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Starting Accutane

So..today i went and picked up my script...decided to do 20 instead of 30mg...had my blood and urine done today..and will hopefully be able to have my script filled tomorrow! wish me luck!



I'm a 18 year old female. I weigh 105 pounds and am 4'11. I've never had a problem with acne until 3 months ago. My chin slowly started breaking out..then BOOM...it went crazy. I thought at first it was because i stopped taking birth control a few weeks prior to my break out. So i went back on birth control and it didnt seem to help..at least not quick enough. I'm a pageant queen for my state and have never gone through any kind of acne before. After antibiotics and duac gel didnt work..i begged my regular doc to let me go see a derm. I went to see my derm the very next day and he said "accutane"...on Jan.21 2008 i go to get my prescription for 30mg of sotret...

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