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Haha so much for keeping a blog. Oh well, i tried. Life is busy. Well i recently got asked a question on acne.org and it kind of reminded me about my blog and how i was testing an acne light. I forget what its called off the top of my head but im sure i mention the name in the first post. Im still using differin .3 which makes me really sensitive to sun light so i dont really use the light the way it was designed to. Its a super powerful light and the directions say to use it anywhere from 6-15 seconds. I use it for 1 possibly 2 seconds, never more than 3, on each side of my face, simply because my face will get super red and damaged. And rarely do i use it twice a day. Its hard to tell if i've seen results with the light or from differin, but i have seen improvement.


Yes i think it works. While im on differin and a low glycemic diet at the same time i think the light has helped my acne.

Its very quick. Literally takes seconds

Covers a large portion, if not all of your face

Powerful but gentler than covering your entire face in benzoyl peroxide


Super expensive

Too much can make you red and damage your skin (damaged skin produces more oil)

Covers a large area (you cant really focus the light to one specific pimple)

The eye goggles that come with it dont really protect your eyes

Personally i cant stop using differin and just use the light. My acne will come back within a matter of days

MOST IMPORTANTLY- if you have dark spots from where acne once was (hyper pigmentation) the light will make these darker and last longer...just like being in the sun will. Its hard for me because i have dark spots and acne around the dark spots so i so i try and just use ben. peroxide in that area. Also, in other spots where i have scars or simply places where i've noticed my skin gets easily sun burned i will put on sun screen 20 min before i use the light.


If you live some place cold or you cant find time to get outside and be in the natural sun light the light may help. I would definitely recommend trying differin or some topical prescription product first, since in my experience they work better than the light. The light pretty much kills acne causing bacteria. So does benzoyl peroxide and tons of other acids. But i think the light is a little gentler if you're trying to cover you entire face and may even work better, but you definitely cant get a focused beam. Nonetheless, if you've tried everything else and want something that will really knock-out your acne this is definitely a decent acne lamp that i guess i would recommend, although i have no experience with other lamps. No complaints in the manufacturing. Rating:7/10


Well i've decided to start a blog because i recently purchased a Lightwave CS. However, before purchasing it tried to do a bunch of research to make sure it wasnt a scam (the light costing 300$). What i found was very limited so i've decided to record my use and affect of the light for future buyers. Im a high school junior, very busy, and i doubt i will be able to update this blog everyday, more like once a week...maybe :( .

My history (if anyone cares, feel free to skip it):

I've had acne since probably 6th grade soo about 12-13. I remember it started off slow and i promised myself I wouldnt let myself EVER get more than 5 pimples at a time...haha that didnt work out so well. I suffered from pretty bad acne. It just kept getting worse as i got older. I tried everything. My sister had bad acne but they just put her on birthcontrol and things almost immediately cleared up. Nonetheless, she gave me some pointers, but my acne continued to get worse. By freshmen year my acne was awwweeefull. I was crazy depressed...almost suicidal. I was also crazy horny all the time too...if that matters haha. Anyway thats about the time my parents started taking things seriously. I went to a dermo. who almost immediately put me on accutane, they made accutane back then. It took a good deal of convincing my mom about the side effects and my dad to drive me almost an hour to the dermo every month, but eventually i got my way. I was on accutane for 6 months, and things were great. I could eat what ever i wanted...shake hands with my one-eyed-willie as much i wanted and no acne. It was the 6 months of my life. I suffered mild side effects from the accutane...dry lips, and eyelids...but nothing too serious. However, about 6 months later my acne came back, a little less than full force i suppose. I dermo suggested i go back on accutane because "it usually takes 2 courses to stop persistent acne", so thats what i did but almost immediately after taking the accutane (30 min) i suffered from really bad ringing in my ears (tinnitus). I knew tinnitus was one of the symptoms of accutane so i immediately stopped taking it and called my dermo. He said to wait 4 days and try again, so thats what i did. Unfortunately, the ringing came back and has stuck with me this time for a while. The acne began to come back and so did the depression and i broke out the worst in over year a couple weeks ago. To try and solve this crisis without using accutane ive started a paleolithic/low glycine diet. I pretty much just avoid carbs and it seems to be working fairly well although i am very active and i do need some carbs so i've recently purchased the paleolithic diet for athletes (have yet to read it). My parents, gotta love'em, bought me the LightWave CS as a christmas present. Yea kinda lame christmas present but it was 300$ and i could no other way purchase it soo i didnt mind. And thats where i am today. Everything seems to be clearing up fairly well. Given i have some pretty bad scares from the recent break out and im not completely clear but if things continue i will be very please (doubt it sh!t never seems to work out with my skin). Nevertheless, im going to use the LightWave CS and see how things go.

What you really need to know:

I received the LightWave CS today and have used it twice. The directions say to use it for 6-15 seconds (i think) for each section of your face. But since i am currently using differin, and differin makes you sensitive to light i only used to for 4 seconds on each section of my face (dont want to go to school tomorrow with a tomato for a face). I figure i can always use it longer. No complaints so far but its wayy to soon to see any benefits, should take about 3 months or so. What i really LOVE about this machine is that it does you whole face in less then a minute, while other machines take almost an hour. The lights are super bright and you really do have to be careful about hurting your eyes. The only problem i have encountered is that i dont know what part of my face the light is shining on so i have to get one of my parents to shine the light on my face so i dont miss any spots.

Planed Routine:


Cleanse with Dove unscented bar soap for sensitive skin

Cetaphil moisturizer for all skin types


(i still dont know whether to use differin first and then the moisturizer or what)


Cleanse with Dove unscented bar soap for sensitive skin

Lightwave CS


Cleanse with Dove unscented bar soap for sensitive skin

Light wave CS

I know you should probably use the light in the morning and at night but i really just dont have time in the morning (yes i dont have time to use it for less than a minute)

I also know that you shouldnt wash your face too often but i've found that i kind of need to wash my face when i get home, although it has been fairly try lately. I may switch back to Cetaphil cleanser, which while on accutane was too rough.

Currently i am debating whether to use differin at night as well. I think ill use it just as spot treatment for now?

Any comments are greatly appreciated. I will also try to answer all questions. Wish me luck.

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