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so my face have yet again became a popular spot for zits to visit ..

the reason behind my breakout is yet unknown, but i just started to eat alot of food.

so to clarify what i mean about "eat alot of food" is that since i have to wake up early to go to school, i usually skipped eating breakfast and lunch and then ate dinner at around 4:30.

But lately i have started to eat breakfast ( two-3 slices of break ) and lunch (3-4 slices of break and sometimes some fruit), and that around the time i started to break out.

could that be the reason behind why my zitz are going crazy, or may it just be hormons ?

please help me !



when i was in america for a month, my face started to break out again. the heat and sweat made my face react badly, and huge pimples started to apear on my forhead.

anyway, i have been home for a few days and my face has calmed down ( i live in norway). but the problem is that my forehead is covered in pores ! i don't know what to do to make them go away, and i seriously need your guys help !

ps: i'm just using the basis sensitiv skin bar and switches between dermalogica clean start moisturizer and clean & clear finishes mattifying.



Hey guys

it has been forever since last time. . haha

hope you guys are doing great, hopefully better than me.


my face has been really nice to me for a month or so, but is now starting to break out again.

not only is the acne starting to cover up my face, but is attacking my back as well.

like whatthefudge?

my back is hurting since there are active pimples on my back, don't really understand why the acne suddenly wanted to party on my back. . . well well, fml, right?

anyway, the thing that might have started this is that i have had alot of problems lately.

my bestfriends has started to take a 180 on me, and changed. not in the positiv direction btw.

after knowing a person for over 10 years, you think you kind of know everything about her.

well, now i don't.

ahhh, life without friends are awesome ! . . .

hahaha, i always come back with good news for you guys.

hope your life sucks less than mine.

loooooovvvvveeeee from me !



hey guys

wanted to update on dermalogica clean start. . .

well, not going as good as i wanted it. My face has been breaking out like CRAZY this week, because of the 3 mock exams. My skin is kind of going balistic, getting pimples everywhere on my face really.

kind of getting tired of waiting for my skin to clear up, gahhh. fml.

anyway, hopes your face is nicer than mine.


Dermalogica: Clean Start

Hey guys.

Just going to update on my skin, and how it's doing.

My acne have kind of come back, getting alot more breakout resently, but hey, that's life.

I have been on this new skin products, Dermalogica Clean start.

I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks now, but i haven't really seen a big diffrence.

The oilyness of my skin has drasticly improved, but nothing more than that, unfortunatly.

Going to use up the Dermalogica products, since i bought the starter kit, and hopefully my skin will turn around at the end.

I will keep you guys updates if my skin gets better.


Hey Again

Hey everyone..

It has been a long time since i've written anything on this blog, maybe it was in august?

well, just wanted to stop by and say hi, letting you guys know i'm still struggling with my acne.

but, for some weird reason my acne on my forehead(the biggest problem area) have stopped, but rather started to grow on my cheeks . . great . .

Got alot of acne discoloration because of that, they are kind of everywhere.

anyway, i have to go to school now, since it's picture day, yay . .

got like a mount everest on my right cheek and another mount everest junior just beside that one . .

wellwell, hope you guys will have a better day than me.



hey guys !

yesterday i tried the new mask i bought at the body shop, as i previously have told you guys.

got some small pimples from it, but i'm not sure if those were there before or that it become later. . .

mmmm . . .

so going to give it a new try later today or tomorrow, going to let you guys know how it goes

ps: got a picture of how the mask looks like on my personal blog:




The body shop

Hey guys !

soo, been out shopping with my friend today.

and to make a long story short, i bought a seaweed mask from the bodyshop.

haven't tried it yet, but i will keep you guys updated on that topic later on.

but what i was really wondering is, what do you think of the body shop?

i haven't really bought anything from there, but i have heard that they are not that bad.

they'r organic, i'm told. and that it a good sign, i guess.

whatever, just wanting to know what you guys think, even though you guys are very lazy to comment . .

even with your lack of commenting, i still love you ! ( not in that way )

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one cause of my acne

hey guys!

well, i expect that most of you out there know that stress can cause acne . .

i think i kind of know why i have so much acne now.

this tuesday i went to the doctor to find out why i was not feeling so good.

blood was taken, which later results with me finding out my blood pressure is extremly high . .

haha, and i'm only 16.

sooo, the goal for the rest of MY LIFE is to try to relaxe and stop stressing about everything.

that's all i wanted to share with you guys.


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what is worse?

hey guys!

just washed my face, and is getting ready to go to bed.

but as i was done drying my face, i could clearly see alot of my acne scars.

therefor, i'm writing this post.

what do you think is worse, acne or the acne scars ?

in my opinion the acne scars is worse than acne.

acne will after a little or long while go away, while the scars will be there for a long time or even forever.

the scars on my cheeks are the worse on my face.

They are soooo visible, that it even looks like acne itself, when it is really scars.

and it doesn't look like it is fading anytime soon.

so what do you think is worse, acne or acne scars ?

that's all for today guys, bye bye and good night.

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Hey guys !

Still sick . . found out that i got a virus in my stomach, yay ! not really.

Sooo, since i have so much time to do nothing, i have done some search to find a organic skincare for me. And the only thing that really came up was John Masters Organic.

This company makes not only skincare for people, but also for hair and pets ( yeahm, pets ).

i have been looking around in their site, and have found out that their products aren't that pricey.

But sadly, i don't have any money at all to buy anything for myself for a while right now ( since i'm saving my money for my USA trip this summer, YAY! )

John Masters Organics site : http://johnmasters.com/

anyway, i was just wondering if anyone have heard about this company or even use/used them.

i will be thankfull if someone could inform me about this and help me to know if this is something that i want to use money on . .


my personal blog:




Clinique 3 step system

Hey guys

since i don't have anything to do, i thought that i should do my opinion on the clinique 3 step system.

In norway this set is very expensive. i bought mine for 600 kr, that's around 100 dollars, and i didn't get all full size. only the cleanser and toner.

At first i started to break out a little, but that is very normal when you have just started to use a new product(s). after around 2 weeks my face started to clear up, and i only had around 2 -4 small pimples. Soon those pimples also started to dissapear.

sounds amazing, right ?

well, not really. After around 4 weeks the system started to not really help anymore, and the acne slowly came back. Suddenly i could get a huge breakout, that would last forever. .

yeah . . i kind of expected this products to be THE product for my face, but sadly it dissapointed me, like every other products i have used ..

Well well , this is what happened to me and my face. So your skin can react diffrently to this product, and maybe do moore good than bad.

edit: i used number 3.

i would give this product a 3 out of 6.

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Hey guys

Still sick, great.

Though that i was better yesterday, but suddenly at night my stomach pain came back.

so now i'm sitting here, complaining about the pain i have and the breakout i get from the medication.

anyway, back to the topic.

because i'm sick, i need to take alot of pills so that i can get better. ( still not working .. )

and that makes me break out like crazy ! i have seen on television ( documentaries ) of people using pills everyday, and some of them have alot of breakout and acne . .

ahhhh, why do i have to be sick, but also get such a big breakout. it makes me sooo angry. . .


i just wanted to write to get my frustration out. better out than in.

iloveyouguys, and hopefully your day is much better than mine.

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why i stopped using BP

Hey guys

Soooo, some of you guys know that i used to use benzyl peroxide in august ( i think )

First i was very frustrated on BP, because my face started to dry out and my skin kept falling off. That was because the BP dried my face too much, and was to damaging for my sensitive and delicate skin.

I do admite that it helped my acne on the forehead a bit, though it didn't do much to the acne on my chin.

PROS for using BP:

Mostly keeps the acne on my forehead down, occasionally a pimple or two , , or three.

CONS for using BP:

didn't do anything for the acne on my chin.

dried up my whole face.

isn't good for you skin at all.

couldn't wear makeup because i had dry patches everywhere.

bleached everything my face touched.

sometimes stinged when i put on mousteriser.

Since the only thing that i gained from the BP was a few gone pimples, i felt that this wasn't really something for me.

It's great that it have helped alot of people in the world, but unfortuantly it haven't really done anything good for me.

EDIT: i used bp for about 3 weeks.

Right now i'm trying to find something more organic to help my skin heal. But for now i just have to life with acne.

that all for today.


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is this ok?

hey guys !

right now i'm laying in bed, sick and sweatin like a pig . . great.

anyway, because of my abnormal high body temperature my face is more oilier than normal , and i'm breaking out like crazy .

Sooo, i'm just wondering if it's ok to wash your face like 3 or 4 times a day ? or is it to much ?

btw: normaly i wash my face once in the morning and once at night.

[ i have a personal blog , www.theunknownsdiary.blogspot.com , visit if you want to. thank you ]


Worse acne

hey guys

after coming home from school, i decided to have a chill day and took of my makeup.

when i was done, i could see that my forehead had started to break out . .

at first i thought i was only 2 or 3 pimples, but nooo.

it's 2-3 BIG pimples and many small ones, pluss pores. PORES !

It may be because of the stress i get from the school, or it may be that my face hates me.

well well , fml.

hope it's better for you guys.

[ you can see some pictures of my face on my personal blog theunknownsdiary.blogspot.com . and on all of them i'm makeup free ]

btw: i have stopped using benzyl peroxide for about 10 days now. going to write an entry another day on why.



Anorexia and bad skin?

I have been wondering for a while about if there is a connection between anorexia and bad skin.

This program called "Super size versus super skinny", and many of these super skinny persons have some sort of bad skin.

So my first thought was that is was because of to little nutrition, and that may be the case.

After trying to find some sort of connection between those two, i've come to find nothing. ZERO!

So do you guys know anything ?

It is not that i'm an anorexic, just naturally thin ..

well, till next time ( or if you want to visit my personal blog www.theunknownsdiary.blogspot.com )

iloveyouall !


Boy & Girl

hey guys !

This is a thought that has been on my mind for the longest of time.

" Is it better to be a guy or a girl with acne? "

This may be a weird question, but that has been something that i have tried to find a answer to.

In my thoughts it is better to be a guy and have acne, then to be a girl and have acne.

I almost see it as normal for a guy to have acne, while for the girls it's "unormal" to not have perfect skin.

It may just be me, but . . . well, i don't really know.

Ofcourse, it's more on the person we are talking about.

I don't mean that it's easy for a guy to have acne, then for a girl. not at all.

It's hard for everyone that suffer from this skin disease.

But well well, i kind of feel better about my skin after seeing more girls suffering with acne in my new school . .

BTW: go and visit my blog [ www.theunknownsdiary.blogspot.com ] , to later find a picture of me and my acne. . .




i'm still alive

Hey guys.

well, it's been a while since i last posted an entry here.

that is because i have been going to school, and been to tired to actually do something . .

but also, since i have started a blog on blogspot, about my life, my thoughts and my likings.

i will try to keep bloging here as well, so ...

visit my blog if you want :





so as some of you guys now, i'm starting high school. a new school, ALOT of new people, and hopefully new friends as well.

you guys don't even know how much i have dread for this day. the nervousness, the horror.

omg, i'm starting new school. i can't believe it . .



when i first started to get acne, i kind of thought that it may be the makeup thta clogged my pores or that i didn't really clean my face well enough.

later on i found out that my mother had alot of acne when she was a teen. therefore i think i inherit it for her . .

why couldn't i get daddys skin, since he rarely got zitz when he was young.

whatever, fml.


sooo, just washed my face after a whole day in the city . and you know what i see, my whole face filled with new pimples. alot of new pimples.

i just want to cry, and hope for a black hole to appear and suck me in.

i'm lost. i fell . . . i don't even know what i feel. maybe disgusted, angry, sad, frustrated, well all of the emotions exept from the positiv ones.

two days to school start, and i just dont want to go. i just don't.

why would i want people to see my face, when i don't even want to see it myself.

why can't there just be a school dedicated to people like me, people with acne. then there wouldn't be a problem going to school, when i know that everyone can understand my situation.

or even better, why can acne just go and die !

when i just thought that my face would get better, it just slaps me back to reality.

why can't anybody or anything help me ? why do i have so suffer by myself ?

i don't have the money or the time to try everything that supposely "helps" acne. i have allready tried everything my doctor has told me to try. and as always day fail.

why can't i just stumble upon a product that can just save my life?

i look at my sisters life, perfect ( well almost ). perfect boyfriend, perfect skin. PERFECT LIFE.

and here i am complaining to myself, feeling ugly, feeling "not normal".

feeling alone, as if im the only on in the planet with this disease.

where is my people? where are they? i don't see them. all i see is a ugly girl walking alone in a world with perfect skin.

let me just die alone with my imperfect skin.

everytime i write a post i always write at the end : iloveyouall.

well, there is no love to give today.

so let me just say goodbye.



let's talk about dating !

as some of you guys know, i'm going to start high school in three days ( yay . . . )

and therefore i'm going to meet ALOT of new people, ofcourse there is going to be new guys to .

But because of my acne, i'm not confident that someone will talk to me.

i may sound dramatic, but that is just the way i feel and think.

i'm not saying that those people with acne is ugly, not at all. i'm just saying that acne makes me feel ugly, something that results to my confidence being super low.

i especially hate when someone close to me say things like " ohh, what has happen to your face?" or " why do you have so much zitz?".

well i don't know why i have alot of zitz. it is not something i chose to get.

But since i know i have to go to school ( education is very important ! ) and that i like to go shopping with friends, i choose to wear makeup everytime i go outside.

what is your feeling towards dating ?

and are you like me and HAVE to wear makeup when you go outside ?

well well, i just wanted to release to you guys what was going around in my mind.

until next time,



I have been told many times by my mother that i should stop eating alot of candy [ i eat minimal of candy btw ], not allowed to eat one of my favorite asian food because it's so called " bad for my skin ".

But she has never even thought that milk can actually contribute to acne. luckily for me i'm not a big fan of milk, actually i kind of hate milk . . .

"The reason that milk products cause acne is because milk contains hormones that "turn on" oil glands. The cows that give the milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives. These hormones are not injected into the cows - they are natural hormones that cows make during every "menstrual" cycle, but during pregnancy these hormones are produced continuously at high levels and so are found in all cows' milk." - from the site acnemilk.com

so what shall we do then. stop eating or drinking everything that contains milk?

well that is not an option for me. dieting for a better skin is hard, SUPER DIFFICULT.

so i want to eat what i want to eat, like pizza, cheeseburgers, etc.

BUT, that is just 1-3 times a month, others days i eat regular food like meat, rice, vegetable, fruit and fish. ahhh, i love meat !

anyways, this post was just something i wanted to write to those who didn't know the connection of milk and acne . .

stay tuned.




I started to blog just yesterday, and you know what .. i feel so much better talking about my problems and my thoughts to people who can really understand me.

I wanted people to go to my blog not just to learn about my acne, but also so you guys can slowly get to know me as a person and what i go trough in my daily life.

But my blog look like all the other blogs. so i've been thinking about things that can make me different, and the first thing that popped in my head was pictures .

Pictures isn't something i see alot in blogs, so that is why i'm going to start posting pictures of my acne [ eww ], me and also about everything that just i want to share ..

I will start posting pictures of my acne as soon as i feel comfortable enough .

stay tuned.

iloveyouall .

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