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Day 56 on accutane

I didn't get a chance to write for quite many days as i was busy in my studies.....

Today is my 56th day on accutane and there has been a remarkable improvement in my skin.I have no active pimple.My red marks are fading and my skin looks much better now.I see no imperfection now when i wear makeup.I was quite hopeless before as i had sooooooooo many pimples all over my face before but i guess accutane really works....

I am also applying lemon and cucumber juice on my red marks.I guess this mixture really works on red marks because all my red marks are fading now :D


Day 31 on accutane

Well when i woke up today,I found two new pimples on my right cheek.I almost screamed to see that.My skin was improving pretty fast except for the red marks on my face but now i have got two pimples as well.I am really depressed :D

My friends had a get together at my place yesterday so i wore a little makeup but i feel that whenever i apply makeup,i get pimples.But then again i am too embarrassed to go into public without concealing my skin.

Also my lips are extremely dry.I am using vaseline to moisturize my lips but nothing seems to be working for them.Anyways they are still not my priority.All i want is a clear skin no matter whatever it takes.

I am eating a lot of fresh veggies.I drink fresh carrot and orange juice daily and i try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Its my 31st day on accutane and i guess in these 31 days,i called my derm for like 7 times just to ask him that when i will be completely clear.I know i am sounding like a freak but thats what pimples have made me,A FREAK :D

Anyways I have my derm's appointment today and i hope he give me something to diminish my scars.I just hope that this visit to my derm bear fruitful results *SIGH* :D


Day 27 on accutane

20 mg isotretinoin

1% clindamycin phosphate lotion

Well its my 27th day on accutane and so far i haven't seen drastic results,my pimples are definitely healing and the new ones i get also heal up pretty fast.The only thing thats killing me are the red scars they are leaving behind which from a distance look like pimple but actually they are not

I have my derm appointment on friday and i am definitely going to ask him to give me some topical cream along with accutane to diminish my red marks

Hope i'll get one,I just hope that i'll be clear in 4-5 months.I really want to be =(


Day 22 on accutane

20 mg accutane

1% clindamycin phosphate lotion

i wasn't able to write for the past 4 or 5 days,anyways so far i have 5 pimples on my left cheek,4 pimples on my right cheek,2 new bumps on my forehead,pimples come and go away but what about the redness they left behind?????i m really really confused about that.My pimple leave a red mark but the mark is on the skin and its not the deep pitted pocket scar but how to get rid of these red marks left by acne,do anyone of you having this same problem????do lemme know


Day 16 on accutane

well today when i woke up and washed my face,my face was dry like really dry.Overall the appearance of my skin is improving but for an impatient person like me,i want a drastic change and that i know,isn't possible,anyways my pimples are looking a lil better than yesterday.I dunno when it will be all clear aarrrrgggggghhhhhhh


hating it!!!!

there should be some magic pill to make your acne disappear overnight,i am hating it :( oh God,plz help me


Day 15 on accutane

hi all!!!!i am here because i really really wanted moral support of those who are suffering from acne and who can feel my pain and depression.i had acne minor acne since my late teens.M 23 right now.Everything was fine.It wasn't too bad until that cursed day when i used retin a on my skin.I guess it doesn't suit my skin and gave big like really BIG BUMPS all over my face.No makeup could cover them up.I felt terrible.Then i went to a dermatologist.Now he has prescribed me accutane 20 mg along with clindamycin phosphate to apply on my face.

it has been 15 days now that m on this medication.So far,there is very little very progress.Sometimes i feel very impatient.I want to get rid of them as soon as possible =(

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