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Water does really help with acne, well, thats my experience. What I do is I start the day with water. As soon as I wake up I have some water. I have a liter, but I don't recommend this unless you are used to having that much. You should start with a glass, or even just a sip of water if thats all you can do. You can slowly build up. What this does is clear out your colon. How you ask. Well basically the water acts as a naturally laxitive, and you end up eliminating all your waste. Your end result is a clear colon to start your day with.

Just becuse you get to clear you colon every morning doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Try to eat lots of fiber (apples, carrots, or any other fruits or veggies full of fiber goodness.) Fiber will act as a brush and clean out you colon. This ensures that when you eliminate your waste you get most off it out.


Gluten and Acne

Yes, I did try the Gluten free diet and I had great results. I really recommend this for everyone. I know that it may seem difficult. I even remeber one person remark (maybe as a result of desperation) "just think of gluten as the devil." I wont take gluten to that extreme, but reducing the amount will greatly improve your acne.

If anyone has studied the gi system, and how it affects the body, you will know that most off our disease is in our colon. If you can can have a healthy digestive system then your body has a strong base to support its health.

Gluten is know for it's inflammatory properties. If something causes inflammation no wonder your face gets all inflammed with acne.

I will go into a further discription on Gluten, our digestive system, and acne at a later time.

What I recommed you to do is to start cutting down the gluten you intake. Treat it as a science experiment. Thats what I did.


This is the description directly from the website. I will post my person experiences and descriptions soon.

"Addresses the three acne-causing factors

Oil free

Stabilized benzoyl peroxide

What Makes Timeless Prescription® 3 Step Acne Care System Unique?

The simple 3-step system contains powerful acne-fighting ingredients to clear acne blemishes and allow skin to heal. This unprecedented Acne Care system uses a breakthrough stabilized and time-released Benzoyl Peroxide, which maintains its potency over time. Benzoyl peroxide is easily absorbed into pores where it works by interfering with acne impurity metabolism through oxidation. For all ages and skin types, especially oily."


Background on me

Ive had acne since 7th grade, I'll be 19 in a month. I've tried every thing from the famous proactive, to stuff that my dermatologist prescribed for me, to drugstore products like clean and clear, and neutragena. I was even on a diet to clear my skin. None of the products really worked.

A few months ago my friend introduced me to a product called Timeless Presciptions (its not really a prescription). She had actually been using it and it really worked for her so she bought it for me as a gift.

I will just post a few entries on my experiences and a despription of all the products I use, and my diet.

www (dot) marketamerica (dot) com/beautyhealthfitness/product-2067/timeless-prescription-3-step_acne_care_system (dot) htm

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