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Day 48 [March 10]

I said I would keep updating my blog, but school doesn't allow me to! Also, I've been discouraged by the results I'm seeing. Its only been 48 days, but I feel that the results I was seeing early on are fading. I excercise three times a day and drink plenty of water.

I ordered my second round of the regimen. I almost quit after finishing the first round, but decided to stick with it for at least two months before deciding to change it. I will finish the products and if they don't start producing results, I think I will part with Dan's Regimen.

I honestly don't think my skin has gotten any better. I'm worried, angry, upset, frustrated, etc...



Day 3 [January 24]

Day 3:

I started seeing significant results today, but I had no time to take any pictures and upload them. I will try before the end of week 1.


Day 1 [January 21]

Day 1:

I'm excited about starting the Acne.org regimen! I've tried many other OTC acne products but they didn't work as well as I wanted.

I will keep updating this blog.

I have oily skin, for one. I do have acne on my back and chest, but it is not that big of a problem to me. My face acne bothers me very much, as I'm sure it does everyone!

I drink 4-5 liters of water during the day.

I excercise three times a week (MWF) in the mornings.

2 grams of Omega 3

50 mg Zinc

400 I.U Vitamin E

Day 1 photos:



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