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I'm Lindsay and this is my record of my life on Accutane. I have battled acne since I was about 10 or 11, so almost 15 years. WOW!

When you see my picture, I can promise you'll think.. "Honey, you don't have ANYTHING on me." haha I understand! I PHOTOSHOP every picture of myself. :( I recently realized that when I was looking for a unedited photo of my skin. I suffer with cystic nodular acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Usually only one or two cysts at a time on my cheeks, chin and neck. They last typically one to three months max. They never go away before one month. I have whiteheads and blackheads EVERYWHERE.

My back has NUMEROUS cystic nodes at all times.

I've tried everything. Over-the-counter, prescription, Proactiv, blah blah blah. Nothing is kicking my acne. In 2008 I began treatment with a new dermatologist by the name of Dr. Celeste Angel. She is young, attentive, up to date on medication, and VERY proactive. We have been trying numerous things since the fall of 2008 to treat my acne. Minocycline, _________ aka another medication that I cannot remember the name of but I could NOT be on birth control with, Retain-A, Tetracycline etc. {Not necessarily in that order though!}

2 months ago after exhausting all of our resources, Dr. Angel suggested that I begin Accutane. I completed all of the pre-blood work and preggo tests and here we are! I've been on Claravis-- 40mg, for six days now.

My skin is typically VERY oily. As a whole..I cannot go more than 1 day without washing my hair b/c it is SOOO oily. I use the oil blotting sheets at least once a day to absorb all of the oil on my face and neck.



Day 3: Tighter skin than normal.

Day 4: Tighter skin, dry eyes. WOW! My eyes were so dry.

Day 5: Had my 1st bloody nose in my life! {During the night...ugh!}, dry skin and my morning burst Clean and Clear moisturizer is buring the hell out of my face. Thinking of changing moisturizer.

Day 6: Noticed dry skin around my chin and nose. {Could be because we have over 12 inches of snow outside on the ground and it's not above 0 degrees here} Skin feels tight but not painful right now.

Cyst on my cheek has not changed yet.

So there we have it! I'm almost done with week one!

Thanks for checking in! Good Luck to you and your treatment!

Dec. 2008 AM and my face is already oily. YUK!


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