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In the U.S. financial markets, the term penny stock commonly refers to any stock trading outside one of the major exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX), and is often considered pejorative. The official definition of a penny stock is a low-priced, speculat

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Mathew Bracken

Penny stocks are widely supposed to be risky investment instruments among investors because of the many drawbacks associated with them. One those usually cited is that penny stocks hardly change hands due to lack of market support and so selling them might not be that easy for investors.

Since a confidence investor wants to be sure about the liquidity of his potential investment, he thinks twice before buying penny stocks. This is precisely because many penny stocks with good growth potential also fail to draw due attention from the investors at large. But then, at the same time, that is also the reason why penny stock markets should be mined by investors for a likely treasure trove.

Now that brings us to the big question of how to spot penny stocks with surprising growth potential in a market which apparently holds little attraction for investors. There are various ways of collecting the required information to validate initial impression about a targeted penny stock. These include periodic news letters published by many brokers to provide inputs on growth potential of penny stocks short-listed by them for recommended trading. In addition, these brokers also provide advice on a one-on-one level to their clients.

The pink sheets and over-the-counter bulletin board also publish transaction details of penny stocks traded there on a daily basis. These are the first hand sources of information on penny stock trading and so investors would benefit by monitoring them. Many penny stocks are also listed on major exchanges like NASDAQ as small-cap stocks. These exchanges require submission of key details on related companies’ business operations under their regular disclosure norms.

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