane. My skin really hurts so badly that I've talked it over with my mother. She thinks I should stop the Differin gel, which I'm going to do for at least one week to see if my skin feels better. She stated that my skin is already quite thin and I might make it worse by using Differin gel.

My skin is flaking, it feels itchy and on some places soooo red and burning; especially where I have put the differin gel. Today I put a lot of moisturizing crème on my red and burning patches (oh oh my derm is going to kill me, she can't see me though!!)

My breakout is still ongoing while on my Isotretinoin instructions say that the IB might last 7 to 10 days. So I'm afraid my massive breakout is due to the Differin gel? Does anyone have had the same experience and possibly some advice?

Take care everyone.

Karen L.

16th day on Accutane

Hi everyone,

I have been reading blogs and messages posted on Acne.org for more than a month, and seriously been addicted to this site since I started my Accutane journey 16 days ago.

Every day I try to find hopefull stories that cheer me up during bad breakout days, which is working! It's quite hard to imagine myself without acne, I can't even remember when I had perfect skin.

Some facts;

- Acne sufferer since 12 years old, I am now 22 years of age.

- Due to monitoring my diet (eating healthy and drinking loads of water and purrifying thee) my acne became very mild.

- Used the antibiotic minocycline; which cleared my skin completely during the course, however worsened my acne after. It left me with terrible cysts acne.

- 20 mg of Accutane (Isotretinoin Actavis) for 5 months.

I'm currently on my 16th day now and I'm not quite sure if my initial breakout is near it's end, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I haven't felt this ugly as in ever with my IB.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend! And I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone on accutane.

X Karen

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