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2nd entry

So, same old pimples as yesterday plus one more whitehead. Yay for me! None of them seem to be getting any bigger, but they're not getting any smaller either. They're just staying there for a bit I guess.

I've decided tonight not to wash my face or put on the Stievamycin because last night my face stung pretty bad and was really irritating. I wonder if this will be better or worse for my skin? I don't seem to care right now, because hopefully next month I'll be Accutane.

Right now I'm fine, not feeling horrible or anything. Just kind of neutral I guess.

Not too long of a blog tonight. Gotta get some sleep, wake up, go to school and then go to work. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and the big thing on my nose will be in better condition.


1st entry

So I've been taking Minocycline and Stievamycin for about a month and a half now. In the beginning everything was good. I had a nice two weeks or so of "clear" skin, but I figured I was just having a good couple of weeks... and of course, I was right.

After that I broke out like crazy, mainly on my nose. I had roughly 4-5 big pimples on my nose. My nose was red and in so much pain. The cool air from outside stung the surface of my nose, that's how bad it was. It was like that for about 2 weeks or so. Then last Friday they finally went away. I had no active pimples on my chin, cheeks or nose. All I had were scars, which is better than actives.

During that weekend, my face was "clear." I had no active pimples or anything. I was actually happy. I went out to the mall, hung out with friends, etc. I was so happy that I let my guard down. I actually thought that maybe the meds were working and that my face was gonna be clear and stay clear. But then Sunday night as I was washing my face before bed I felt a bump on my nose. The happiness I felt that whole weekend just died right there and then.

Now I have a huge red pimple on the top surface of my nose, and some mid-sized red pimples on my left and right cheeks and on my chin.

So now I'm going to bed, because tomorrow I have to get up and go to school looking the way I do... It's going to be a horrible week for sure.

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