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Day 11

Well nothing has happened but ill started posting from here now. So far all i have had was very very dry lips, scalp and peeling on my face...

I also notice my hands look very chapped and red and rough ...

Ive been using aquphor and carmax many time throughout day and at night i cake up my lips.

I also have started using a humidifer in my room at night thinking that i could use it... sinc eim so dry.. face is starting to look better all the big bumps have went down and they are just like little peely areas now...

i cant imagine what this will do since i will be on it 4 months and its onl been 11 days.


Jan 21 (day 1)

Today i started my accutane journey. Kinda nervous but very excited to see how well it really works. Im taking pics as well to post at a later date.

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