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hi everyone!

i am 22 and i suffered from acne for about 10 years. cystic, painful, rash-like acne. i STILL remember the first spot i ever got. it was picture day at school, i was 11 and there was a whopper RIGHT on my nose. i remember my mother getting incredibly upset, she suffered from cystic acne in her youth and knew that my time had come!

i tried just about everything to cure my acne over the years:

benzoyl peroxide (proactive, murad, neutrogena)

salicylic acid

clinique anti-blemish system

birth control pills

tea tree oil

retin-A micro


acne facials

apple cider vinegar


chemical peels




minocycline (turns out i'm allergic to this! my reaction was not pleasant, let me tell you)

& finally accutane--let me rephrase: FIVE COURSES OF ACCUTANE, the ONLY medication that cleared my skin completely. . however it only stayed clear for about a year & then my acne would return with a vengeance. i'm not even sure it was healthy for me to be on accutane that many times, but anyways . . !

after 10 years i finally said to myself, enough is absolutely enough. i was so sick of thinking about my skin all day, everyday. i thought i looked like a monster & i was constantly paranoid of people teasing me about my skin, sometimes people even did & it hurt so badly! not only did i now have breakouts, but i also had some light scarring & hyperpigmentation from acne ravaging my skin over the years. when i was 21 i had quit smoking after 4 years. i'd love to say quitting smoking made my skin look beautiful, but honestly it did not make the most dramatic change. however i knew my skin was healthier from this change. i decided i was going to make more healthy changes in my life.

i would not say i had a bad diet those 10 long years. but i will be honest and say i could have eaten better and i do have an incredible sweet tooth. i started researching online the connection between diet and health & i made the decision to overhaul my diet. no more processed sugar, no more skipping breakfast. i do not follow the perricone acne diet (anti-inflammatory diet) to the T but i do pull most of my guidelines from it. basically- a diet full of vegetables, healthy protein, good fats & fruit is going to improve your health no matter how you look at it. i also began using dr.perricone's skin face wash, toner & moisturizer & taking the acne supplements which accompany the skin clear regimen. i live in a city & don't have a car so i walk everywhere & i practice bikram yoga about 3-4 times a week.

i am overjoyed to say i now have clear skin. it only took about 3 weeks of following a regimented diet to notice a definite difference in the clarity & texture of my skin. i have now been following this diet for 4 months & my skin is incredibly clear. i am happy to wash my face, to put on my makeup (i am a makeup artist by profession) & i am happy to just LIVE without spending every spare moment fretting about my skin.

do not mistake me, this diet is not a walk in the park. i love sweet food & giving it up has been really difficult at times (going out to restaurants, birthday parties, work functions, being away from home) but knowing that what i am eating directly affects my skin keeps me focused. it seems obvious to say--healthy eating, healthy life. but this is MUCH easier said than done. all i know is, it has worked for me & i am incredibly grateful & happy.

i hope this can give people inspiration. i think with sites like this it is important to remember that everybody is different & the acne that affects us is different too. this amazing diet & exercise changed my life forever but maybe you only need to make minor changes. i believe suffering from acne makes people tough & appreciative, i wish everyone the best of luck !


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