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So this morning I woke up with a little bit of sweat of my face that I washed off with water. Then I went to exersize, came back, did the same as yesterday. Washed my face with only water. My skin is pretty dry, and I believe it is the castor oil drying my skin out. It is kinda bothering me the dryness, but it would not be if I had an oil for my face I bet! If I had the money I would imediatly go out to get some oil, but unfortunatly I have to wait til later! I am going to get another bottle of Jojoba, and add more Jojoba to my mixture of castor, and jojoba. I will do that so the castor oil would not dry my skin soooo bad. I have dead skin pealing off, and I do not know if that it is supposed to do that or not? I know that when you rub the oil in it imediatly you will see the dead skin shedding off. I made shure I rubbed off all the guck with an towel. I can't wait for a moisturizer! Who knows if I will skip tonight or night? I will have to think????

I went to get some sun outside for 10 mins I heard doing it 10 mins a day helps alot our skin!


I ended up doing OCM tonight too! Lots of dry oil sebum came out of my face(more than yesterday)! I am so amazed how my skin is glowing, and soft! It is slightly red, but not bad! :( The only problem is that around my nose is irrirated, and it is slightly hurting me (a burning sensation) right now. Tommorrow I HAVE TO get some oil to moisturize my face afterwards! A pimple ended up popping by itself after doing this, and I had to press out the rest of the gunk (yuk i know). I think I am going to deluite tea tree oil to put on the pimple just incase the next time I might have this problem of a pimple popping on me like that. I just do not want to break out in other places, you know what I mean? Good night everyone!


My first day!

Yesterday night I have tried the much talked about "Oil Cleansing Method" aka OCM! If you have never heard what OCM is read this site....


The idea of putting oil on my face scared me when I have first read this website, but then I started reading up more on it and it started to make sience. I thought to myself "I will give it a try!". Imediatly I went out and bought Castor Oil, and Jojoba oil! I made shure I got pure cold pressed castor oil. It has to be an oil of quality. I would not just try any castor Oil I can find. I guess what is really important is choosing the right oil for your skin type. I am new to this, and just like most of you are just starting out... but I thought Jojoba was best for me. Okay lets talk about me, and my skin so you can get the point.

I am a twenty year old female.

I have never had problems with skin when I was in my teens (I was a teen yesterday..that was funny).

I ended up getting PF, cured it, and ever sience it happened I have really oily, and dry skin.

I have black heads, and three pimples. One cystic. <center> When I was a teen I only washed my face with water, and I never had problems

Right when I started to use soaps, creams, and chemical stuff like that I started to have problems.<center> I do not have any weight problems.

Anyways back to Jojoba. I thought Jojoba would be best for me because I have read somthing that Jojoba resembles human sweat. So I would think that would be best because I think Olive oil might clog pores... I do not know? I mixed 25% castor oil, with 75% Jojoba. Before I started to use the oil I made shure that I had two clean towels, and a pan of boiling hot water. After I rubbed in the oil in a non agressive way. I took the pan, sat down, pull the towel over my head so that the steam will help me get rid of all the impurities. I repeated the steaming two times! When I was done I took the other towel,and whiped the oil, gunk, and stuff off my face. I also splased cold water three times afterwards. I did not put any other oil as a moisturizer afterwards. I still have to think about what oil I want to use as moisturizer because I just can not put anything on my skin.

This morning I woke up with a sweaty face, and I splashed the sweat off with water. Then I went to exersize for an hour to break a sweat. I read that exercise help balance out oil production. I went back home took a bath, and washed my face with ONLY water. My face is pretty dry today, but there is LESS shine! I am going to wash my face with water tonight, and try OCM again tommorrow. I do not want to over do it with OCM because I have read people having problems when they do.

I use to use Cetaphil, but that stuff is not doing wonders on my skin. So I thought about the water only method.... I have friends that are into natural health that do not like using any products on their skin and for some reason ALL of them have better skin than me and everyone else I know(this is what I have noticed if you think that this is not true, thats okay everyone have their own opinions.) Plus I thought "Are we really meant to use all thoes chemicals on our skin... NO."

I have also been eating really healthy. I am eating lots of types of raw nuts, and food like flaxseeds, hempseed raw bars, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and ect and ect every single day (I was told that nuts help regulate oil production). I know that the diet is the most important thing so if I do not eat healthy I will not have perfect skin. I am also drinking Kombucha which is really good for overall health. I eat a big green salad a day, and take Green Vibrance which has 25 Billion Probiotics in it (you get it from whole foods). I make shure that I get veggies, and fruits of all colors.There is No Sodas, No Junkfood, No Fastfood, No GMO, and only healthy stuff. I am not saying that I say no to chocolate I just make shure I get a good quality dark chocolate! :( Eating healthy does not mean you have to take off chocolates, and stuff like that! It is the quality, and what is in the food that counts.

I will write tommorrow how my skin is doing! I hope this helps!


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