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I'm just not having the greatest day today. My acne won't cover with makeup and I haven't gotten a tan in over a month so I'm literally albino. It's just one of those days that you just don't want to be seen but you don't have a choice. I have 2 classes today and I really don't want to go to them ughhh WHEN DOES IT END wtf I hate acne...if it were a person I wish it would jump off a bridge....

Also, T-1 1/2 months until I'm on the runway...f u c k.


So, I've tried so effing many facewashes throughout my teen and young adult life that there should be some kind of law against it (and being pre-law I'm learning that there have been worse laws, yeah you heard me Alabama "You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time." who thinks of these things?! Don't answer that.) Anyways, I think I've finally settled on a facewash that I should have stuck to in the first place!

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, Antibacterial

It's good stuff peeps.

I used it about 2 years ago and I remember going "wow, I love this stuff" because it was clearing up my acne. But of course, the only facewash I've ever really been happy with THEY DON'T SELL IN THE STORES I SHOP AT! So I gave up on the Cetaphil and began another endless quest to find something to replace it, without luck. So, here I am searching the product reviews on acne.org and I stumble upon the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar review and realize that everyone else thought the same as I did. "This stuff is amazing." and "It works great!" were what I was reading and a lightulb went off in my head...Why hadn't I stuck with it to begin with?!

Well..I finally found it! They sell it at a grocery store near me I'M SO HAPPY :(

So that's my new cleanser/facewash from now on and hopefully forever. So far my skin feels soo soft and looks less red so hopefully it will aid in clearing up my face along with Amnesteem.

Amnesteem UPDATE:

No new zits so far but I am starting to have a little back/chest pain (its like a pressure release feeling like when you lay on your stomach for a long time and get up...it only happens when i'm sitting in a weird position for a while and move, I dunno). I do get a weird dermatitis rash thing on the backs of my hands if I wash them too much but that is combated with hydrocortizone cream and regular moisturizing :(.

So far so good!

If anyone has any suggestions for me about side effects or supplements that helped with them while on Accutane it would be really helpful!


Hey Everyone! So I decided to start an Accutane journal for a 3 reasons:

1. I'd like imput from others who have been on Accutane

2. I'd like to give other people insight as to what it's like to be on Accutane

3. I wanted to document my daily/weekly/monthy improvements/side effects.

I've had acne since I was 13 years old. At first it wasn't so bad, a few zits here and there and I would use OTC products which cleared it up usually. I didn't start getting really bad acne (READ: SEVERE) breakouts until I was 17 or 18 (I'm 21 now) and now it's gotten out of control :( !

I've tried just about everything and to no avail the acne was still there. I'm also an aspiring model so my effing acne has hindered getting work in the industry substantially (doesn't matter how pretty/tall/skinny you are, good skin in modeling is what it's all about FAIL) ;) .

Accutane is my last resort so hopefully this acne business will all be over with soon and I can get on with my life!

Anyways, I'm on my 6th week of Accutane. I was on Claravis for the first 4 weeks and I switched to Amnesteem (60mg/day or 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night).


I had so many side effects on Claravis, including:

  • headaches
    joint pain
    chest pain
    back pain
    mood swings

and the list goes on....

My derm said that she sees that happen a lot with Clavaris and she thinks that it's the binding agents the company uses. I haven't had any serious side effects with Amnesteem though THANK GOD.

I did have an initial break out (which I am still battling unfortunately :( ) but I have faith that my skin will start to look better soon (and really if it wasn't for my eternally optimistic outlook on life I don't think I would be sane right now).

My oil production has seemed to go down drastically but now it seems in the last couple days im getting a little bit more oily again. I think this has to do with my not eating peanut butter with the pills (because the pills are fat soluble).

Anyways, so that's that for now...I'll post more later and keep ya'll updated!

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