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Day 51

I have the flu, and I think accutane is prolonging it. It sucksssssssssss.

Plus my back is killing me...skin is stagnant...still kinda wishing I'd never started accutane due to the red marks I have all over my neck now.


day 46

Hrmm...mood swings are crazy.

Probably situational depression but whatever, I can get through it.

Skin is sorta starting to clear, only into my 2nd month so I don't expect much.


Day 35

Ok, most depressing thing ever....I got glasses today because of my night vision decrease at night.

I put them on, and look in mirror...man I look way better without glasses...fucking accutane I swear to god I would've never gone on this fucking shit had I known how BAD it would've made my skin.

My skin was MILD before I started accutane, now it's fucking horrible! I've NEVER had cystic acne until I started accutane....seriously this fucking shit better work soon before I stop taking it and hope to god my skin goes back to the way it was...seriously fuck this shit!!!! My doc upped to 100mg/day....it better fucking work...I'm fucking depressed mostly because of my skin, this stuff is making me crazy, I'm tired ALL the time, I look like I haven't slept. I'm so irritable, anxious, sore. Most of all I'm SOOOO self-concious...I don't even want to leave my house during the day. I'm like...paranoid my girlfriend is going to leave me if my skin gets any worse...I know it's not like that, but man I just feel so low...I almost want to cry but I feel so emotionally numb.

I hate this.


Day 28?

Well, went to the derm today, she said my skin looks much better, and the only reason I think it looks worse is because I see myself everyday and don't see the improvement. I just looked at a picture of a couple weeks ago, and she's totally right.

Anyways, she bumped me up to 100mg/day.


Day 26

Hrmm....my skin is stagnant...I guess not such a bad thing. The really weird part is my face is amazing...the best it's ever been.

But my neck area is the WORST it's ever been, I never had acne/cystic acne on my neck until I started taking accutane...its horrible, it hurts, and it looks terrible.

Does anyone have ANY ideas?


Day 22

Yay! My skin is finally almost clear! what an amazing change from a week ago.

Problem is, I got these red marks everyone always talks about.

No prob, nothing a good tan won't fix.


Day 21

lol I hit a bear last night with my car...I hope the stress doesn't cause more breakout's haha.


Day 15

Nothing new to really report...Neck area is getting worse, face is almost clear...lol so weird.


Day 14

Two weeks! skin is finally starting to improve. I think I still might need an anti-biotic to speed up the recovery of my neck area..but other than that it's starting to look better.

My face itches like crazy though, I'm assuming that's because its healing. I hope. lol.


Day 12

Ok well, it's not getting any worse, I haven't had any new breakouts...I think it's just a case of waiting for what I have to disappear then I'm good.

I hope at least, I see a real improvement in my facial acne, it's almost gone. It's the neck area that really bugs me...


Day 11

My face has started to clear up a bit...but my neck is just insane...it's the worst acne I've ever had in my life...I'm almost tempted to take myself off accutane simply because it's made it so bad.

The side effects are kicking in too: fatigue, mood swings, lessened night vision, and my face is itchy :pray:

Oh well...must keep on truckin!


Day 9

Ok, the intial breakout is like...in full swing,,,my skin is now the worst it has ever been in the entire time I've ever had acne...this seriously fucking sucks...this shit better fucking work...fuck....


Day 8

Ugh, the mood swings have lowered my self-image and I feel extremely self-concious...the intial breakout is getting worse....

I hope this is worth it.

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